Such a simple term that we have used takes on a presidential meaning here. At this time it appears also that Donald Trump is ready to provide a $2,000 check/$4,000 per couple backed by the Treasury of Russia. In foreign policy Trump was warned not to take out the Iranian commander and this week the […]

Jesus Saves Lives and the Warnock-Ossoff Victory in January

The answer is Warnock and Ossoff and not 25,000 lies. Congregations start up your engines.  Dr. Birx just spoke out telling Americans that the vaccines coming are not enough. What then is needed now? Jesus Saving Lives was needed in the early months of this year pastors reaching out to each other to unite will […]

The Cuban American Vote and the Dangers of Anti-Semitism and More

Under “strongman” Donald Trump, Cuba should have been freed. But it is not! All that I am reading about the Cuban-Latino Miami and the election is the shift to the right and this is taking place without even a word about seven months of inserts in the Spanish newspaper El Heraldo that were anti-Semitic which […]