The Greatest War Novel

I wrote this on January 3, 2021, days before the attack on The Capitol. And of particular concern is that we see The Proud Boys attacking police, diminishing the “law and order” posture of Trump and Republicans. Mussolini came to power through men like that. “His attitudes were highly theatrical, his opinions were contradictory, his […]

Con Man and Patriot

Roy M. Cohn Lawyer and Patriot his tombstone states which I just learned about in an article just published in USA Today by someone who knew a lot about Cohn-Trump. I am reading and almost done with another book and we can all learn from it. America is divided and here are comments from a […]

60 Minutes The Good and Not So Good

Leslie Stahl and Scott Pelley interviewed Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and two key officials in Georgia who were involved with the voting there. As the title suggests there were good points and certain weaknesses in the reporting. The way to understand all of this is like walking on a road where you take notes, especially if […]

Nine Nein

There are nine days left in the term of Donald Trump and the nation including Arnold Schwarzenegger are saying Nein, well at least a majority of the nation, to Donald Trump. Arnold Schwarzenegger made some important comparisons to the subject matter as the breaking of glass by right-wingers caused him to think about Kristallnacht in […]

From Pandemic to Pandemonium in America

As The World Turns, the Repugnicans are writing a television script again that tops the last four years of covering for Donald Trump. Nobody was killed in the “perfect” phone call. The best thing that has happened so far is that a newly elected legislator or West Virginia has resigned his position there to spend […]

6MWE: Anti-Semitism

Donald Trump sent loving thanks to his supporters and in the past he claimed that he did not know The Proud Boys and emphasized that someone had to do something against Antifa. Donald Trump has his defenders and lots of defenders across the spectrum of American life, supporters who have mostly been in denial.  Haven’t […]

Resign, Resign, Resign

I have absorbed a lot of what took place in our nation’s capital yesterday and made up my mind to write, mentioning to a new friend in Savannah, Georgia that I have something different to write about. Some or many of my readers would like to know why articles are not part of the reporting […]

From Comey to Raffensperger

I woke up this morning thinking about one of my articles in Jewish Business News about the movie The Music Box and then quickly the new Godfather scene entered my head. Michael Corleone, a future capo of the Vito Corleone crime family makes his decision (MAD) thinking of my boxing champion friend in South Carolina). […]