R U in Need of a Diploma My Child

RUN DMC and more about this coming. A young man who hails from Michigan from the Dearborn area walked over to the area of a pool where I was sitting weeks ago. I had been talking to Mark on the cellphone and had my characteristic red cup which contained Barceló and cola. The young man […]

Critical tRace Theory

For Repugnicans not a trace of wrong by Trump will be written and circulated since this is how their politics operates. Repugnicans are using their opposition to communist theory again to bolster their demand for higher patriotism in America. They will not mention how they helped our nation heal by allowing the South after 1877 […]

News of Our Divisions

1619-1776-Tulsa, Oklahoma Massacre-Hebron Massacre. There they are to discuss as I discussed this with a doctor who was born in Israel. His eyes opened up as I spoke. Critical Race Theory and the racism of the United States go together in any year. The 1920s were part of the picture and the Republican Party Platform […]

Back to Cuba

“What do you want me to do—make them all Jews?”                                                    Desi Arnaz I just returned home from Miami where I was pleased to see so much compliance with federal guidelines related to CDC. The Cuban influence is clearly present and my timing was great since I started a book about the Mafia, JFK, Castro, […]