Boogaloo Bois: Trump’s Boogaloo?

When Richard Spencer, who is anathema to Jews for his racist views, was threatening to bring in Hamas to address the people of the town of Whitefish, Montana, that provoked me to make calls to Montana.  I spoke with a rabbi who assured me that the F.B.I. was doing its job.  But where was Donald Trump?  Why didn’t he speak out to demand the firing of people who would dare dishonor the Jewish people of Whitefish?  At the very least?  Come to think of it, Linda Sarsour did not mention Jews when she helped unite a huge women’s demonstration in Washington, D.C.  It should be obvious that it was intentional for them to act in concert on this issue.  Speaking out would go against the grain of their base of support, a specific base of support that must be watched.  Even before that, I spoke to Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Wiesenthal Center about the influence of Linda Sarsour and I make people aware of Donald Trump.  Did America’s “most famous” rabbi, Shmuley Boteach, make those call to Whitefish, as well to make sure Jews were safe?  I even thought that we might need some Jewish Defense Forces to protect our people, thinking about the historic Raid on Entebbe in Idi Amin’s Uganda.

Jewish Business News  January 8, 2018

The problems in Montana made news in Jewish Business News in December of 2016 long before I wrote about the conditions there. Trump had just been elected. The Tree of Life Massacre in Pittsburgh took place on October 27, 2018. I did the interventions based on my desire to help my people, the Jewish people. Things got much worse afterwards as you can see.

With my announcement in my articles anticipating a repeat of history in America going back to the 1930s, the ink didn’t even dry on the paper as a major plot to overthrow America by the right-wing Boogaloo Bois group has been documented.  This is now factual news since it comes directly from our government and not from some media organization that needs to make money as the White House has referred to other news involving Trump.

The Republican Convention just took place with its attack on Democrats intending to institute Socialism, Communism, and much worse in our nation. There was not a single word about the right-wing as leftists were denounced instead. This news would have been great news at the time of that convention, but Repugnicans know how to deal with that kind of news. Denial! It’s as though every single one of them across America has a non-disclosure agreement with Trump. And we keep hearing that Democrats are soft on crime. Now hear this.

Either Trump didn’t know or did not want to tell the American people what was coming down. And here are the key points, but there were indicators of this kind of behavior way back in Whitefish, Montana when Richard Spencer talked about bringing in guest speakers from Hamas into town to intimidate the Jewish community there.

The Boogaloos were in Minneapolis toting guns in the streets and calling out their cry which refers to a civil war that they hope to bring on.

This subgroup of the Boogaloos calls itself “Boojahideen” and desires to commit violence against police, overthrow the government, and hire new police. The Arabic sounding name refers to jihad.

Their attack plan included attacking arsenals to get weapons and then would assassinate white supremacists.

Hamas became involved with them (which is what they sought and thought). It turned out to be a government agent that met with those leaders.

Destroying monuments, attacking white supremacists in Northern California, and targeting politicians and media.

Allied with Hamas, Israel would be attacked.

The Republican Convention did not tell Americans this, but does it matter to those supporters. Four more years they want.

I noticed that there is no mention of Jews except the desire to attack Israeli and US forces. That matters!

Since this came from reporting by the Justice Department, there must have been some talk to prevent this information from being released before people spoke at the Republican Convention.

Three years have gone by since the Richard Spence comment that provoked my attention in the news. And I wonder if there has been any contact at all with Hamas. Perhaps all of this Hamas stuff has been injected into our politics to create more tensions against the Palestinian people. The government agents did not report the Boogaloo Bois meeting with Hamas and we have to watch this and learn more. Hysteria is not needed about that matter without evidence and I detect that the meeting did not appear to confirm that the “Hamas” agent had been deeply vetted so something is wrong here. And keep in mind from the readings from history that people in charge of similar efforts in the 1930s really did not want the entire truth about their plans to be well known as they brought Christian organizations into the Nazi movement along the Pacific Coast.

People can easily learn what happens in situations like this one about the Boogaloos. There will be important questions about betrayal. In addition anyone who has been known to be in touch with agents of Hamas will be more closely watched. The government will use these arrests in that way because the two men arrested thought they were meeting with an agent of Hamas. The arrests should be convincing of a plot to involve Hamas whether that is really the case or not. The people of the United States must be protected even if by undocumented events. Even the slightest provocation such as taking a photo with a member of Hamas ten years ago will become suspicious to the authorities. I would recommend caution. And keep in mind that checking out hundreds of leads by the Justice Department which turn out to be false leads will result in problems if there are Hamas agents that are actively seeking contact with any of the right-wing groups and lessen the chances of finding the real agents of Hamas. Very often wire taps do bring such positive results. A threat against any of the possible players also may provoke violence that will eventually be written about in newspapers and the media.

The original Nazis did have a long history of meetings and plans made with the infamous Mufti of Jerusalem as the Mufti called for the “Final Solution.” So this talk of meetings with Hamas seem like a good fit, but it still is lacking in credibility. Aside from the statements made in the newspapers (including Jewish newspapers about this), little is actually known and I am not ready to jump to conclusions about who these Boogaloos are.

As you probably know, Black Lives Matter has supported the Palestinian cause since Linda Sarsour took its leaders to see the conditions that Palestinians live under for themselves. But in Minneapolis we have learned that these very same men that allegedly wish to unite with Hamas (and providing arms for Hamas) were a mixture of people and just not there to protect Black Lives Matter protestors (as purported). There is something extremely foul with the public portrayal of this group, emphasizing the word “extreme.”

I later looked up “Boogaloo Bois” and the article containing so many details did mention that the question was raised about this group obscuring its real intent, even if he claims to be against racism. The killings by members of this group have been used by both Sean Hannity and Donald Trump to deflect attention from the protestors to the rioters that include its members. There have been acts of violence and cop killings reported. And later on even Trump Administration had to announce that the boogaloos were expected to incite some kind of civil unrest in June in Washington, D.C. And those Boogaloos did so much boogaloo to help Trump open up the economy early which has contributed to more deaths and the spread of COVID-19.

“Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers,” Mr Trump allegedly said.

While we are trying to absorb this important matter based on a lot of facts and protests where the Boogaloos have been present and even arrested, we must address the Atlantic article about Trump calling our nation’s troops “suckers” or “losers.” The first word coming from Trump or the White House was denial, followed by a statement made by Melania Trump. I read that the Atlantic was a newspaper going downhill fast and the story released was there to attract readers. This was typical Trump nonsense. Then I read that Trump said that it could have been General John Kelly who provided the information. So Trump changed the storyline quickly, again. Along with that, Trump made typical remarks about Kelly trying to convince the voting public that Kelly was unfit for duty. Fox News among other sources including the Washington Post have confirmed the Atlantic’s story. John Mc Cain is turning over in his grave by Trump’s comments.

You’re fired! Trump wants the Fox News reporter fired for confirming the story. I strongly suggested a body camera for Trump years ago and that did not happen. What is needed now is for Trump to abolish all of the “non-disclosure agreements” that he has in his possession so that people who have watched him or overheard him can come forth without fear of reprisal. In other words, just like in the case of Abraham Lincoln, those men and women need an emancipation proclamation. Lincoln’s name was mentioned at the recent Republican Convention, but will Republicans act like Lincoln Republicans? Most of the things reported in the Atlantic article were written about without the names of the witnesses providing the information. Free those people now and for all times. Attaching their names to the statements made is important, especially during this election campaign.

Republicans have not seemed to care about truth for more than four years. Perhaps they already think that they have won the civil war with Trump or will win that war. And where is Donald Trump right now? He is promoting violence as his people are confronting demonstrations. Had his people come to Portland and other places to be peaceful, it would have been a different situation in support of our Constitution and the right to assemble (peacefully). You would have to go back to the Campaign of 2016 to see what I saw. Trump is doing the boogaloo. He has dropped the ball since Richard Spencer and much of our nation knows it and much of our nation is in denial.

Michael Robert Solomon and Benjamin Ryan Teeter are the two men who were arrested by the F.B.I. that we have to learn much more about now, now before the November elections. Trump is already attack protestors and favoring vigilantes. The Fascists did that to the Communists, Jews, African Americans, and Catholics and it’s all about the Trump base, even though he does have support among those groups. But once the killings escalate on both sides, do you expect as much trust among people as there is now? The guns are in the name of the Constitution just as they were there in the 1930s and our nation was steps away from an all out attack by Hitler. I want the press to write about the way those two came to assess that they would support Hamas against Israel, decide to kill 20 people in government just as the Fascists here decided to kill 20 people in Hollywood (including the Yankee Doodle Boy James Cagney), and fight against White Supremacy. What were the steps that they took to get where they are at in just about one year? We have to know!