Khrushchev’s Shoe

Big Business? The Kennedy Assassination? What if? The Warren Commission report’s conclusion was that there was no evidence of a conspiracy. And today we seem to digest mostly conspiracies.

We can take a look at an authorized statement made in October 1960 by Governor Luther H. Hodges of North Carolina which expressed the views of John F. Kennedy. “The Republican Party has the reputation, among businessmen in particular, of being the party of business. This is not justified. We have had two recessions within the past 7 years under a Republican administration. Many forecasters anticipate still a third recession. Idle plant capacity is not good for business. The steel mills are now operating at less than 55 percent of capacity. Automobile production has not been much higher. Homebuilding is down drastically. Our railroads have never adequately recovered from the 1957-58 recession. Our textile industry is facing serious trouble. Corporate profits are declining. During the last 8 years, the number of business failures has been the highest in our history.”

It was 1960 and a year to remember. There were two things that took place that our nation should be paying more attention to. Both these things happened in the United States. One incident occurred in October at the United Nations in New York City. The second event happened all over the United States as Americans voted in the Election of 1960. John Fitzgerald Kennedy pulled out the victory, but his destiny was unknown on Election Day. I now take you to the realm of possibilities concerning the fate of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Here we see two powerful men who would confront each other as Dwight D. Eisenhower had to step down from office soon. Kennedy was a Catholic at a time when lots of Americans were talking about the Pope in Rome taking control over all Americans. Nikita Khrushchev had a different religion from that of most Americans. His religion was communism.

As the successor to Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev inherited power that could defined as ruthless. And as the successor to Dwight D. Eisenhower, Kennedy had no such tradition to fall back on. Except that Americans has a long history of gaining power over other countries and its own people. The balance of all that power was hard to locate.

Nikita Khrushchev at the United Nations made great history at that moment as it was the intention of the Soviet Union and its emerging power to “bury” the United States. Kennedy’s objective was to contain the power of world communism. There has been much written about the Khrushchev shoe banging incident, many thinking that it was fake news. Two versions among others exist. One claims that the Soviet leader was reacting to comments made by a representative of the Philippines and another one, emanating from the daughter of Khrushchev (Nina) who makes the claim that her father was reacting to Franco, the dictator of Spain.

So here were two nations protesting the lack of freedom exercised by the people of the Soviet Socialist Republics, nations not well known for freedom at all.

Nina Khrushchev also indicated that the shoe in question appeared to make her father rather uncomfortable and he took it off. So the shoe was readily available to be banged against any friend of the United States, countries that were considered part of the colonial network of America or not.

The shoe, it turned out, was not even Soviet made. It was easily recognized by the manufacturer. And no it was not Florsheim, Bostonian, and was not sold in Sachs Fifth Avenue. The shoes were manufactured in Pirmasens in West Germany. We know that there were 30,000 shoes sold to the Soviet Union and about 2,000 were of a higher quality. This is probably how the shoes fell into the hands of Khrushchev. The party leaders usually obtained the greatest possible benefits from the economic system.

This was a critical historical moment among many in the 1960s. Kennedy-Khrushchev was there long before Trump-Putin and the story has to be told. It goes back to things going on behind the “Iron Curtain” and what was called “the free world” politics. JFK was told by Nikita Khrushchev later on “we hanged the likes of Reuther in Russia in 1917.” There was certainly truth as it pertained to 1917, but what about the remainder of the truth, particularly the Stalinist Era and the lessons that had been learned? The leaders of the Soviet Union were ruthless or should I say Reuthless and it was advantageous to keep wealth in as few hands as possible there.

That takes us back to Khrushchev’s shoes, perhaps opening the eyes of everyone that owning and wearing such good shoes by such a good communist would have been the subject of the high-level criticism of being called “bourgeois” way back in history and subject to the extreme punishment or even death. And in America, the most famous stores known for where the wealthy shopped had a similar code, but devoted to making money. In Sachs Fifth Avenue in the men’s shop, the salespeople looked in judgment at a man’s shoes to determine if the man was a “big spender.” That rule applied to everyone, from Clark Gable to you and me.

There are those who foresee the future and this was being done. As it had been done for over a generation by people in power. Cracking the codes of war and limiting the months and years spent in war had its reasons and among them was returning to normalcy economically. Everyone needed that but the people who controlled the wealth needed it more.

The Enigma Code which helped the Allies defeat the Axis powers was a great example. And that was done largely with the help of Poles who had the expertise to help defeat the Nazis. But once the communist takeover of Poland had taken place, it ushered in what was later called “po linji” or the party line. The line or lineage or the DNA of politics has been continually maintained since the New Deal through today. And a closer look at the 1960s will tell it like it is.

Joseph Stalin was the “man of steel” who solidified communist power, but he was not alone among dictators throughout the world and American leaders were complicit with most or all of them. Republican Wendell Wilkie spent time with Stalin in Russia, drinking and learning more. Wilkie ran in 1940 against Roosevelt, but he was defeated. Seeds were being planted and ideas and actions resulted. Defeating communism had been on the lips of Americans since 1917. The Palmer Raids after World War I were directed against socialists and workers.

The 1960s had lots of hidden facts that we thought were going to be revealed and chief among them why was John F. Kennedy killed on November 22,1963 in Dallas, Texas. One would have to be a fool to think that all the evidence would be there. There is more to consider that must be clearly known. Kennedy, whether he knew it well enough or not, was in the middle of a “revolution” that took more than forty years to generate in the United States. The Czars of Russia were overthrown and their estates were taken away. The United States had its Founding Fathers, so many of them great landowners just like the Czars and George Washington turned down the title of “King.” So it took a different King to make things happen in the 1960s along with Kennedy and Johnson.

Government money was creating tremendous wealth, particularly in California as the defense industry was booming. It was also transitioning into areas for greater wealth for the rich as companies like General Electric were shifting from transistors into chips. And companies like G.E. and I.B.M. were attracting talent from other countries and probably including the Eastern Soviet Republics. There was no Reagan-Gorbachev confrontation at that time, but Reagan had been hired by that American giant for the G.E. Theater back in the 1960s and Reagan started to tear down the concept of big government that had saved us from a Nazi takeover. California had already been the hotbed of that take over before the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Reagan who was a Democrat and a former union head had done an about face by 1960. Why? That is hard to say, but some workers were getting better pay resulting from the efforts of labor unions like the United Autoworkers of America. And that flow of money to workers was a great concern to all.

And in the economic sphere there was more going on as well. There was General Motors, U.S. Steel, Bethlehem Steel, and other companies making news including Boeing and General Dynamics. What kinds of news?  The Justice Department was looking into restraint of trade under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

Steel companies colluding about pricing and the same about the major electronics companies. And at this time, a new name was surfacing in the transistor radio world. Sony which was Japanese! Competition for American products! And consumers were launching cases in the thousands against GE at that time. The reputation of American products was shrinking. And now there were two Kennedys breathing down the necks of those corporations, John and Bobby. Honorable American business and its method revolving around “free trade” was being dishonored.

Gorbachev was rising quickly from the 1970s on in the Communist Party and he brought about “glasnost” and “perestroika” which sped up the collapse of the Soviet Union. Those freedoms he brought about just like some freedoms brought about in the United States have resulted in the rise of billionaires.

Almost sixty years after that horrible event in Dallas, we still need answers. But where are the answers. There may very well exist a paper trail or trail that we have not been told about. G.E. and I assume other companies were heading into states which did not require unions and among those states which are often referred to as “Right to Work” states was Arizona where a 28,000 pound computer had been developed. Arizona would provide G.E. with a plant that would not have the serious financial consequences of the “Golden State” and that would bring gold into companies in Arizona. Keep in mind that Arizona was the home state of the presidential candidate in 1964, Senator Barry Goldwater.

So what is this Wilkie-McCarthy-Reagan-Goldwater about? Oh I did not mention McCarthy, but we know about his anti-communism in the 1950s. It’s all about “PO LINJI” or follow the party line. But there is more. Isn’t it possible that a Republican had John F. Kennedy killed? After all it adds up. I was waiting for Donald Trump to release previously unseen information about the assassination of Kennedy, but he didn’t release it. It could be very easy to conclude that Lyndon B. Johnson had something to do with it since he benefitted. Then how could Republicans have benefitted?

To understand the deep possibility much better, just understand the time. Hitler lost his chance to take over America where his base was large in California around Pasadena. Recent evidence of what was going on has been published. Parts of California were like a mine field waiting to go off. Then the plan was to incite violence across America against Jews, African Americans, and Catholics. In 1960 the United States had a large opposition to Catholics as the Kennedy campaign and election can easily demonstrate. Christian and Catholic were very often worlds apart. Jews in Hollywood and elsewhere had recently gone through Republican turbulence during the McCarthy Era. Ronald Reagan wished to destroy the concept of big government being an asset to America, which it plainly was at the time. And do not forget about General Douglas MacArthur who had already attempted to become president of the United States who defied President Harry Truman when he sent messages to two dictators that he thought he could start a war against Communist China and as a result of that he got fired. The years advance toward Civil Rights after many, many protests and violence. Things were moving quickly and this became the day of high speed jet travel and space ships.

Both the United States and the Soviet Union were spending huge sums on national security and international peace. And an electorate that went along with the next phase of the New Deal, which was The Great Society, was clearly moving in the wrong direction. Fascism would have been preferable to Republicans, the National Rifle Association, and white supremacist groups that were meeting there. All that was temporarily defeated by the Japanese attack. A conspiracy was even more conceivable that could impose change then was even closer than the current Capitol Insurrection fueled by the Democratic victory in November. And even more important back then, but hardly recognizable to most Americans was the advance of the computer and its future. People around Reagan knew that in California years before Reagan became governor.

We easily recall all the talk about those erased emails of Hillary Clinton in 2016, bleached and/or otherwise erased. Who would have thought about checking emails or whatever they were called in or even worded documents in 1963 after the killing of our president?

There was change going on in California and the goal was to change America and keep it away from communism. Would it take a bullet in Dallas? We can say yes when we think about it more. The Republicans moved away from direct attacks on Catholics as they decided to make Catholics allies on the “moral” issues of abortion and gay marriage. The Republicans moved away from direct attacks on Jews as Israel developed more and the decision was that Israel is a great ally of the United States. And Republicans moved away from direct attacks on African Americans, particularly most recently when the late Senator John McCain called education a “civil right” and support grew for charter schools. And then Trump and his cohorts gave us Blexit or the Black Exit, copying Brexit. Some of it worked in 2020, but Trump had clearly not earned another four years, even as the senate races in Georgia revealed themselves on January 5, 2021. Trump was dead meat! And clearly, those days in the early 1960s laid the foundation for the Trump victory in 2016 as either Russia, China, or whatever interfered in the election that year.

My conclusion is very simple and something that you can trust. From 1960 to today it is largely about the unions and wages. It’s all about those Benjamins and wealth. Control of the wealth has resulted in lower taxes for the rich and more billionaires and millionaires. If we go back to the early 1900s or even before, we learn that people everywhere ready to kill to prevent labor from being organized. That kind of killing was as sweet as a California navel orange to many. Protect property at all cost, even the potatoes in Virginia during the Trump Administration as per the wishes of Donald Trump himself. And with greater profits, lower taxes and how wages, and the privatization of everything on the planet, Republicans would have it all. And there could be no nationalization of any industry which might have occurred under President Truman. There could be no New Deal or Great Society possible unless it came from the hands of American business. Even war and its controls would not be generated by “big government.” Reaganism was in development sponsored by General Electric and its propaganda wing.

It’s easy with this analysis to conclude that there was evidence or still is evidence that was secretly circulated in 1963 that the F.B.I. never looked at or never revealed due to the arrest and murder of Lee Harvey Oswald and the aftermath of those critical days. I can quickly point to the silence imposed by the Allies against “Uncle Joe” Stalin when it was revealed that he had Polish officers killed during World War II (ten percent were Jews).

It is entirely plausible that powerful opponents of John F. Kennedy who had the DNA that it would take to plan his assassination were secretly working behind the scenes on what we often call “the perfect crime.”. Let us now take a quick look at 1936 and the GOP to understand more. There were “Heil Hitlers” taking place in Los Angeles and Hermann Schwinn read a note from Adolf Hitler which thanked him for his work. Dozens of attendees applauded. With the 1936 Election about to take place, GOP officials asked Schwinn to take the chair of the Southern California Campaign Committee’s German American section which reminds me today of the leader of The Proud Boys being selected in Florida to head the Trump campaign of 2020 in that state. And at that moment, there was more than talk as there was espionage going on of American “military installations” and “aircraft production facilities.” And this is just one small story of the behavior of Republicans that has to be told.

And the heads of the film industry were Jewish (Louis B. Mayer and others) as Nazis and others plotted the deaths of Americas famous actors who did not side with the Nazis. I started writing about this in October 2019 as an American October Revolution was needed. This is what I wrote a year later “And that is not all as we see plots against elected officials that appear to be targeted by Trump and shouts of Lock Her Up which are not funny from a leader. In the mid-1930s Jack Benny, James Cagney, Charlie Chaplin, Al Jolson, Eddie Canter (Cantor not Canter), Walter Winchell, and Goldwyn and Mayer were singled out among others for assassination by people intent on getting Jews to leave this country. Remove Trump now!” And it was not my point here to even mention Trump again. The point is that those studio heads were higher paid than the heads of General Motors and US Steel and without knowing it, Republicans in California were meeting and accelerating Nazism and other ideologies of hate and those studio heads were Republican leaders in California.

And they wanted to kill Paul Muni, a Jew, who I watched as he portrayed Emile Zolá who broke the Dreyfus Affair in France wide open. It was not my intention while writing this article to include the update of my book J’Accuse: Zolá Is My Guide, but open the book.

So leading up to the 1960s, we should stop and think about what had been going on for decades. And as the corporate people were deciding to make their way into Arizona, Phoenix in particular, an important saying comes to mind that was circulating around our nation. “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice,” came out during the 1964 Republican Convention, but it had to be on people’s minds. Violence could take place and it did in Dallas. We need not place the blame on Goldwater since his words were open to interpretation and misinterpretation.

We should turn to the attempt on the life of Ronald Reagan whose attack was not politically motivated since we know that John Hinckley, Jr. was obsessed with actress Jodi Foster. Hinckley had been checking out Jimmy Carter earlier at public events and after watching the motion picture the Taxi Driver 15 times transitioned himself to creating his own scene which kind of paralleled the script of the movie where an attempt was made to assassinate a United States senator who was making a run for president.

I wonder again if the F.B.I. had thought about what is on my mind and if there was any evidence on computers in 1963? Could there be a computer today that still contains valuable information about the Kennedy Assassination? And if such a computer exists, would Goldwater’s state be the place to look?

Lee Harvey Oswald’s story included a desire to become a Soviet citizen and he worked in a factory there called Gorizont Electronics (the Russian GE?) which produced radios, televisions, and military and space electronics. Was this fact just another isolated fact in the case or did it have more importance than meets the eye? What a peculiar coincidence? And one more thing about Oswald. His Russian language instructor who was an engineer in that factory and in 1991 became the leader of Belarus.

Within the context of history from Czarist Russia and the Founding Fathers to Capitalist America in the 1930s to Trump’s America, we can close our eyes and think about all the things that have taken place. There is no evidence that I have seen that Big Business had Kennedy taken out in 1963. I was only speculating and creating.

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