Worst Republican President Since the Spanish Civil War

Trump ‘s Lies and Misinformation rank him as the worst American leader since the 1930s. Roosevelt was in the White House looking forward to starting a second term when the Spanish Republic experienced the trauma of a coup to end democracy. On March 16th I wrote this knowing that rural America was going to be hit hard by COVID-19, but the base listened to the wrong people. “The Corona Virus is showing to people around the world the defects of a health care system that has been painted by conservative talk show hosts as the best system in the world.  And that is far from true.” And 1936 was a great year for Jesse Owens as General Franco made a strong move in Spain. “Jesse Owens set the broad jump record in 1936 at the Munich Olympics at 26 feet 8 and 3/4 inches,” I wrote on April 2 as we learned that the droplets of Corona Virus could travel 27 feet in the air.

The United States and England stood by to watch. Russia had operatives in Spain and it had the vision of taking Spain into its orbit of power even before the Iron Curtain fell on Europe at the end of World War II. Clearly better leadership was needed but nobody could achieve that even as the Allies were victorious in World War II.

La Madre Patria or the Mother Country called Spain helped give rise to dictatorships throughout Latin America. There were fascists in Mexico connecting dots with fascists in Spain. And what about all the other dictators that came about instead of democracies. And the deaths due to COVID-19 are rising in In Spain in the 1930s there was no Spanish Flu. What Spain got was about 50,000 deaths due to war. There were conservatives, concentration camps, conspiracy, Caudillo, Catholics, communists, cremations, carnage, and chaos, all leading to a coup. The Spanish Holocaust was taking place.

Among the hundreds of pages that I have read in The Spanish Holocaust by Paul Preston, I have read about the murder of priests and others in churches and the killing of Spaniards by priests themselves. Priests killing their people? Yes they picked up arms to kill. That surely can be understood within the framework of a war taking place and if they fought to save lives. There were priests that brought dishonor on the faith by the way they killed their people. And there were priests who protected Republicans and Fascists and tried to prevent the escalation of bloodshed which resulted from many things, but particularly from one word. Revenge! That family feud list of grievances was long, but the attack in Spain by air against the Republicans was done with fascist allies- Italy and Germany. Lots of innocents were killed.

This short description should not be interpreted as a complete explanation. And now as we think of the United States and the spread of Trump’s Pandemic and the loss of more than 250,000 people, you will be able to see what I saw after reading over 300 pages of horror stories of The Spanish Holocaust.

It took great courage, Paul Preston wrote, for Father Fernando Huidobro Polanco to do what he did. He wanted to minister to the right-wing Legionarios or Legionnaires. He stood up to the people in power as he feared for the lives of Madrileños or the residents of Madrid. He was referring to the “most cruel and barbaric deed of modern times” as Madrid was expected to fall into the hands of the fascists. People were being killed without an investigation into the cause of their arrest and a proper trial. I quickly knew his fate as probably you do right now as you learn more.

This is what Huidobro wrote. “Now the time has come to cry out. I do not fear either the right or the left but only God.”

We find out that Franco (el Caudillo) had learned about Huidobro’s denunciations and that the Spanish leader of the rebellion was going to punish those responsible. Yeah right! Huidobro wanted the reconciliation of both sides in this war. Almost a year passed and this is what happened.

It was clear that Huidobro was receiving death threats.

He was killed by scrapnel in 1937 from a Russia shell.

In 1947 it was revealed that Huidobro was shot in the back by one of the Legionarios of his own unit.

The Vatican was going to vote on his beatification and canonization.

The Vatican “shelved” his case upon learning that the Father had been killed by Francoists and not by reds.

Reconciliation is almost impossible right now in America. The lies and misinformation described in The Spanish Holocaust led to way fewer deaths than we have already experienced and around the one-year mark of the Corona Virus we are expecting close to half a million deaths. Trump is the Corona Virus. Thanksgiving is coming!

And here were my thoughts in early April about helping first responders to respond more effectively.

Fauci was giving US social distancing back then while Trump was really advocating herd immunity and undermining Fauci which put tens of thousands of people at risk and many died. So it has been bad leadership since March.

 And now we are faced with contested election results that show a pattern that is not representative of a good democracy. From the beginning I have been reporting that Trump will make demands which were not based on evidence and so far that is the conclusion in those contested elections. My primary evidence against Trump was based on The Dreyfus Affair and how that was handled in France which led to more persecutions of Jews as the 19th century turned the corner into the 20th century and the Holocaust. There was no evidence against Dreyfus and there has been no evidence in regard to Democrats stealing the Election of 2020. Trump belongs with the monarchists of France and Spain and his term in office has set US back.

Among the concerns of Americans about COVID-19 is just where is Trump leading US at this critical moment. I am getting reports about the police from people whose family members and friend are police officers. We see the news documenting police and elected officials that make statements or do things that undermine our democracy, things prohibited in the performance of their duties. For several months the focus has been on Black Lives Matter and the police, but the turn may take US toward a more expanded review. And that means there is more to the story than some bad cops that terrorize communities and overstep the boundaries of their job as they deal with individuals. There is amidst the wonderful comradery demonstrated by the police to each other the capacity to act as a cultlike body that undermines our Constitution and our progress as a people.

A recent book in France attests the negative, unacceptable behavior of police officers that we can only assume takes place. In other words, there is fear that with Trump leading the pack that the United State of America could turn Franco-Americano (not referring to the well-known trademark). If those police continue to support the I don’t know, I don’t care attitude which combined with conspiracy theories that are being circulated across America and around the world means the democracy will be greatly reduced. Urgent care is needed and it seems to be arriving in cities across America to defuse the political problems.

Europeans knew that the exploitation of the poor would result in the growth of communism. Winston Churchill during the Spanish Civil War spoke about this exploitation pretty much as envy of those who had property. And the men at the Paris Peace talks in Versailles in 1919 knew they were in trouble and the trouble kept pouring in long after. Winston Churchill at that time wanted to destroy the communists and 25 years later he was in bed with Stalin as FDR and Churchill started to call Stalin “Uncle Joe.” And it took more than 70 years for the Soviet Union to shrug off its communism. World problems not easily resolved took that long to change or so it appears. And Fascism among the people controlling Western democracy was much more tolerable.

This is the season for change that is badly needed by the United States, but things are far from settled as Trump got away with so many things until now so what is happening must have been expected of him. I just wonder if he is planning more things for US.  

Even in the Vatican there is major concern of returning to the 1930s as this morning’s news details the thoughts of the Pope as revealed in his book “Let Us Dream.” The Pope wrote, “We see it happening again now in rallies where populist leaders excite and harangue crowds, channeling their resentments and hatreds against imagined enemies to distract from the real problems.”

The Pope also wrote about what has happened since George Floyd was killed as he calls for justice and refraining from erasing Confederate history resulting from the tearing down of statues. The problem with the latter is that there can come a point where there is no reconciliation in the matter and the statues will stand or remain. I predicted years ago the destruction of statues and pointed to the destruction of the Lord Nelson statue by the Irish Republican Army as I sent out videos of it to people and wrote about it in Jewish Business News. I have also read about what Spaniards did to Catholic crucifixes, statues, and churches during the Spanish Civil War. In La Mancha (home of El Quixote), churches were being charged to ring church bells and have religious events, Catholic burials were prohibited, children were not permitted to wear their first Holy Communion clothes, and a mayor dug up the body of a parish priest and buried him in civil cemetery, among other things. All this predated Kristallnacht by a few years. Trump, by the way, would have been shot by the fascists for wearing that red hat in Spain in 1930s. And anti-Semitism in the San Francisco area is on my mind as well. There are things to share to Make America Better (and the world).

The Biden transition was just recognized by the Trump Administration but Trumpo-americanismo is still going to be a major problem. Did I really write that? If Ted Cruz had been elected, we could have had a lot of the same things. Perhaps we wouldn’t have had Torquemada en la Cruz or an inquisition. What I am saying is that the Trump problem is a Repugnican problem which emanates from the people who get away with things that cause revenge. Cruz is actively promoting conspiracy theories about the election and we have to be fearful of that.

The Pope is also for giving people land, lodging, and labor. And I have spent years exposing infant, irresponsible, idiot, imbecile, irrational, intolerable, illegal, and immoral things about the Trump years.