NYC Still in Deep Trouble After the Primaries

It’s very, very troubling to me to watch the political developments in New York City where the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” should have guided the people in power a long time ago. My efforts have resulted in ten of thousands of people earning their GED diplomas in Florida and New York.

The reading of my last article Idiots and idiots is vital to understanding Repugnican Party politics anywhere in our nation. I was involved in sharing information with Hands Across America (the organization founded by Fernando Mateo) by calling Mr. J. Casmir many years ago. It went nowhere! I did get to speak to Fernando for the first time as a result of meeting with the United Bodegas of America president around two years ago. It was a nice, quick chat.

I was close with the Guardian Angels whose co-founder came to my first GED Roundtable. I was later instrumental in bringing Arnaldo Salinas into San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic to march with us against the violence there. I knew that the DR needed more help than the security plan of its president and ran into a huge stroke of luck. A reporter sitting near me in the gym and I spoke and it turned out that he had stayed in Boston in the home of a Dominican who worked for the mayor of Boston and who had helped my GED campaign on various occasions. I quickly brought the reporter together with Salinas to feature the role the Guardian Angels could play in containing the violence there. That article got the attention of President Leonel Fernandez and Curtis Sliwa got invited to the presidential palace to talk after that.

It’s really amazing that after all my efforts throughout the years that the founders of those organizations never reached out to me. And there is more that I will not go into right here, except to say that in Florida, New York, and other states there should be bills by government to make sure that the evils of the Republican Party are exposed just as Governor DeSantis of Florida wants the evils of communism to be taught. The Republican evils go back to The Compromise of 1877 that returned the South to control by the Democrats and the evils that they perpetrated for almost a century. The other evils include the anti-immigrant platform of 1940, the Convention of 1964 where a segregationist was endorsed, the McCarthy Era, Watergate, and Trumpism (including his supporters like Rudy Giuliani, Mike Flynn, and that congresswoman from Staten Island. And I must mention the role Republicans played during the 1930s when Hollywood and a small band of men and women connected with a former director of the Anti-Defamation League undermined the Nazis and other hate groups as they tried to destroy our government and promote the takeover of America by Hitler. And that was pretty much the master plan which The Capitol Insurrection by Trump’s followers were intent on achieving for Trump in January.

I saw the photo of the group surrounding Eric Adams and I watched videos and noticed photos. Tom Suozzi, Adriano Espaillat, Ruben Diaz, Jr., Ydanis Rodriguez, James Saunders, and Tommy Torres are all Democrats who know my work well. If they do not finally change, there will no turning around New York City by anyone in power or near power now. And now let me take everyone including those men back to August 3, 2019 before the pandemic struck.

Trump: Make Baltimore Great

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I was promoting more police to protect people when the city was sleeping. “The people of Baltimore need more money to take care of the problems.  Funds could have been distributed nationwide (Baltimore included) so that the war against rats could be fought with the zero tolerance that Trump fights against on other fronts.  Billions of dollars that he earmarked for the military has now been set aside to pay for repairing his much-needed wall.  There may be lots of Americans who agree with him, including African Americans, but the money to fight the rat population can help prevent disease and is a part of disease control.  The big question is how to get a divided nation to Make America Great (and Baltimore).  The solution comes at the ballot in November 2020, but no change is going to take place quickly to take care of the rats and other problems without the support needed by other states.  There are Baltimores across our nation that need lots of help and Trump has not addressed the issue at all.  If we look at the ten most problematic places for crime in America, we see Bessemer, Alabama, East St. Louis, Illinois, Monroe, Louisiana, St. Louis, Missouri, Detroit, Michigan, Baltimore, Maryland, Memphis, Tennessee, Camden, New Jersey, Flint, Michigan, and Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  Chicago is number 57.  America does not need racial and personal attacks.  It needs help that it is not getting.

Congressman Elijah Cummings can take action and look for that support in Congress to divert badly needed funds back to communities that need the funds instead of watching the shuffling of funds by people like Trump who budget something and then prove that the funds weren’t needed (military funds taken for the wall).  I have been in close touch with Eric Stevenson who is exploring a run for Congress (15th Congressional District) in the impoverished community of the South Bronx in New York City.  Stevenson proposes free G.E.D. testing for everyone in our nation and taking that test away from states’ rights controls.  He advocates for psychological evaluation for police (more than a few have just committed suicide in New York City), and a proposal is being worked out to have a new federal partnership between the federal government and local police as well.  Trump is surrounded by hypocrites, one of whom got funding for 1,000 police in New York City from Bill Clinton in the 1990s.”

Trumpism failed to help! Trumpism failed to help! Trumpism failed to help! That’s your holy trinity as Trinitarians and others took advantage of conditions to worsen public safety in the Big Apple.

Curtis, Fernando, Rudy, Mike Flynn, and Nicole should get out of town since they failed the test of an ounce of prevention. I could not believe my eyes as I saw Sliwa and Giuliani together yesterday in the New York Post. What an abomination!

I have kinder memories of both Tom Suozzi and James Sanders. And James must know the affection that I feel for him. It’s time to roll up the sleeves and Do the Right Thing. Listen to me since I always say that nobody listens to me. James, not Tom, is the one to lead. And for all those men, I would suggest that they take a close look at my website to see two pages: Black Lives Matter and Puerto Rican Help. So you now see that I saw the violence and crime that was coming and Eric Adams could have learned about that long ago. I’d be happy to provide everyone mentioned with thirty minutes to an hour of Zoom time to help New York City through these difficult times.

I recently spoke about this urgent matter to police headquarters in Chicago where my work is known as it is known by members of NYPD. Zooming with me may lead to the lowering of tasing in communities in America. And I would hope to finally see the badly needed effort to help the adults, the parents of the children who are reaping the biggest benefits of education, and all immigrants who have never finished their education anywhere.

And That’s Not All Folks. Who said that? And there is a staff member of Trish James, the New York State Attorney General, who laughed when I wrote a decade ago that I was continuing the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was no laughing matter then and surely is no laughing matter now.