Bill Maher Compares Trump and Roosevelt

I Can Handle Stalin-Putin Better

Benghazi under Hilary. COVID-19 under Trump.

Trump could not handle a dangerous situation and even worse he has put US at the door of civil war as more deaths have taken place. And he knew that the coming pandemic was more deadly than the flu. Trump is unfit and unpatriotic.

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This is a must read to share with things that I have written about.
“A very superficial man, ignorant, dilettantish, with a very limited intellectual horizon.”
“I just have a hunch.”
He bypassed knowledgeable people in the State Department.
“An unbounded faith in his ability to win over leaders of other countries.”
He did not know about Soviet history.
He weakened the Republican Party.
Experts considered his policies and actions “unwise.”
“He did not seem much concerned about the future (meaning future consequences of his actions).
He was only interested in getting himself reelected.
He was seen as “accessible to our influence.”
He was ready to “mislead” and lie.

Bill Maher, jokingly said that they both can’t walk. Bill Maher fans should learn much more about Roosevelt now Those attributes mentioned above were Roosevelt’s attributes.

And look what readers across America are reading about Donald Trump right now. The deaths are rising to over 200,000. How many Benghazis is that? And the Republicans talk about patriotism? It’s that they have been trumped.

As Trump played down virus, health experts’ alarm grew

Kevin Freking, Associated Press September 13, 2020

By KEVIN FREKING, Associated Press  6 hrs ago

By KEVIN FREKING, Associated PI read these things in about six pages of material. Republicans will be delighted to know that they support someone who closely resembles a strong Democrat, someone that they wanted to impeach. And I will repeat that Benghazi took place under Hilary Clinton and it was probably the biggest betrayal of America on the tongues of Republicans and now with the pandemic out of control still under Donald Trump…. Do I have to say any more about Republicans and what they have done to Americans who have died, who are sick, and who fear the future under Donald Trump. No attack on Fort Sumter has to take ace.

Again at this time Trump supporters are just as bad or worse than Trump. The die is cast and there may be no turning back. The civil war actually has started and people are taking action in our communities. It was all predictable and the only thing that can spare Americans the horrors of civil war is to make sure that lots of people are not killed before the election. Black Lives Matter protests have brought out counter protestors and a key Trump spokesperson has supported the view that the Kyle Rittenhouse did something great for America. That spokesperson is Donald Trump, Jr. who portrayed the killing of two people “stupid” as he asked for due process for Rittenhouse which will take place. We all want due process for all people. Raising the issue of doing something merely “stupid” reminds me of the days leading up to the conviction of Captain Alfred Dreyfus in France by a military court that was anti-Semitic and in the pocket of the military brass. Before that there was a killing where the defendant was released improperly (in my opinion) as the jury in support accepted the killer’s emotional state of mind and found him innocent. Kyle Rittenhouse in America showed his emotions well in support of Trump and his agenda.

Remember there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville and the killing that took place there? Now we seem more and more to hear that there is only one good side, preparing US for that civil war to follow civil unrest. There is something wrong about being anti-fascist right now among Republicans. One would think that finding fascistic people who take the law into their own hands would remind Republicans of the first mob that got drunk and set fire to a synagogue in Austria leading to Kristallnacht. The latter leading to countless deaths, burning of synagogues and destruction of Jewish property. There was no civil war over that, just fascism taking over. And now Roger Stone wants Trump to declare martial law and stay in the presidency. That is where Trump has led US to, the ultimate victory of the fascist.

And Trump just won a victory 2-1 in federal court concerning the deportation of men and women who previously had protected status. We have to see just how this plays out, but Trump just mentioned that victory in Arizona. Roosevelt gave Americans a “victory” as well when he denied the St. Louis entry into the United States and his state department made things difficult for Jews. We know that Jews are being attacked around the world and we hope things get better so there will be peace. A major attack on Israel would create havoc for those who wished to come to the United States. Unless we find out that the attack on immigrants who crossed our border and were declared illegal by the same law that was signed by a Republican president in 1929 that kept Jews out is about race as people suspect. Would Jews be allowed in right now?