Mark Levin and Ron DeSanctis

This comment was sent to me last week from an important politician “u didn’t include Trump oh I forgot you liked him.”

That elected official has received hundreds of my articles, most of them while Trump was president. I have watched this person closely for a long time, but I have not written about him and right now nor do I wish to expose him. Would I do that later? Sure but not in revenge for making that comment. I would expose his politics that have resulted in his poor performance regardless of whether he agrees or disagrees with my points.

Let’s turn now quickly to Governor Ron DeSanctis of Florida and his interview with Mark Levin. Mark Levin was kind to mention that even Republicans are moving to Florida and not just people from “blue states.” People have been moving to Florida for decades. What has the governor done out of the box? And in March the governor said was that he started to protect nursing homes and barred hospitals from sending the aged back to nursing homes and he talked about how he would create other centers if he had to in order to keep the elderly safe.

Dems Relied on ‘Flawed Assumptions,’ Not Data During Pandemic

Posted on February 27, 2021

And with that said, we can look at the list of states and nations close to the United States to see what the potential was to fight COVID-19. Levin cited that sure millions of people could have died over 5 years without vaccines to prevent COVID19, but he did not even attempt to look at all the lives that could have been saved. And saving the lives of the elderly was the key point made at the beginning. Florida is booming is the real purpose of this interview with some highlights of fighting COVID-19.

Let’s look at some state and international numbers right now regarding Florida in relation to everything. Florida 142 deaths per 100,000 people. Puerto Rico 63. El Salvador 29. Dominican Republic 29. Guatemala 37. Honduras 45. Nicaragua 3. Cuba 3. Venezuela 5. Haiti 2. We could have been much safer in those places, right? Mexico 146. Beliz 83. Beliz is right next to Mexico. Think about that!

If De Sanctis really knew what he was doing, from the beginning he could have been in close touch other states in the area including Louisiana 206. Alabama 201. Mississippi 222. Georgia 157. And there are many more “red” states where death due to COVID-19 has been huge. Pravda or truth the “red” way is not my way. This is what Levin-Lenin TV gave to its viewers.

Other countries that did better than Florida were Paraguay, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, and Brazil. There must be much more factual information that is being left out about this matter. Perhaps Mark Levin could do another show where the governor is refuted? I would imagine that Levin is cringing at this thought and would probably say to himself and his audience that he is not going to invite a “Trotsky” onto his show. After all lots of voters in Florida and the blue candidates were portrayed as communists or socialists. Mark Levin has created Levin TV which here could be interpreted as another form of Lenin TV which comes out of Pravda. Levin and DeSanctis showed only the positive elements of that ridiculous Trump year. DeSanctis intermingled his plan which created COVID only nursing facilities with all the other key things that were initiated by the Trump Administration along with the CDC.

I wrote this on April 20, 2020.

“Ted Cruz wants the United States to collaborate with Israel and its scientific companies in this matter of formulating tests, treatments, and cures. This is what globalism is about but there is more. Cruz wants to eliminate the dependency on China. I say that Israel is an ally and it has advanced scientific development. I would prefer to see another way of obtaining the help of Israeli scientists. The United States has done that sort of thing before in the creation of the Atomic bomb and the location was Manhattan. Also after World War II the United States brought in German scientists who propelled US into the space age.  Even the New York Yankees built up the most powerful team in baseball by paying money to bring talent to New York (Roger Maris was one example). We never had any rockets flying over our heads because of all that critical development in science, but Israel recently has had some damage due to rocket fire and we should place scientists in the safest environment possible. What about Indiana as the placement of the lab or labs and the scientists?”

We knew that people were dying of COVID-19 (undocumented immigrants who worked in meat plants) far away from New York and Florida. So I wrote that. And South Dakota has one of the leading deaths per capita numbers in our nation. South Dakota 212 deaths per 100,000 people.

Regardless of Florida’s ranking, its governor has failed. The deaths speak for themselves. You see in fighting a war such as World War II, it is not only the projection of potential lives that could be lost, but also the actual number of lives lost (and the wounded as well). The Levin-DeSanctis team has pulled the wool over the eyes of many or most of the viewers. Hawaii, which is also far away from US, had 31 deaths per 100,000 people. No state is next to Hawaii. And there is no state to the east of Florida. And there is no state to the east of Maine which had 52 deaths per 100,000. Washington which has no state on its west had 66 deaths per 100,000. And California with no state on its west and with over 50,000 deaths had 130 deaths per 100,000, which is lower than Florida. Maybe the governor is spending too much time in Disney’s fantasy world?

If we look back to July of 2020, we can see part of what was taking place. “

The Sunshine State saw more than 310,000 new cases in July, while Texas and California both had more than 260,000 new infections,” as reported by Reuters at that time.

I hope that my readers conclude that I have unmasked both Mark Levin and Ron De Sanctis. And for the remainder of 2021 I hope that more people in Florida observe the patriotism surrounding saving lives used by our military, the Jewish Talmud, and the work of Jesus who healed people and saved lives even on the Sabbath day.

And at the CPAC meeting in Orlando where lots of people did not wear masks and the leaders did not enforce the wearing of masks, the golden calf appeared to show up. This is what I wrote on October 13, 2019 “And although Israel has tremendous fire power, King Trump of Israel appears to be more like praying to the Golden Calf in the story of the Ten Commandments.  And when Trump’s demise takes place, and it appears to be more and more imminent right now, the reality probably will be that things that he has done and spoken about in and for Israel will be reversed in a return to normalcy.” And this is from an article in the Hill only two days ago “A golden statue of former President Trump was unveiled late Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Fla., quickly prompting ridicule from social media users, many of whom compared it to the Old Testament account of the Golden Calf.” And I wrote that over a year before Trump’s failures began in handling the virus.

If Ft. Lauderdale can fine people $1,000 for not picking up doggie poo, why can’t Repugnicans and others be fined for not wearing masks?

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