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Nayib Bukele appeared on Fox Entertainment as Tucker Carlson interviewed the Salvadoran president. I noticed that fans of Bukele posted the interview on FACEBOOK. Upon watching the interview, I wrote that Carlson got what he wanted from Bukele. Bukele has a way of presenting some honesty in his conversations, making it appear to be total honesty. And this is what his followers hardly realize.

Before moving forward with these ideas or ideas in Spanish, I can quickly tell my readers that in 27 years in my home in Suffolk County I have never experienced anti-Semitism; however, I will continue to fight against it wherever it exists. I did attend a meeting devoted to anti-Semitic activities of youth in Commack just several years ago. Commack is not far from where I live. And in establishing that context here, Jewish people have suffered terrorism throughout the millenia around the world which was related to discrimination and hate which at times was not related to religion. And as an example, the Inquisition in Spain resulted in the removal of most Jews from Spain and the death of others who did not or chose not to go.

El Salvador has faced crises that have led to the diaspora around the world and the largest part of it is in the United States. Lack of jobs and fear of violence do permeate the nation as it exists in others around the world. Bukele established that as truth and I concur. Tucker Carlson sat there with that all too familiar expression on his face revealing that he needed more from Bukele. That look that reeks of half constipation and half truth or no truth at all. This seems to be Carlson’s calling card which he is entitled to, but let’s see what developed in the script.

Bukele said that the immigration of his people is bad for his country and bad for the United States or was he really just saying that it is bad for people in the United States like Tucker Carlson, a man who distorts things the way that the press distorted things against the Jews in France, Germany, and even in the United States that we all know about. Inject the word Jew into the scenario instead of Salvadoran or Honduran and you can imagine immediately that something has gone wrong in the discussion between the two men. I’ve been telling people for a long time that keep the Jew out has been replaced by keeping others out.

Here on Long Island and across many parts of the United States where there are immigrants who did not get at the end of the line to come here there is a very positive feeling that we need those people. They pick our food in fields and work in the kitchens of our restaurants. Many have established businesses that cut our lawns and provide the manpower to dig us out of the snow so that we can function better. All the people protected by TPS or Temporary Protective Status and those who do not have those protections have added value to their families back home as people have done for centuries. And that value takes place in different ways including making the line for jobs shorter there.

What Bukele did was to make it appear that those immigrants are “bad” playing into the hands of people across our nation who watch Fox. Congressman Tom Suozzi, who helped set up a well-protected help center in Glen Cove when he was mayor there came back from speaking to the other side of America and told an audience that a different half of the American people were not ready to legalize the immigrants.

In the last couple of years, I noticed that an African immigrant in France scaled several floors of a building to rescue a child that was dangling toward the street below, holding on some how to prevent almost certain death. That man was awarded with citizenship. The “bad” part of what has taken place is that Americans of all races have turned their backs on their fellow man, people who deserve a pathway to citizenship. Bukele must have been thinking that Trump was still the president as he participated in the interview.

Also in the discussion, Bukele spoke about what the immigrants call “remesas” or money that they send home each month. That is a huge industry and has helped El Salvador and other countries immensely. And I repeat that it has helped all immigrants over the last century or more all over the world. Again, here, Bukele has diminished himself. But will his fans admit that? In Mexico, those remesas passed the level of Mexico’s largest industry and I would assume the same or similar thing for El Salvador due to its huge diaspora.

Palestine, where Bukele’s family came from, exhibited the same things as Jews moved there as Zionists or even not as Zionists. There were caravans just as there are Central American caravans, but by sea. And the flag of Honduras flew on a ship that I read and wrote about. There was violence as people arrived and deaths. The British and the Arabs tried to keep Jews out. So there was considerable hatred. I have witnessed resentment against the Hispanics in my community and across Long Island where I live. I noticed it even among relatives of my family more than a decade ago. “There are too many Spanish speaking people here” I have heard a few times. I have watched an African American also state that he his company has a policy of hiring that is Afrocentric. I know a man who is well known in Hip Hop who emphatically called people from El Salvador “illegals.” The Honduran flag flew on the Exodus and you can go to Jewish Business News to find out more.

Published On: Fri, Nov 23rd, 2018Blogs / Europe / Israel & Middle East / US / Canada | By Martin Danenberg

Exodus (1947) Under The Honduran Flag: The Illegal Jewish Caravan

The conclusion that I quickly came to was that Bukele, by saying that the immigration which is “bad” for his country and ours gives strength to the call to deport all of his people, the people from Honduras, and other countries, reminding me but not being exactly like the call to get rid of Jews in the past in various countries and even today in the United States.

I have seen Bukele on video prepare for a speech that he was going to make. Was his “bad” comment part of his preparation or did he just happen to find that horrible thought sitting there talking to Tucker Carlson. Bukele has helped stir the pot of hate and he needs to come forth to correct the situation. Now! I was not entertained by his appearance on Fox Entertainment. And keep in mind that it was Trump and conservative commentators that set the stage for what happened in 2017 when they spoke about deporting 20 million people.

And here is this morning’s news about immigration.


Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan Say Joe Biden’s ‘Don’t Come’ Border Message ‘Too Late’

David Brennan                             2 hours ago

I just read a couple of days ago that the chief reason why people move from one state to another in the United States is to find a better job and that happens in Republican as well as Democratic states. I have known for over a decade about the tough environment to find a job in Colorado, for example. It took a trip to find that out. Yes the United States is hurting today as it has in the past, but there is no reason to scapegoat any people. And I want to see Joe Biden do much more right now to help those crossing our nation’s border instead of doing what Trump did as he used a plan of action that was reminiscent of what the Nazis did to get rid of Jews before The Final Solution was put into place leading to the death of 6 million Jews.

I also wrote this about conservative talk show hosts (including Rush Limbaugh who just passed away). “Donald Trump has not served in the military and he has always lived an extremely protected life, just as those radio talk show hosts have. They use someone else to challenge the despots and their armies.  Just once I would love to see one of them confront the person they are talking about by going into that country to protest.  That is why I put Donald Trump in the middle of Hebron playing golf, unprotected by anyone.

Instead of MAGA we have much more of MTFT or More Trouble For Trump”

Published On: Mon, Jan 8th, 2018Blogs / US / Canada | By Martin Danenberg

Trump Silence About Jews And African-Americans: Unacceptable For Leadership Today

Instead of MAGA we have much more of MTFT or More Trouble For Trump

And in summing up things, I am trying to learn much more about President Nayib Bukele and I yearn for something, maybe a book about him that I can digest. I did read the book by Lopez-Obrador and wrote about it.

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