To Russia With Love

Trump Going to Poland. Trump has been depicted with luggage flying to or promoting Radom, Poland (a conservative political stronghold) and Lot Airlines, the national airline of that country (as he escapes prosecution in the United States). Immediately seizing upon my James Bond article You Only Live Twice, I coined the title for this new article. Thanks for the Nieeeee! Do Polskie nie. My juz mamy naszych Trumpow. I thank the Polish alliance that rejects Trump.

The reaction in Poland to the cartoon was No We have our own Trumps here. I thank one of my readers who lives in Poland and who knows me personally for years for sending the cartoon. There are high expectations to be rid of Trump, but American history has had its share of pardon of crimes committed. On that note I have to share other information.

A man that I talked to told me that The Animal Farm was about Hitler and the concentration camps. He is a Trump supporter. He knows nothing about Borat and the scene with Rudy Giuliani acting like a spry 25 years old jumping into bed to feel his hardened “shirt” as he awaited a lovely, sexy fifteen years old on the bed. Instead of being removed of duty, Giuliani was back in action supporting Trump in the City of Brotherly Love. The man had not heard of it, but he knew every piece of propaganda put out there by Trump’s media and friends. He alluded to Hunter Biden and the “evidence” against him that the F.B.I. has. There was more going on with him, but that is enough.

Jakshemash Borat called out to the world as Trumpism was exposed. Let’s go back to history to the trial of Captain Alfred Dreyfus as he was exposed by the military which produced a document called the “petit bleu.” This was not evidence since we should distinguish between evidence and fabricated evidence.

The recent exposure of Hunter Biden’s hard drive and the testimony of Tony Bobulinski were mentioned by the man I wrote about. That “evidence” had been shopped around and rejected and by bringing it forward in the last weeks of the campaign caused me to conclude that if the evidence were absolutely real it could have and should have been brought to the attention of the world immediately. The man I talked to could have read this from Fox News “Fox News has reviewed emails from Bobulinski related to the venture — and they don’t show that the elder Biden had business dealings with SinoHawk Holdings, or took any payments from them or the Chinese.”  When I saw Nikki Haley speak out about China and its role in spreading the virus, she mentioned that Taiwan knew what was going on and again, there, that information could have been brought to the White House immediately but it wasn’t. So many things that people talk about are not evidence, as we have learned from Black men who were found guilty due to planted “evidence.
I started with this title having my work published in Israel with this title.

Published On: Mon, Jan 1st, 2018

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Donald Trump Belongs In Hebron, Not In America

And over a year later, this was published.

Published On: Thu, Feb 21st, 2019

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The Year Of With Justice For All: Without Trump In 2019

A study of the Dreyfus Affair and the movie The Music Box would help educate people, people that are the victims of injustices as well.

The cartoon shows a French family in two scenes as we appear to approach civil war here in America. The Dreyfus Affair bitterly divided French society. The cartoon depicts a family meal. In the upper picture, the family says, “Above all, we will not talk about the Dreyfus Affair!” In the lower picture, the family members are quarreling and the headline says “… they spoke …”(Caran d ache)

I wrote “If the Christian and Muslim worlds do not spread the right messages around the world, the score will always not be in our favor and in our safety.
The Iron Curtain did not protect Jews well and now that the Iron Curtain has fallen, Jews are more fearful again. The France that promised equality for everyone under Napoleon Bonaparte gave us the Dreyfus Affair and then the roundup of Jews in Paris at the Velodrome D’Hiver. And now again problems. No wall or curtain keeps out anti-Semitism.”

Trump’s handling of all those Hunter Biden comments does remind me of the persecution of Jews throughout the historical periods mentioned and illustrated. And lots of Jews have bought into this as well as they believed that Captain Alfred Dreyfus, an innocent man, was guilty. The people behind the real plot committed suicide and fled from France, among other things. And we can feel pretty confident about how that man voted in the Election of 2020. Misinformation matters to Trump and his people.

We can now turn to COVID-19 which is one of the things that has gotten Trump to where he is on November 6, 2020. Will he pack his bags and leave?

I wrote this on February 10, 2020 as well as it is “scary” having Trump in the White House, “I do not wish this to happen, but the spread of the Corona Virus or major earthquakes or worse could force the cancellation of the Election of 2020 (or postponement).  Just as we never expected to enter world wars, we seem to never expect the possibility of a disaster on or before that important day in November.  Things could happen!  Let’s begin to think outside the box.“ And all that was written before the first death on February 29th. Trump is a disaster.

And now Trump wants to cancel the vote according to his dictatorial-tyrannical method. I called Trump the “Corona Virus” in that month and he turned out to be the earthquake that is hurting our nation at this time. And we could add

Any woman he wants, he’ll get
He will break any heart without regret

His days of asking are all gone
His fight goes on and on and on
But he thinks that the fight is worth it all
So he strikes like Thunderball.”

And at this moment with the votes being counted on Friday with Joe Biden leading, it appears to be A View to a Kill. Trump seems dead for now, but there is always 2024 if things do not work out in time for the inauguration in January 2021. And it looks like we have Georgia among the states to thank as Trump must have Moscow on his mind. And just an ole sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind.

Let’s get back to anti-Semitism and Trump stirring the pot (thinking more deeply about it to understand it) as we move back to Vichy France. Jean Darlan, Henri Giraud Charles de Gaulle and Franklin D. Roosevelt are examined and perhaps we can say adieu to Trump’s Jewish support as this lesson is revealed. And then adieu to The Donald who has messed up America.

Darlan was assassinated after persecuting Jews, resisters, and other Frenchmen on behalf of Vichy France and he was replaced by Giraud with American military and White House support by FDR. Giraud continued the persecutions as the Nazis moved their full power into Vichy and demanded and got French labor to move to Germany to improve Germany’s war effort. Donald Trump just mentioned FDR as the only great president who was Democrat among his top four. Trump has been about as well prepared as Roosevelt was in making huge mistakes that have affected the entire world since communism progressed. That is still not an excuse to neglect or turn one’s face away from fascism (right wing elements that undermine democracy here at home and abroad). This information should be spread among all parties. Oh de Gaulle. He was hated by Roosevelt and I cannot say exactly what de Gaulle would have done in relation to Jews in France. He was considered by that time a legend to French who wanted to free themselves from the Nazis. I feel free right now and I hope to continue feeling that way. Vivre la liberté.

You may wish to read Biden Right About the Schmuck.

And I reported about Fox News and its talk of the “Roundup” of Jews in America.

The Force 2020 DDT was set up to Defeat Donald Trump. It ain’t over ‘til it’s over and Joe Biden has not declared victory as of this moment. I have done my part which I am very proud of. I did not pay attention to Election Night at all and woke up to the start of the situation that we are now facing including lots more of Trump’s fake news and his efforts to undermine our democracy. Repairing that democracy will not be that easy, but I am taking action to help.