Jesus Christ was not Jewish but Aryan

As I read about justice being handed out in Franco’s Spain, I learned about the Supreme Court ruling against Governor Cuomo’s restrictions of houses of worship during COVID-19. First the justice in Spain. See if this reminds you of anything you learn about on television or read about. Eduardo de Guzmán was on trial (another […]

Bernie David-Larry Sanders

Bernie Sanders could have come from a family of slaveholders (immigrating from the Caribbean) instead of a family defying the Nazis. Larry David’s family in the South had bought slaves and that horrified him. I knew that the Bernie Sanders story told by Dr. Henry Louis Gates would include the DNA of a family member […]


Jews, Free Masons, Bolsheviks were to be destroyed in Spain in the 1930s as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was widely translated, disseminated and read, and believed as truth. Truth matters but Jesuits, Carlists, fascists, big landowners, Catholics, and others opposed change combined The Protocols with racism aimed at Catholic Spain’s old enemies, […]

To Russia With Love

Trump Going to Poland. Trump has been depicted with luggage flying to or promoting Radom, Poland (a conservative political stronghold) and Lot Airlines, the national airline of that country (as he escapes prosecution in the United States). Immediately seizing upon my James Bond article You Only Live Twice, I coined the title for this new […]

Biden Right About the Schmuck

White House touting of FDR by Trump and last-minute truth about FDR and the Nazis. We got Washington, Lincoln, FDR, and Reagan as Trump’s four great presidents. What we need much more right now is Abraham, Martin, and John as Trump is shattering our democracy. The Algemeiner just presented the facts from the Roosevelt era […]

You Only Live Twice… No Only Once

No mask-violence in stores (bodegas). They owners and staff only live once! Today we learn that about one in every five food workers may be affected by COVID-19 and I take you briefly to a strong presentation of just how we have changed due to politics, ignorance, and corrupt people as we fight the pandemic […]