The Jeff Sessions-Republican-Donald Trump Way

White supremacists infiltrate 100 police departments in 40 states. Republicans hiding information while fomenting propaganda about communism taking over America.

Law and Order is being pushed in front of our nation by Donald Trump instead of Justice. Justice has its limits for Donald Trump who may be the Twitter Champion of World Politicians and possibly of White Supremacy as well.

Senator Jeff Sessions was Trump’s Attorney General appointee and even more than that, Sessions right hand man became Donald Trump’s immigration czar and Stephen Miller’s racism has been exposed through emails. There has been no firing nor a resignation because of that.

In my continuous outreach to new people across our nation, I share with them important news that they knew nothing about. And in every single case, the person on the other end of the phone went “Wow!” Tens of millions of people must now know what took place as November approaches.

NAACP President Arrested During Sit-In at Jeff Sessions Office

Breitbart News Jan. 4, 2017

Arrests end NAACP sit-in at Jeff Sessions’ office

Jay Croft Jan. 4, 2017

Senator Sessions claimed false allegations about racism dating back to 1986 and the NAACP was concerned about a history since then of racist tactics to suppress Black voters and more.

I was involved in bringing about that meeting, only slightly involved as I made that recommendation. The NAACP could not even get a meeting set up that day by the senator’s scheduler which could have defused things. Of course these days many or most things are accomplished either over the phone or by Zoom as people choose not to meet in person due to a pandemic that Trump allowed to get out of control. Trump finally got rid of Sessions primarily for not recusing himself as part of the investigation into Donald Trump. And now there is William Barr who has taken the reins to please Trump and deny justice in our land.

There have been documented scandals in police departments in more than 40 states and in over 100 police departments including highly publicized cases in Florida, Alabama and Louisiana.

This information will be presented by Chris Mancini about what has been going on inside police departments. Would you expect Ben Carson, former candidate for president of the United States and currently the Secretary of HUD revealing this information in a Trump Administration? He probably would be “fired.” And what about all those others including Candace Owens who concentrates on exposing the Democratic Plantation? And what about all those others who back Trump and have their own platform?

Here is a recent comment from Chris Mancini about racism in America from someone willing to tell the truth (unlike No Holds Barred William Barr of the Department of Justice). His help was brought forth after he read about the controversy in Westlake High School in Thornton, New York. There the people object to what some conservative news media, parents, and community feel as a false narrative of our pure police in what was circulated as propaganda by the teacher involved.

My name is Chris Mancini, I’m an attorney in Florida and I’ve been following your coverage of the Westlake HS cartoon controversy. If you Google me, you’ll find my history as a civil rights attorney including my representation of Muhammad Ali Jr. and his mother Khaliah Ali during the Muslim Ban litigation and my many years with USDOJ. I know these comments are unsolicited but here are my thoughts on this controversy based on my many years of dealing with racism in policing and in the courts:

There is a historically documented  problem in America with white supremacists in police departments at all levels. In 2006, the FBI warned that white supremacists were deliberately infiltrating the ranks of police departments and the recent denial of the problem by some in Westchester County only enables the continuance of the problem. The USDOJ has repeatedly issued reports documenting explicit racism in police departments across the country. A two minute Google search brings forth scads of news accounts documenting this. This is why truth and facts must always triumph over pure emotion based opinion. From my reading of the published comments of some of the parents of children who attend Westlake High School, they have obviously chosen to be indifferent to this truth so they can to put forward the canard that their “conservative” children are being “bullied” into accepting this “unfounded” view of America. It is always thus with the deniers and the enablers of white supremacy who care not to learn our history. Their false versions of reality should not beallowed to subvert reality.Their indifference to the truth becomes another means of enabling white supremacy. There have been documented scandals in police departments in more than 40 states and in over 100 police departments including highly publicized cases in Florida, Alabama and Louisiana. If the people of Mount Pleasant and Westchester County truly gave this matter any thought they would improve the reputation of their police and add a measure of safety to their community by confronting this ugly truth rather than denying its existence. Instead of seeking to create school committees to censor the truth, I challenge them to do some basic research on the depth of this problem and to set an example of critical and fact based thinking for their children to follow. Instead of pretending they can avoid the political, social and legal consequences of white supremacy by cocoon like thinking in a predominately white community like Mount Pleasant this kind of critical analysis would improve the level of trust and confidence between our parents and children and between our communities and our police. The tropes that were created to support this form of white supremacy have long since been disproven and those who say otherwise should be politely listened to and then ushered to a table in the Westlake HS library or sat down before a computer where the historical truths behind this controversy awaits their discovery.

Yes Donald Trump has supported the HBCU or the Historically Black Colleges and he signed on to the bipartisan criminal justice reform. He has his supporters including Hershel Walker and Kanye West and even Nick Cannon says that he will vote for Kanye. A Vote For Kanye is a Vote For Trump. Criminal justice reform has been in the making for a long time as I recall Newt Gingrich talking about closing prisons because they cost the taxpayers too much. This was Trump’s moment to look good and distort things to his advantage (if possible).

Let’s go now to the election battle between Doug Jones and Roy Moore in Alabama, an election that was fought hard and that brought out allegations (strong ones) of the predatory sexual nature of Roy Moore for underage girls. A Democrat unseating a Republican was hard to believe but it happened and Jones credited Jews, Latinos, and Black people for much of the success. Let’s take another look at that statement and what happened. Black women came out and voted 98 percent for Doug Jones. That kind of solidarity takes place usually in highly Black voting districts for Black candidates. So the lesson to be learned about that key election, although it did not hand over the United States Senate to the Democrats, is this. It could happen again all over the United States as the November Elections take place and it could be the deciding factor in senate, congressional, and that other key race for the White House.

What is needed now? Spreading the information all over this land. All over this land. Start spreading the news! Old news matters especially because it continues to be today’s news in the fight for justice. Maybe even Nick Cannon will change his mind right now and tell his followers that he no longer will vote for Kanye West. History matters! In relation to the 6 swing states, it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing.

And there is much more. I see the statistics of Trump’s military support and those numbers for Biden and Trump are fairly close, even though Trump is the commander-in-chief who is in charge of national defense. Those numbers should fall based on recent accusations made public. The Trump train has often been off the rails and that has been dangerous. After the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore resulting from a ride back to the police station where Gray was not protected by police, Trump opened his mouth (his mind) and told people to rough up people before taking them in. This supported the death of a Black man who was entitled to his day in court. This was a continuation of Trump who took out ads against the Central Park rapists who were finally exonerated of the charges after serving time.

And given the nature of Chris Mancini’s reply not only to the Mount Pleasant community in New York but also to our entire nation, sharing what I had never heard of before but searching for guidance in the matter concerning the KKK and White Supremacists, I would think that Ben Carson, Candace Owens, and Kanye West would make a statement. Will it be some form of denial and comment that they have risen up in the same position? Have they walked in the same shoes of those people who have been targeted by the infiltrators? And what will their Republican cohorts repudiate now?

Other Things That Matter to US

I have been proud of the Black vote against Donald Trump because it was huge, Trump had around 10 percent support. And at this time, African Americans cannot and must not be fooled by Kanye West and others that do not make the news. Before Trump took office, most of the Black unemployment that could be reduced was reduced during the Obama years. There was still large Black unemployment before COVID-19 that has to be talked about. Will Kanye be the voice of that? That important matter should tell everyone that growth was not fast enough, even before the start of the shutdown of our economy and the less than 3 percent growth that Trump achieved, even though he was predicting much greater growth, can be assessed with 7 trillion dollars in debt which Republicans never could tolerate under a Democrat (Obama). Even the Trump-Tony Scott Opportunity Zones had to be accomplished with guaranteed benefits to the investors which is nothing new but it was not accomplished with the economic principles of Tony Scott of South Carolina who believed in the jobs being created by the “profits” of business people. So Scott went against his core beliefs to apply information that was available (and those jobs created cost a lot of money just as the tariffs created jobs that cost the consumers a lot. The economists can explain this kind of information better to you, but Trump’s African American supporters will not hold up signs about that at rallies and will continue to sing Trump’s praise.

And then there is my own GED report on the Republican plantations that Candace Owens knows nothing about and yet her claim is that the Democrats cause the plantation through the welfare system. The graduation rate from high school in 1970 was 72 percent as America started on a road that took it away from Jim Crow and Alabama and other states are considered a third world country based on the living conditions there. Republicans hide from that as well as the Republican Party has dominated since the Civil Rights’ Acts.

The lies have lasted too long (four years) and our nation has pretty much been destroyed under Trump and his neglect for mankind. The Republican Party remains strong as does a market of gambling worldwide that is incomprehensible. Even in Iran, the stock market is at an all-time high. Depression conditions should have brought the stocks down, but they didn’t and it is not confidence in Trump. This phenomenon had to be a result of people who were taught to stay in the market no matter what. And they are big gamblers and not investors seeking a much smaller return on their investment.

There are three things to accomplish now.

Talk to your friends and family far away before the election. Education matters! Democrats should make people in key races aware of this entire article.

Volunteer right now.

Vote, vote, vote! And keep an eye out for fraud leading up to Election Day.

Soaring wealth during pandemic highlights rising inequality

Christopher Rugaber   yesterday  AP News

Trump has provided Americans with a circus, the Greatest Show on Earth with him as the ringleader (criminal elements included). Did you know that the lion and tiger tamers beat the animals close to death then nursed them back to health. Trump tries to beat anyone that disagrees with him to death. In Puerto Rico he watched and did nothing but create obstacles for Puerto Ricans as the violence escalated around the time of Hurricane Maria and it was much more than his tossing towels at Puerto Ricans. He denied them the use of funds for a long, long time over an obstacle that he called “corruption.” There was the attack on the press as “enemy of the people” which is was his tactic to stir up his supporters.

Trump’s patriotic education drive has always been something to be cautious about. Stalin and Mao did the same things to indoctrinate people but this cannot be taken as a total comparison since they had millions of people killed.  Trump just does not care enough about how people have died and he has basically shown his true colors. It’s not the flag pinned on his jacket or suit, nor the fund raisers, nor anything else that you have learned from anyone, it’s all about Trump and Trump getting elected so that he can provide the greatest benefits to the people that he considers the greatest. And now millions of Americans should be saying “I didn’t know” that so many police departments had been infiltrated could easily have taken US to where we are today in cities across America. It happened in Hitler in Los Angeles in the 1930 and continued into the 21st century. And it surely could be playing out at a precinct near you.