Such a simple term that we have used takes on a presidential meaning here. At this time it appears also that Donald Trump is ready to provide a $2,000 check/$4,000 per couple backed by the Treasury of Russia. In foreign policy Trump was warned not to take out the Iranian commander and this week the […]

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Jesus Saves Lives

Henry “The Fonz” Winkler and Scott Baio (Happy Days) are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, one is for wearing masks and other isn’t. Scott Baio felt that the Happy Days cast members and crew that got together to support Democratic candidates in the November Election was “bizarre.” Henry Winkler spoke that he still […]

Lessons About Truth

Barack Obama gave US My Brothers Keeper and Trump gave US the Proud Boys. Please read my last article about Trump. But it is not exactly Dreyfus (and so what), although it is Dreyfus who is being mentioned in England and read about around the world.  A much better fit for Labour in England would […]

Quién es El Rey y una imploración

Cuándo una iglesia anuncia Jesús Salva es un truismo ( es parte de su fe) y veremos que el Trumpismo no es lo mismo. Gracias a mis estudios, aprendí que el Talmud y el Nuevo Testamento tienen mucho en común. En el Talmud existe la ley judía Pikuach Nefesh que permite a los judíos luchar y […]