Burning Issues in America: Do the Right Thing

Rabbis demanding Save Lives during COVID-19. Critically important news! Zooms to take place Schedule Friday October 30, 2020 tomorrow 12 noon Monday November 2, 20202 two scheduled 1-2 P.M. and 7:30 P.M. (Zoom ID to follow later for this meeting) Zoom meeting link just click Meeting ID: 954 559 1758 The father of Sean Bell […]

Miami-Dade School Board/Presidential Elections

Florida’s communities have been plagued by the silence surrounding adult education. Silence? Well not exactly total silence, but silence. Did you know that about 2.4 million adults in the state of Florida have not completed the minimum level of high school which more than often appears on job applications? High school diploma/GED. And did you […]

Zeitungennacht: Jewish Insider Journalist Brutally Attacked

We have heard of Kristallnacht, although it appears that a huge percentage of people have never heard of it. I surely didn’t teach it in 7th grade Social Studies on the Lower East Side. And it was not part of the GED materials used in the programs helping people earn a high school equivalency. I […]

America’s First Death from COVID-19 February 29th, 2020

And the deaths continue under Trump and continue and continue. Taking a closer look at America First (at that moment) which is part of the title of this article. It’s February 26, 2020 and Bob Woodward reports in Rage that Trump wanted to fire Nancy Messonnier of the CDC for making him look bad. Messonnier […]

White House Infected With COVID-19: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Trump shows his hypocrisy again by not taking Hydroxychloroquine as expected by tens of millions of his supporters and billions of others who were waiting to see what he would take just in case he tested positive. And remember that so many studies “proved” that in the early stages of the virus it was very […]