The John McCain Letter and Terrorism in The Capitol

Here are essential parts of my letter which was sent to Senator John McCain and graciously responded to. This letter is just as current today as we have witnessed an attack on The Capitol and key government sources had warned US about these things. By reducing gang activity through education across our nation, we can […]

From Trump Loyalist to Criminal A Crime Prevention Lesson

Here is the lesson for friends, neighbors, and more who are or who know other Trump loyalists (so called patriots bordering on neo-patriot-neo-Nazi, neo-fascist). Prevention is never easy as we have noticed in the pandemic and the pandemonium that I recently wrote about. But I am calling for more prevention before people even arrive in […]

Nine Nein

There are nine days left in the term of Donald Trump and the nation including Arnold Schwarzenegger are saying Nein, well at least a majority of the nation, to Donald Trump. Arnold Schwarzenegger made some important comparisons to the subject matter as the breaking of glass by right-wingers caused him to think about Kristallnacht in […]