Empowering Public Housing Residents NYCHA and HUD

Three NYCHA tenant presidents tricked.

The Republican National Convention used a video of three public housing tenant presidents (Manuel Martinez, Claudia Perez, and Carmen Quiñones – contact them to get involved in fighting for the people across the United States) where it appeared that those presidents supported Donald Trump. All three claim that the content as presented was a lie. His comments were seen by tens of millions of people who should know better than to think that the statements made were within the context of hours of taping. Here are key points provided by Manuel Martinez about the true picture of housing in NYCHA and H.U.D.

There is great disrepair going on for years and years, including vandalism of property by trespassers.

Housing has been denied access to funding legislated since 1968.

Home ownership is prevented by forced privatization.

Misappropriation of funding used for executive salaries, overtime pay for workers, and other items which hurt the tenants causing poor living conditions.

There is obstruction taking place that prevents tenants from organizing and contracting with NYCHA.

Trade unions could provide employment with great benefits to the tenants but that is restricted.

I watched a video presenting the response of people in both English and en español to the Republican National Convention ad depicting the greatness of Donald Trump and the solutions that he has brought forth to public housing. The new video depicts, instead of praises, four years of budget cuts for public housing promoted by Trump. This fact alone would compare to the worst of governmental leaders anywhere because of the lie being told.

I can remember an article that I wrote about Twelve Angry Black Men in Jewish Business News over a year ago in which Bruce Capers, a former member of the Harlem Globetrotters and presently a basketball coach of a college in the Savannah, Georgia area, wrote that those Trump lies eat away at him the most of anything. The lie is standard Trump operation and I can well imagine what he did in court in all of his cases regarding his other corporation (The Trump Corporation) or in public hearings where he attempted to influence the public to go along with his business plan.

The three presidents who appeared in the trumped up video at the Republican National Convention, tricked by Trump’s hand picked person and others, have joined to spread the truth throughout New York City and to similar public housing under H.U.D. The rally cry included first of all the desire to obtain “equity” for the tenants who pay the rent, the truth about how those three people were deceived, and the sharing of information to make things to viral. You the reader can help make these things known in your community. And those presidents hope for media coverage to support their efforts to achieve justice.

I faxed a letter to Lynne Patton and I have not heard from her or her office even by telephone.

From patriotism to public housing, Trump has major failures and those failures have to be spread now more than ever. He fails to wear a mask then calls it patriotic and then wears a mask as he pleases. It’s good to be the king (Mel Brooks)! Our nation in falling apart under In Trump We Trust. And his patriotism is now making Patriotism 101 a course of study instead of making it a plan of action for the people of the United States including states that he continues to Make Black and Blue in his M.A.G.A. scheme. This is certainly the worst we have seen, in my opinion, since 1861 and it could possibly be the worst situation without a civil war since King George of England vs. the colonies.

As an authority, too, in the field of G.E.D. I will share this information about the education of adults and Republican states that voted for Donald Trump lead Democratic states in the G.E.D. plantation race 12-8 and the education or lack of education of adults presents many problems for communities. South Carolina the home state of Senator Tony Scott is one of those plantation states where the gap between African Americans and White test takers is more than 20 percent and that hurts families. There is only a gap of 12.2 percent in Biden’s home state and Biden can deliver something better in the future. Tony Scott and his staff, like all other senators provide constituent help in his state, but there are obvious gaps that need to be addressed right now as the situation for adults is getting worse and they have love ones that care about them.

COVID-19 spreads in the air and unlike AIDS which spreads through the body fluids in various ways including sex. So COVID-19 is similar to AIDS, a virus that can harm people or kill people that can just knock at your door or spread just about anywhere from human to human. Condoms were and still are used to fight the spread of AIDS and masks were used, still are used, and continue to be used to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

There were serious objections from conservative people for assisting men and women with condoms and the objections are there today about the use of masks. Condoms are less than 100 percent effective and masks are also less than 100 percent effective. The latest reports indicate that masks have saved tens of thousands of lives or more.  

There is propaganda causing people to abandon common sense practices to save lives. There is one that I have seen that tries to debunk the comparison of the Spanish Flu of 1918 with COVID-19. The trick there is to compare the 50 million people killed then to the numbers worldwide that we see with COVID-19. With the same conditions of life that existed in 1918 today our numbers in terms of sick and dead would have been into the tens of millions by now. The people who make those videos obviously know that but have no desire to even mention that. And Donald Trump would never allude to that either as his days are spent devoted to propaganda at our expense.

Being struck by COVID-19 could be thought of as contracting a sexual disease known to man that is spread by people who often do not even care about what happens to you or to me. Legally the actions of Donald Trump have been defined and it amount to second degree manslaughter already.

We are all soldiers of the United States and we deserved much better treatment from the man in the Oval Office who has no mirror to see himself. Essential workers are our newest, greatest heroes but we who protect each other are part of the army corp of men and women whose duty has been to protect.

And with other political discussions on the table and the high impact of COVID-19 among African Americans and Hispanics, we must place more responsibility on Tim Scott and others for going along, going along, going along. He is not a loud voice protecting people. Right now we notice that in Denver, Colorado, Dallas, Texas, and other places around the country are “defunding” the police and using mental health teams instead of police there the government there in handling low level investigations where things sometimes or more escalate when police handle things. Police union heads sometimes are part of the problem, but Trump has announced that all the unions support him just at a moment when this announcement may lead to some defunding of police based on the needs of communities and not the whims of a man who is out of control (again).

A national discussion is needed now again to prevent harm to people who have been brainwashed by the various schemes to open the economy under great danger. Every such attempt has failed and it has failed around the world. It has affected all people, children and adults. Trump undermined the most noble effort to keep Americans safe and now the death toll has surpassed 200,000. He was not really an American cheer leader as he claimed back in February (according to Bob Woodward in Rage).

He was based more, on evidence than a Trump sound bite, inclined to support herd immunity as even doctor told me that the hospitals and health industries were going to be overwhelmed and for them the answer was let it take its course, allowing more people to get sick and die. He misled people with his showmanship including calling the virus a “flu.” This was just a continuation of Trump when he was in New York, thinking of credit card breaches poorly handled by his office (fined by the state of New York for it) and that university that was not a university and defrauded millions of dollars of people who signed up for his course in real estate. I had previously written that more and more police are being supportive of community when the police unions move in their own direction influenced by a rich variety of fear.

People in the military risk their lives to keep their men and women safe in battle. And we have been led in battle against the COVID-19 battle by a man who is not up to the task as he touts himself “the most patriotic person I know.” That is an example of his poopaganda and he has experts who will back him up on it.

My request of Lynne Patton to open the discussion nationwide on all the things that the three NYCHA presidents talked about should be honored and I would hope that all public housing residents across the United States should feel the same way. This important subject matters since those three tenant presidents went to the taping to empower everyone in public housing and not to have some sound bites presented by people with the opposite agenda.

And there are two more things to quickly state.

I have repeatedly written in my articles that Trump should have given funds for more police in our major cities and now looking back at the beginning of the crisis brought on by COVID-19 and the George Floyd death that has made international news and led to protests, those extra police might have been a big asset in preventing looting and violence. The Clinton Administration gave funds for extra police in New York and other cities in the 1990s which benefited the aspirations of Rudy Giuliani, which Giuliani is keeping quiet about. Trump pretends to be a “law and order” president but he is truly a master of disorder. He could have prevented some or much of the chaos that is taking place, both the massive COVID-19 crisis and the spike in crime and killings,

And the second thing to consider is this. In Alabama when the N.A.A.C.P. went to Senator Jeff Sessions to get an appointment from the senator, there was no appointment granted and then at the end of a long day in the senator’s office and refusing to leave unless their request to get an appointment was granted, the police arrested the top brass of the N.A.A.C.P. People all over Alabama soon learned what happened and the Republican candidate of the Senate lost to Doug Jones who declared that Jews, African Americans, and Latinos helped him achieve his unbelievable victory in a southern state which was dominated by the Republican Party.

Let’s get the word out to empower people in our nation’s public housing and to people connected with them everywhere about the handling of our nation.