What Dominicans Should Know

Sosúa but not only Sosúa…San Cristóbal, San Pedro de Macorís, Puerto Plata, Santiago, la Vega, Higüey, Nagua, and much more. Read, share, and make your country a better place. The photo Gobiernen Bien El Pueblo está atento was taken on la Avenida de la Independencia many, many years ago. I was on my way to […]

Boise City, Oklahoma COVID-19 News

There could be thousands or more places around our nation where people would start wearing masks and doing more to save lives in the manner of Jesus. The most popular comment to the CNN report made in Boise City was pronouncing the name of the city correctly as I searched a few FACEBOOK pages and […]

Bukele on Fox Entertainment

New Ideas or Nuevas Idea Nayib Bukele appeared on Fox Entertainment as Tucker Carlson interviewed the Salvadoran president. I noticed that fans of Bukele posted the interview on FACEBOOK. Upon watching the interview, I wrote that Carlson got what he wanted from Bukele. Bukele has a way of presenting some honesty in his conversations, making […]

Eets Note My Jobe

Here are my own comments on the NY State nursing home scandal, based on what I now know. There are people all over our nation who act as though it is not their job to help American during COVID-19 until what seems like a juicy scandal appears. The lyrics below come from a Dominican singer […]