August 13 Approaching Fast (Trump Restoration)

Last night I had tears on My Pillow and pain in my heart thinking about Trump and his team. There is no witch hunt going on, just a wicked warlock destabilizing America and the world. In another marriage way back, I remember those lyrics and being told Little Agony and that agony in the song continues. Waking up twice and reading things this morning, one of Trump’s “shithole” countries had a tragic event as the President of Haiti was assassinated in his home. Obviously it could happen to a Norwegian or in any nation as well, but the nation that negates its racism when it empowers a man like Trump needs its mental health evaluated and reevaluated. Had Trump stayed in his Tower and locked himself up there, I would not be commenting on this at all. And did you know that I wrote about Humpty Dumpty in Jewish Business News in Israel

Published On: Tue, Jun 5th, 2018Blogs / US / Canada | By Martin Danenberg

Blog/ Peter King Exposed: 2018 Midterm Elections Could Be A Time For Change

“Ireland, the Holocaust, African-American history and communities, and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico are all connected by poor responses by others….” And then this.

Humpty Trump-ty sat on a wall

Humpty Trump-ty had a great fall

All the King’s horses

And all the King’s men

Couldn’t put Trump-ty

Together again

Please show this to your children!

And then there is the new book where it says that Trump was witnessed speaking words about Hitler doing good things. If that is true and it appears to be true, he could easily say that Stalin did good things as well or communism did good things. Remember that Trump had that book about Hitler by his bed that his ex-wife reported on. Fascism is all over Trump’s policies, but talking about the good that Hitler did for the German economy during the depression at a time when Jews were losing their wealth and property before the Holocaust is an immense divide from history and truth. And this is the moment where Critical Race Theory is being argued more than just about anything.

Trump can deny this as he has already, but I suspect that there must have been lots of witnesses since the alleged comment(s) were made publicly. But lies matter to Repugnicans!

We are entering a highly fascistic stage in America where now Governor DeWine is backing the religious freedom of doctors who do not wish to treat the gay community. Gay people were an integral part of the people lost during the Holocaust, but now it is becoming the American way (Ohio). Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers just announced a major effort to fight against those people who are anti-CRT in Texas and other places. I back her effort, but I was thinking about taking control of the American Federation of Teachers on August 13.

And this is why. She is not strong enough, although she is connected with people that took Trump-ty out of office. Here is why in one of my recent articles. “Freedom of the press was established before the formation of the United States but much more.  It was the essence of freedom that spurred people forward toward the creation of the United States.  Something simple has been destroyed by Donald Trump.  That important lesson needs to be visited by all people right now.

It was law at that time that even truth could not be told against the King of England and his government.  Let’s go back to City Hall in New York on August 4, 1735 and make this information the strongest word of today.  Zenger’s lawyer, Andrew Hamilton, admitted that John Peter Zenger had published an article that offended the king, admitting guilt.  The governor of New York was very hated by the people and it makes me think about Donald Trump and his opposition.  The jury decided in favor of Zenger since there was no falsehood in his work and the law was intolerable to them.  Hamilton made it clear that to find Zenger guilty was to continue life as slaves.” And as you can see the formation of the United States was well under way in 1735 (and 1619). And Randi taught history in New York City for several years. I could have been president (thinking about Marlon Brando in that movie). Take a look at America is On Trial here.

And doctors are going to be the recipients of the so-called Divine (Ohio) work of that governor when doctors in the manner of Jesus are supposed to save lives and heal. Repugnicans know how to defund Jesus spiritually and they do it more than it seems. Their response to COVID-19 revealed this as well, resulting in preventable deaths across America. With all the Repugnican talk on Fox News and defunding the police and now defunding the military in order to gain votes, can we not begin to save more lives now through a faith-based initiative that is badly needed.

Continuing with Little Agony the pain in my heart caused by Trump and Trumpism. Is anyone listening to me?