Miami Anti-Semitism: Waiting for Trump’s Action

Several months of spreading anti-Semitism in Miami. Waiting for Trump to address the issue.

The Latino community has been reading anti-Semitic material from the Spanish newspaper Libre since January and the people responsible for that distribution at the Miami Herald had no idea what was going on. Great news! In a large city with so many educated people and lots of people committed to fighting hate, nothing happened. Nobody called or wrote to the Miami Herald to inform them. Nada. Even among Jews who speak Spanish in Miami, nobody stepped forward to correct the situation. Silence? Does the Casa Blanca or White House even care to show concern as it appears that the source may be closely allied with the Trump campaign!

What is needed now is a massive demonstration of Jews and Latinos to show total support for the kinds of changes needed that have led to attacks on Jews, Latinos, and African Americans.

Roberto Luque Escalona wrote the piece comparing looters to Nazis that has led to the Miami Herald promising to never again publish anything from Libre. There were references to Jews, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter which have been called part of the campaign to provide disinformation to the Latino community in anticipation of the November elections. The name Soros did not come up in the online articles that appear around the world, but where have I noticed someone connected with the White House doing some or all these things? Oh I remember. Rudy Giuliani, the man known as America’s mayor. Now it’s great that people are fired, demoted, and replaced for such things, but what has happened with all the White House disinformation.

The United States has had all kinds of looting and violence before because of various things. There were protests and riots in neighborhoods during World War and then it was immigrants who did the rioting and looting. New York City had rioting, burning of buildings, and looting in the 1960s in the community where I grew up, the Lower East Side. Rioting will take place again. And the protest that I am asking for should not contain a single violent demonstration.

The silence was just written about in a Jewish newspaper as it was reported that Rabbi Stephen Wise, the most powerful Jewish voice fighting against fascism in America in the 1930s was asked to remain silent about the knowledge that even Franklin D. Roosevelt had about the Holocaust taking place and he kept silent. There had been Mexican fascists in California in those days uniting with the Ku Klux Klan and Christian organizations fighting against Jews, African Americans, and Catholics. And later on Stalin made Churchill and Roosevelt dance to his tune as Polish heroes were removed from sharing in the great history of World War II accomplishments in battles called “The Battle of Britain” and the “Battle of Monte Casino” in Italy. Trump named Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, and Roosevelt our four great presidents but he conspicuously left out Andrew Jackson and we know he admired him and we know why he left Jackson out during a presidential year.

And Trump msut believe that all people in America should honor Roosevelt since he mentioned his name. His sort of patriotism is not my kind. I may not be from St. Louis, but I know Roosevelt’s role in that (St. Louis carrying Jews to escape Nazism) very well.

The silence of Americans has stopped in places like Portland, Louisville, Kenosha, Minneapolis, and many other large and small cities. People should have been protesting the White House long before the death of George Floyd. African Americans have had no Blexit or Black Exodus from the Democratic Party and the main reason why is that the Republican Party has had its own share of “Plantation” politics. The Republican Party was not around at the time of the Founding Fathers but the KKK and the silence of the South during Jim Crow was founded by the Republican Party’s turning over the South to the Democrats in 1876 as part of a compromise in selecting the president that year. Republican misinformation abounds.

Suggested readings

The Republican Plantation in education.

One of the big reasons why 98 percent of African Americans voted for Doug Jones in that historically Republican state as Jones became U.S. senator. African Americans are now finding out across the country that the organization that Donald Trump has turned his back on for four years had its top people arrested in Mobile, Alabama because then Senator Jeff Sessions would not grant them a meeting. And Donald Trump and the White House remained silent.

Read about Senator Sessions, Republicans, and Donald Trump right here. Even with this big controversy in Miami, the White House has remained silent as Trump will do anything to get reelected. Can you imagine all the potential for anti-Semitism generated by misinformation in the Miami Herald Spanish El Heraldo all these months and the potential to Keep America Great with a man who does have Jewish family but who really only cares about himself?

Trump just did it again as he ascribed to Black Lives Matter something that took place in 2015 that was shouted out by a group that had joined a demonstration that was not affiliated with the movement. This is a dangerous practice because the climate against Black Lives Matter is prevalent and will only put the lives on peaceful protestors in danger and cause excitement elsewhere around the nation. So from “Pigs in a blanket” comments against police to the destruction of our nation by the movement, Trump dishonors the Black community even as he states his love for the Black community and things that he has approved, things that Republicans and Democrats advance for their communities everywhere.

Where is the action?

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