Gun Shots and Covid-19 Law Breakers

I had emailed NYPD about my proposals including GED only hours before I watched CBS News and the day before I emailed the US Department of Education to bring my proposal about Jesus Saves Lives to the United States Cabinet. I have friends in law enforcement all over our nation that will take note of the urgency in this article. This is about “special ed” students, past and present that require new help and “special ad-justment” Christians that have to get back to the basics of Jesus. Click the link.

Gun violence is up in New York City and now the city wants to help potential gunmen earn their GED. This was the focus on CBS News just minutes ago. And today I had to hang up the phone after unsuccessfully reaching the Commissioner of Police in San Juan, Puerto Rico about tourists and COVID-19.

The gun violence resulted in two wounded inside a fish restaurant in Brooklyn on Pitkin Avenue and a man who was interviewed suggested that there is great danger there. I called and wrote to the District Attorney months ago about helping youth and adults with their GED, but I was rebuffed.

My two concerns are making news over and over. The gun violence is up over 42 percent and there are incidents where tourists are causing police to intervene in Puerto Rico (probably Brooklyn has a similar problem with its own people) as people are not respecting COVID-19 rules.  Violence is probably up in Puerto Rico as well and I wanted to address the matter with the office of the commissioner there.

I emailed both the governor of Puerto Rico and the mayor of New York City before watching the news and beginning this article.

I was just informed about the situation among the bodegas of New York City and it seems that more people are complying with the mask mandate and other protocols. Minor, frustrating problems exist for the bodega owners and their employees that the public should be informed about. In Puerto Rico tourists are causing problems, involving the police where they should not be getting involved. In other words, they have their hands full already. And I was told, also, that in Little Italy (qui mangia bene) that the area is packed with people that are potentially spreading COVID-19. I have learned to eat out on Long Island during hours which I call a late lunch-early dinner and that helps to avoid bigger crowds in restaurants.

New York State is one of the plantation states for GED which means it is always at the bottom in helping African Americans obtain their GED, ranking at the bottom with Alabama and Mississippi.

About fifteen years ago Puerto Rico stopped sending its annual GED statistics which are made public. At one time, there were 20,000 diplomas or more, but that soon fell below 2,000 annually and finally the N/A became the number provided.

My outreach to help Brooklyn and the city included a plan to intervene to keep special ed students away from trouble which I have documentation from April 2020 (better late than never). Since learning that about two-thirds of youth going to jail or prison, I have shared this information with lots of people. That very high statistic for a small percentage of students also probably means that African American youth made up over 70 percent and this is often called “The Pipeline to Prison.”

I had written (articles and a proposal for the US Justice Department) about gangs putting down the guns and earning a GED a long, long time ago. For Christ’s Sake, Joe Biden keeps saying, it’s all about doing the right thing. Educating people matters! And the Biden White House is in a position to do much more than Obama and Trump ever did.

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  1. What info is being shared? What does this mean?….
    “Since learning that about two-thirds of youth going to jail or prison I have shared this information with lots of people.”
    This makes absolutely no sense.

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