New York City Department of Corrections Inmate Death News

Ryan Wilson is dead by hanging in Manhattan Criminal Court. And it has been reported that the captain in charge is to blame for not getting the man help. I read that she ordered people not to help the man.

I was about to publish another article, but this death got my attention and I had to share information based on my very limited experience with this department. I was more concerned about the meeting that took place in White Plains between school staff there and the Secretary of Education of the United States who was collaborating with my union president Randi Weingarten (American Federation of Teachers). And in the article that I have written over the last few days I do mention a former NYPD officer who is calling people stupid including Mayor Bill de Blasio. His universe of stupid people includes all the liberals that he must be dreaming about in bed as he sees them jumping over fences in his dreams and concludes that they are destroying America. The death of Wilson by self-hanging in a holding cell in New York needs some elaboration.

Perhaps some of this information will be useful to correcting a problem that emanates out of the department.

This information will not be comforting to the family of the deceased and to the clergyman, Reverend Kevin McCall, but it needs to be looked at carefully and evaluated.

A long time ago I was told “you cannot be nice to the inmates” and “you cannot be their friend” by someone involved with the D.O.C. This should not be taken as racism at the department, but just attempt to ascertain how prevalent the thoughts are particularly as they affect practices downtown and in the jails. And that was a long time before we heard Donald Trump tell police to rough them up before taking them in the paddy wagon. I seem to recall that the comments made to me took place after a female officer had been assaulted in Rikers. And in writing for years about Donald Trump in the White House, I consistently wrote that he was more or less an idiot who was holding the Republican Party together in order to win, cement, scotch tape, Trump were all the same thing.

But let’s go beyond that to emails sent to the Department of Corrections over the years. I was in touch with the department about gang conferences that I helped put together in Yonkers and Far Rockaway. I also wanted the D.O.C. to set up a GED project for the inmates and families. Some progress was made by others including Russell Simmons who was able to get a mediation program into Rikers to help the inmates with their mental health. But never a word did I receive about the GED program although I had communicated with a man names Jack and he sent me word about a woman named Linda in Community Affairs.

If Bongino of Fox News can call liberals “stupid” or “idiots” then what is going on with people that he admires in law enforcement. I would imagine that the Bonginos in the world cannot say “Jewish Lives Matter” and “Black Lives Matter” because the cement that holds those people together only has one main ingredient and that is “All Lives Matter.” I noticed the same kind of thinking in Philadelphia among a person fighting for justice who was concerned about diminishing the trademark “Black Lives Matter.” My viewpoint is that “Blue Lives Matter” and “Black Lives Matter” and I do not go around touting “All Lives Matter” or even All in the Family. I am an archer for justice and not an Archie.

A key supporter of the police and its policies was Michael Bloomberg who felt that workers could be fired based on “subjective” evidence or for subjective reasons. He was intent on firing teachers even before No Child Left Behind really took off. But what about this. What if he had decided to fire half of the police and half of the correction officers in the same way?

Getting back to this circle of correction officers, I would say that it is highly likely that it prevails among lots of officers, do not be nice and rough them up. Racism? Perhaps not. Each case is different. My point is that there is a responsibility to keep the inmates safe and have the most positive impact possible and my conclusion is that the system could have easily done more to achieve that. Anyone in power can contact me to find out more. That is if the people in power really care to learn more and provide (finally) a direction for No Person Left Behind.

The stupidity has to stop. Wait until you read about Hannity and Bongino in my next article. If Democrats are stupid, so are Republicans. I wrote about the GED Republican Plantation states, but that never made the news. In my last article I wrote about Republicans who could help the immigrants get safely to our border and be processed fairly by our immigration system. Republicans have chosen to rough up those immigrants and talk about the children even though they were never prepared to assist them. I know about some of the roots of calling police PIGS and it happened in Nazi Germany before radicals called the police pigs in Chicago in 1968 at the time of the Democratic National Convention. Click here. And after writing that piece. I found out that in Italy where is a priest giving shelter to immigrants passing through Europe, immigrants who desire to reach France through the Alps. We thank Luigi Chiampo for his efforts to help people in a town called Ouix.

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  1. Blue lives don’t matter. You should stop saying that. Every time you say blue lives matter, or Jewish lives matter or all lives matter, you are putting them on an equal standing with black lives. They don’t have equal standing. They never have and they never will.

    1. I will continue on my own path. If you cannot say that Asian or Latino Lives Matter, you have a problem. I was about to buy bagels one morning and noticed a vehicle that had two stickers, Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter on it. And there you have it. And my readers know that I have never ever said All Lives Matter, nor am I planning to. There is great substance in my words, I hope.

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