Jesus followed the principle of Pikuach Nefesh as you will soon see. Trump is another matter altogether. An article in the Jerusalem Post about COVID-19 and the Haredi community called for “sensitivity” in dealing with the crisis in Brooklyn and the author cited non-religious conflicts in his article as an historical basis for cracking down […]

Miami-Dade School Board/Presidential Elections

Florida’s communities have been plagued by the silence surrounding adult education. Silence? Well not exactly total silence, but silence. Did you know that about 2.4 million adults in the state of Florida have not completed the minimum level of high school which more than often appears on job applications? High school diploma/GED. And did you […]

Disposable Americans

President Macron of France said that a teacher died teaching “freedom of expression” and in Westchester Republicans did their best to prevent “freedom of expression.” And my old readers already know that I have reported that 100 police precincts are known to have had white supremacists infiltrated police departments in 40 states. I was not […]