Eets Note My Jobe

Here are my own comments on the NY State nursing home scandal, based on what I now know. There are people all over our nation who act as though it is not their job to help American during COVID-19 until what seems like a juicy scandal appears.

The lyrics below come from a Dominican singer and song writer that I happened to meet in person over a decade ago in New York City. I thought of those lyrics at the beginning of our battle against COVID-19.  Why? Despite being the wealthiest large nation on earth, I knew that the level of preparedness across our nation was going to be DEVASTATING. And having a man in the White House who had already been called “moron” even inside the White House was going to make things worse.

No me digan que los médicos se fueron

No me digan que no tienen anestesia

No me digan que el alcohol se lo bebieron

Y que el hilo de coser

Fue bordado en un mantel

No me digan que las pinzas se perdieron

Que el estetoscopio está de fiesta

Que los rayos x se fundieron

Y que el suero ya se usó

Para endulzar el café

Here is a translation that I found:

Don’t tell me the doctors left

Don’t tell me they don’t have anesthesia

Don’t tell me they drank the rubbing alcohol

and that the thread for stitches

was embroidered into a tablecloth

Don’t tell me they lost the forceps,

that the stethoscope is out partying,

that the X-rays melted,

that the serum was already used

to sweeten the coffee

Mil gracias a JLG y 4-40

This is all about the lack of preparedness in the Dominican Republic, but it was universally known. Even rural areas of our nation were going to be affected adversely as they continue to be. COVID-19 has affected the world just as the Spanish Flu during World War I.

The title of this article is based on my best recollection of an old television show starring Freddie Prinze. Take a moment to research Chico and the Man and El Niagara en Bicicleta, the lyrics of which were written above by Juan Luis Guerra.

This brings me to a boiling point about COVID-19 and the Governor Andrew Cuomo story. We go to the minutes of the meeting of the New York State legislature. At that time there were 30,000 lives lost and people in our government wanted to find out what had happened and how things could be made better.

20 It was one month later that our Wadsworth

21 laboratory confirmed New York’s first case of

22 COVID-19.

23 What we now know, that it was already here.

24 In the two weeks from that moment, we had

25 implemented a series of aggressive actions to

1 protect our most vulnerable populations.

2 And those practices continue today, and will

3 serve as a foundation, as we prepare these

4 facilities for a second wave, and beyond.

This was pretty much when the first death from COVID-19 was announced as February 29, 2020. We can move on with additional minutes of that meeting of the legislature.

11 The CDC has acknowledged that the European

12 travel ban, which was on March 13th, was too late.

13 The virus had already reached community spread here

I will get to information that has been missing from mainstream media which I have written about. This is about a missing COVID-19 FACTOR that I first detected months after the legislature met.

And here in New York State, we restricted

8 nursing home visitors, we ordered workers to be

9 temperature-checked every day.  We implemented

10 specific isolation and quarantine procedures for

11 exposed and ill staff and residents.

12 We built unprecedented systems for facilities

we conducted 1300 on-site inspections –

  • every single nursing home and adult-care facility in

1 the state was inspected at least once — to ensure

2 that the infection-control practices were in place.

3 And we supported these facilities by providing

4 14 million pieces of PPE, connecting them to a

 5 staffing portal of more than 96,000 volunteers, and

 6   helping facilities transfer residents to other homes

 7 as needed.

   So we looked at the admissions to nursing

18 homes between March 25th and May 8th.

19There were 6326 COVID-positive patients that

20 were admitted to nursing homes from hospitals during

 21 the time when COVID hospitalizations were rising.

  • And what did we find?

23So, a few key facts I want to show you.

24 The peak in nursing home fatalities was on

 25 April 8th.  The peak in admissions of COVID-19  

1 hospital patients occurred on April 14th.

2 So the question would be, which was,

3 Essentially, a week later:  Why does that matter?

4 Well, if the March 25th guidance was the

5   major driver in deaths, which some claim it to be,

6   then the peak of admissions would precede the peak

7    in deaths.

8   That’s just the mathematics, the statistics

9    of it all.

10 However, it occurred the other way around;

11 the peak in deaths occurred before the peak in

12 admissions.

13 In fact, when you look at the curve, as the

14 admissions of residents was increasing, the deaths

15 were decreasing.

16 So some would want to say, why is this so

17 important?

18 Well, it contradicts this false narrative

19 that’s circulating about regarding the March 25th

 20 guidance document.

21 The false narrative is, that COVID-positive

22 residents brought into the nursing homes from the

23 hospitals.

24 But we have to be objective here, and the

25 data does not support that.

14 From May through July, COVID-related deaths

15 in nursing homes more than doubled in Florida, they

16 nearly doubled in California, and they tripled in

17 Texas.

I just wrote about Mark Levin and Governor Ron DeSanctis where the portrayal of the role of the governor there was outstanding compared to New York.

Mark Levin and Ron DeSanctis

This comment was sent to me last week from an important politician “u didn’t include Trump oh I forgot you liked him.”

That elected official has received hundreds of my articles, most of them while Trump was president. I have watched this person closely for a long time, but I have not written about him and right now nor do I wish to expose him. Would I do that later? Sure but not in revenge for making that comment. I would expose his politics that have resulted in his poor performance regardless of whether he agrees or disagrees with my points.

Let’s turn now quickly to Governor Ron DeSanctis of Florida and his interview with Mark Levin. Mark Levin was kind to mention that even Republicans are moving to Florida and not just people from “blue states.” People have been moving to Florida for decades. What has the governor done out of the box? And in March the governor said was that he started to protect nursing homes and barred hospitals from sending the aged back to nursing homes and he talked about how he would create other centers if he had to in order to keep the elderly safe.

Dems Relied on ‘Flawed Assumptions,’ Not Data During Pandemic

Posted on February 27, 2021

Now that it is March 7, 2021, I want to know what the flawed data was that the governor mentioned and did not support in his talk even once. And it was reported in our legislature that Florida was realizing that people in the nursing homes were being infected early on by employees who were asymptomatic, something that was not mentioned on the Mark Levin Show. I reached out to Cumulus during the week to share my article with that radio company and I have not heard back. Governor DeSanctis said that he prevented people from going from hospitals back to nursing homes early on in March and that was his claim to fame. And this is what was mentioned in August 2020 by Dr. Zucker in New York State.

9 Now, it causes me great pain, as a physician,

10 and as the health commissioner in the state, to see

11 the total number of COVID cases in Florida, in

12 Texas, in California, as they have each surpassed

13 New York.

14 From May through July, COVID-related deaths

15 in nursing homes more than doubled in Florida, they

16 nearly doubled in California, and they tripled in

17 Texas.

Should the governor of Florida resign?

With the largest number of nursing homes, the

2 first instance of staff reporting a COVID-related

3 illness was on March 16th, as one sees on this

4 image, which is the blue peak there.

And now we can get to Assemblyman Kim who I really knew nothing about. In reading information about him and his policy positions, I can applaud him.

ASSEMBLYMEMBER KIM:  Okay.  That’s fine.

3   Thank you, Commissioner.

4   So for argument’s sake, then let us assume

5 that the conclusions of the report are correct;

6 namely, that the admission of COVID-positive

7 patients to nursing homes had a negligible effect on

8 the spread of the coronavirus disease there.

9 If this is true, then what — what explains

10 the impetus on a reversal of the March 25th

11 directive in early May, to prohibit nursing homes

This is a moment to focus on one of the leading voices opposing Governor Cuomo and I am not fan of Cuomo, except that his communication to the public was so much better than what we got from Donald Trump during those days. But now we get to something revealing about this assemblyman.


12 from accepting COVID-positive patients?

And here comes Dr. Zucker’s reply to the assemblyman.

13 DR. HOWARD ZUCKER:  So this goes back to that

14 statement I made earlier in my opening remarks

15 about, there’s a false narrative out there.

16 And that — and this is where I — I have to

17 correct these statements that are being made.

18 There was no reversal.  The March 25th memo

 19 is still in place.

20 We still say, based on the guidance of CMS

 21 and the CDC, that a nursing home cannot accept a

22 patient without being able to care for it.

23 That’s part one.

24 The March — the May 10th guidance that you

25 just referenced was about the ability to test people

And we know that testing was slow to begin and not all the testing was ACCURATE. And even now we know and must remember always that getting the vaccines does not mean that all of US are 100 percent safe.

What concerns me most about Assemblyman Kim (and I am not going to read over 600 pages of that meeting) is if the protocols in place were not changed, why did he think that they had been changed. If Dr. Zucker was lying at that time, he should have been asked to resign. If he was telling the truth, he deserved an apology at that moment.

And clearly there was a moment in March to do better things for our nation. This is from Yeshiva World.

White House Holds Phone Conference With Admorim, Rabbonim, And Community Activists

March 17, 2020 6:04 pm8

“An urgent phone meeting regarding the spread of the Coronavirus conducted by the Whitehouse concluded moments ago at which dozens of Admorim and Rabbonim participated. Leading the meeting was Avi Berkowitz and a council for the President. Despite rumors on Jewish social media stating he would participate, President Trump and VP Pence did not participate in the call.”

The same kind of phone call should have been made to the Christian community as well, but instead of that the White House soon made an urgent call for maskless as if a bank were calling people to go paperless. The result has been the bankruptcy of the United States by in Donald Trump We Trust.

And I fully and I repeat fully understand why the Cuomo staff hesitated to give the feds information on number of nursing home deaths. Think about that! And considering what I have said about Trump and all of US know Trump much better now than back then, it really isn’t much of an alteration in the nursing home numbers. If altering the numbers which I read about in the press is the same alteration.

I wonder if the New York State Health Department did the best that it could at that time by lowering the deaths then and there. It’s hard to say given the level of preparedness which is being ignored by Repugnicans all over America who will gladly point to Operation Warp Speed to obtain vaccines which took time. The topic here is not about warped speed, but about warped minds in government that could have done better.

I will mention this briefly in finishing up for now. Mayor Michael Bloomberg changed the way high school diplomas were counted in New York City. I noticed it, but I had this to say at the time. He counted high school diplomas and GED diplomas together for the first time and it did make him look good just looking at the increase in numbers. I felt that there should have been an asterick placed over the statistics to indicate that. We can recall the same thing happening in New York to Roger Maris (162 games instead of 154 games) in breaking Babe Ruth’s record. And that new record was very controversial in its day, but nobody died over it.

Yes I was aware that people including family were critical of Cuomo sending people back to nursing homes. This reaction is almost a year old now. The CDC indicated for our governors to do the following “and the CDC, that a nursing home cannot accept a patient without being able to care for it.” This is being rewritten here for you to absorb.

People in government are not protecting their people all over our nation. I have been in touch with parents who lost loved ones in The Parkland Massacre in Florida and our schools do not even have panic buzzers today to warn the police. Also note that the deputy who lost his job for not running onto the school grounds to help has since then, after much controversy, gotten his job back. The rule that he worked under was that in case of a shooting he “may” take action, which many in the public reacted to and which cost the sheriff his job there (that job is elected). So much of what goes on across our nation reminds me of the time when “Nobody took the Jews.” Or in other words “Eets Note My Jobe.”

I wrote this in Jewish Business News back then.

Published On: Mon, Dec 24th, 2018Blogs / US / Canada | By Martin Danenberg

Forget Trump’s Wall: Fund Alyssa’s Law?

Alyssa’s Law, a bill that would require all New Jersey public schools to install silent panic alarms to help protect students during emergencies.

And I also wrote this over two years ago “The blame is squarely going to be put on the shoulders of liberals, progressives, and even communists. Looking back at that 25th anniversary of If I Had a Hammer, we should note the great progress that was made and that people like Pat Buchanan were stirring the pot then and that is what you still see today.” Was I right?

And one more thing. Dr. Zucker was looking at the peak, but he could have taken a two-week average to compare things to instead of just the peak. People were dying you know.

In an article or letter in The Los Angeles Times, a reader just wrote that these governors “Govs. Greg Abbott of Texas, Doug Ducey of Arizona, Ron DeSantis of Florida, Brian Kemp of Georgia, Kim Reynolds of Iowa, Tate Reeves of Mississippi, Greg Gianforte of Montana and Kristi Noem of South Dakota” should be thought of as liabilities for their handling of the Corona Virus and voting rights. I thank Craig Arnold of California.

Don’t tell me the doctors left

Don’t tell me they don’t have anesthesia

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