Boise City, Oklahoma COVID-19 News

There could be thousands or more places around our nation where people would start wearing masks and doing more to save lives in the manner of Jesus.

The most popular comment to the CNN report made in Boise City was pronouncing the name of the city correctly as I searched a few FACEBOOK pages and in my call to the clerk of that city I, too, was corrected.

The death rate over 10 years due to the flu is 0.13 and COVID-19 is 14 times more deadly (on the average) at 1.8 percent. Oklahoma stands now at 1.1 percent for deaths. And that means that the Trump flu has killed about 8 times more people for now in Oklahoma than a regular flu would have. Those figures may go up over time as the Trump flu has spread dramatically to places that people thought it would not go.

In making the call to Oklahoma, I found out that people are not wearing masks and by choice. I know from my own experience that I started wearing a mask after March 7, 2020. I would have to find the first purchase made, but it could have been during the following week that I started to wear masks. I wonder when people started wearing masks in Boise City (pronounced Boys). I would assume that if people started later there and combined with Donald Trump’s “brilliant” decision to tell people that they have a choice, that lots of people just went along, particularly since Trump told people that things were under control. At that point it would like trying to get a drug addict off of drugs. And within weeks, the Trump economy was heading for disaster as people chose saving lives instead of listening to Trump. Clearly the death toll could have and would have been several times higher, with people even dying at work from COVID-19.

The CNN segment, where the reporter mispronounced the name of Boise and who was the only person wearing a mask, was about getting vaccinated. One man called Trump the “lesser of two evils” in the 2020 race and I smiled hearing that, but Trump is mostly evil and his religious views came out strongly during the pandemic. Jesus Saves Lives never came out of his lips. And Jesus, the Jew, instead of resting on Shabbat or the Sabbath, healed people and saved lives. I sent my article to the city clerk after talking to her. You know Jesus Was Not a Neanderthal. In my own family we wear masks but there seems to be a problem right now about taking the vaccine. I will see how that plays out since people can change their minds. That was my point in sending out the article to people in Boise City.

Seriously I had a connection with Oklahoma as a child. My dad served in the Army in Muskogee and grew up with more than that in my home.

Oh, what a beautiful mornin’

Oh, what a beautiful day

I’ve got a beautiful feeling

Everything’s going my way

Oh, what a beautiful day

The music of Rodgers and Hammerstein was my Beyoncé, Bocelli, Bacharach, and Bon Jovi all in one. Oklahoma! I loved it and I can hear my mother sing (well that is a large exaggeration if you know what I mean).

The conversation with the clerk continued reminding me of all the geese (cooked goose of Oklahoma today) who better scurry since I brought up the subject of people attending a funeral parlor where half the people wore masks and other half did not, depending on who the deceased was and the attitude of his family. The clerk brought up the point of freedom of choice again at this point. People in Boise City have been called “ignorant” and I guess they resent being called that. Ignorant to me. Knowing what I now know about Jesus, which eluded me for many months, would be justification for calling those people ignorant as well. And finding out that people who consider themselves good Christians continued not wearing masks would lead me to conclude that their problem is greater than ignorance. The next level is stupidity. And considering that the wearing of masks is enforceable just like any law or ordinance anywhere (not 100 percent enforceable), we can move that kind of irresponsible behavior along the continuum toward criminal. There are people being arrested for antisocial behavior across the United States for putting others at risk. So it could be, also, that the powerfully maskless people of Boise City, Oklahoma are using their power as a legal shield to protect themselves.

I told the clerk that I would not invite her to my home and she laughed and told me that she was not planning to come to New York. She had no clue what I had in mind at that point. I can be honest in telling her that I have sent my article out to people on FACEBOOK who want people to wear masks and to be socially responsible bearing in mind that COVID-19 is a big killer and they have not replied to me. People are just that way. I did not get a reply from the clerk, but I hope that she is sharing that important information, that powerful information, about Jesus. And one more thing, please do not start saying that the middle initial of the man who mishandled the COVID-19 virus in the White House is J for Jesus, the savior. Au contraire, he was just the idiot holding the Republican Party together for much of the last four years. And Trump’s tea party is heading people to prison for the Capitol insurrection.

So what do people across America in places like Boise City, Oklahoma do when visiting places where masks are required? And I hope that my ideas are persuasive since it is not the policy directive of Joe Biden to use Jesus’s name in saving lives (at least not at this moment). And I’m sure that there are thousands of places that think they have done their best and the truth is that they probably lack the complete picture of why their numbers are low.

Alaska and Utah have a mortality rate of 0.5 percent which is significantly better than the mortality rate of Oklahoma. There could be countries that that are ten times less in mortality than Oklahoma.

Over the last 14 days, cases have been dropping from 4.5 percent (in Vermont) all the way to 46.9 percent (in California). Oklahoma dropped 42.77, which is good news. Other states with 40 percent or more include Arizona, Virginia, and Nebraska. And those states that have had increases recently are Hawaii, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, and Washington, D.C. North Dakota and Wyoming have increases that are double or more of the other states. South Dakota, Minnesota, and our nation’s capital have single digit increases for the 14 day period.

The Republican Party dominates in Boise City, Oklahoma and throughout the county where Trump got 92 percent of the vote. Here you can see a factual account of what is going on in relation to COVID-19. It is far from complete, nor do I intend to write more. The important thing is to learn more. I can see why people are so complacent in Boise City, Oklahoma, but I hope to see a transformation.

I hope that people are tolerant of my Trump viewpoint. It’s my right to choose what I say.

I wrote the material that you have read two days ago and today I learned through a friend who is in Florida and has been near the Villages on her way to Jacksonville that “99 percent” of the people she has seen are wearing masks. Considering that we are in the midst of a pandemic and given the fact that we know people are pointing to their constitutional right to choose whether or not to wear masks still has to be addressed much more. And I know who misled Boise City or who misled Trump. COVID-19 is a strong virus just as AIDS was spread through a virus. Even during the AIDS epidemic people were encouraged to wear some kind of mask or protection. Isn’t that right? Too many people were put at risk back then and the same thing is going on now, encouraged by people in government.

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