When You Wish Upon a Star

Makes no difference who you are (Pinocchio 1940). Imagine those lines being sung before Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And there are lines that we remember including. No request is too extreme. And my point is that there is lots of extremism taking place…. again. That year the Republicans had a very extreme platform which […]

Old and New Thoughts to Share

Let’s hope that Trumpism Will Be Gone With the Wind. Kavanaugh’s Music Box: Grand Finale Published Oct. 1, 2018 in Jewish Business News And I wrote then “Whether it is a trial brought about by a police killing, the killing of an innocent person shot in the back, or the killing of a police officer, […]

The American Reichstag and More

I am almost done writing an article about the Kremlin style behavior of 45, but the current news is certainly not news to me at all. January 6, 2021 was the attack on The Capitol that featured a cast of characters including The Proud Boys without Enrico Tarrio, Trump’s man in Florida. In today’s news […]

Gulag 45

The book The Iron Curtain was published in 2012. I read this and had to share it. Marxist Theory was important in the Soviet Union and there was discussion of The People’s Colleges in Hungary which the Hungarian communist leader condemned because there were no such institutions in the Soviet Union and because the “founding […]

Education: Chicago’s Gangs

My reaction to an article about Chicago and its school closings made me think more about Chicago. The article appeared in the Sun Times. Community people were upset then and they are even more upset now because the violence has escalated. That violence may have spread into communities that were safer back then. In my […]

The Repugnican Curtain from Stalin to Trump

The Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-1956 by Anne Appelbaum is the inspiration for this article. With that said of course I am thinking of Jews, Israel, Cuba, and more.  My readers know how many predictions I have made that have manifested themselves in reality. Even the stabbing of the rabbi outside the […]

Declare Victory and Move On

I was just reading about Eastern Europe and the end of World War II, knowing a lot and learning a lot more. We know about Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin meeting at Yalta and basically giving Stalin a green light to do as he pleased with Poland (and other countries). Those men sensed that he would […]