Celebrating a Great President in Portland

Let me take all my readers back to events many years ago.  Art Garfunkel was born. Joe DiMaggio (American League and had his 36-game hitting streak) beat out Ted Williams for the MVP in baseball.

Dolph Camilli of the Brooklyn Dodgers was selected as the MVP in the National League. A Greta Garbo movie with Melvyn Douglas was released. Fiorello LaGuardia was elected to a third term as mayor in New York City. Elmer and Bugs Bunny were making news. All persons born in Puerto Rico are declared citizens by birth. Charles Lindbergh recommended a neutrality pact with Germany and the America First Committee held its first meeting. Grand Coulee Dam starts to generate electricity. Cheerios is introduced by General Mills. Citizen Kane premiers with Orson Wells. Truth or Consequences on radio and television is sponsored by Ivory Soap. Fire destroys a Firestone Tire plant in Fall River, Massachusetts. The blues radio broadcast of King Biscuit Time takes place in Helena, Arkansas.

There was some very amazing news taking place across America, but it was harder to find that type of news by December. The United States was rocked by the attack on Pearl Harbor. America First had no place in America as Germany became our enemy. And today we hardly see any similar news to appreciate with COVID-19 ravaging our nation and it is expected to return. The first case in the United States of the virus affecting someone for the second time has just been announced. And more importantly with militias waiting to take matters into their own hands, civil violence could lead to much worse.

Pearl Harbor remembered is not about the massive destruction of cities such as the bombing of two Japanese cities at the end of the war. Our world is changing and changing fast. The continuous battle that Trump wants to take place in our nation can result in a victor. He seems to know the sides in this conflict so it would best to ask him about it.

The United States cannot survive as it did after Pearl Harbor if our democracy falls. The White House will be in danger as well as the people during any conflict in our 50 states. The White House was destroyed once during the War of 1812 and that can happen again. Trump has placed everyone in danger and I mean everyone by his politics and his contempt for tens of millions of Americans who are not Repugnicans.

Hitler wanted to take over America. Then Repugnicans pointed out that the United States would be taken over by Communism. Russia is on the horizon now. And our America First leader today is hardly neutral toward Russia as the memory of Lucky Lindy remains in our minds that he was more than a fan of Hitler. That was a large chunk of Christian America at the time as Muslims were much less significant and Jews were hated for being both Communists and Rothschild conspirators controlling the world.

Today it’s the Democrats, Liberals, the Media, Socialists, Atheists, Progressives, and some others who are the enemy. Puerto Ricans have been citizens since 1917 and among the things that made news was that people born in Puerto Rico were declared citizens.

Almost eighty years later, Trump has done his best to undo that and his son’s girlfriend at the Republican Convention kicked it up about ten notches by declaring herself an “immigrant” even though her mother had been long identified as a citizen of the United States as this article shows (1941). That is an example of America First propaganda typical of what the Nazis created in the 1930s. The other way of looking at that is the Repugnican way which is that Kimberly Guilfoyle was exercising her right to free speech. That constant in politics that has always led to diminishing the rights of others and keeping America from being a much better place.

And large numbers of Puerto Ricans will go along with it because that is the nature of politics and divisiveness. And other minorities including African Americans, Jews, Muslims, and others will go along with it until the civil war begins (watching a few people get killed in protests seems okay as long as it doesn’t get out of hand). Nobody should have been killed and people were not getting killed because of a “curfew” in Kenosha as stated by the police chief. The killing was about guns, intolerance, Trump, and more, including police who identify with the right which is wrong.

Among other things that you will hear is this. My mother worked 16 hours a day to support us and put us on the right road to succeed. What is never mentioned is this. Being poorly paid and working long hours to survive means also that one or more people who are unemployed are being held back from their economic progress. This has been the result of Republican control of our nation. Then Trump, naturally, took ownership for pay increases from January 20, 2017 on because it happened while he was in the Oval Office (and he had nothing-nada to do with it). Yes Puerto Ricans in business will applaud him for not doing anything to help and at the same time keep the federal minimum wage low so that those businesses doing business with the federal government will pay entry level workers much less than cities and states pay that have increased the minimum wage. This problem exists across the board among all businessmen. People do need a living wage or a business where they can earn more than they would as an employee.

And there has been a killing in Portland since I started writing this. A Trump supporter there stated that they didn’t come to protest, they came to celebrate Trump. Back in Hitler’s days, as I have written many times, the fascists made it easy to engage Christians in America by giving them a voice in the fascist movement. So this time it was not a curfew that killed, it was “celebrating a great president.” Or so it seems! The New America First has spoken.

And yes life seems so normal as it did among back in 1941. Who am I kidding? There was a war going on overseas as the United States remained neutral too long. For over two years, there was war before the United States was forced to intervene. Churchill and others were repeatedly begging for help. And our cities have been crying out for help as well. When the dust settles we should be given a complete report about the people arrested and who actually caused the damage. There is no need to rush to judgment, suspicions are not evidence. We already have learned that more than half the people arrested are from outside the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin. So who are they?

Trump Invites All To Remove Masks, Interrupts Black Attendees At Kenosha Roundtable

Jeremy Blum


September 2, 2020

Trump was taking credit for only 60,000 deaths due to COVID-19, but those numbers have raced up to 180,000.  And he spoke that a reporter took off the mask, long before asking a question. He loves people he take off masks. Even today deaths are being attributed to the Sturgis bikers’ festival where masks were not worn. Trump supporters in states have now presented a plan of action against protestors who get arrested whereby those people and their families will not be supported by unemployment during the pandemic. Yet for many months now protestors who refuse to wear masks to prevent the spread of the virus have confronted employees in well known stores and created problems, diverting the time and attention of those workers away from their duties. And even worse, in small stores (and large stores) there have been attacks on workers and owners and those people who commit the attacks who are not receiving unemployment (working or retired) will have no additional consequences. Large stores often have security walking around, but small businesses do not have that advantage. Where are the police? Those businesses know that the police are almost always not around while that crime is taking place. It is about luck if a police officer is nearby then he or she can help. More and more cities and towns now recognize that their police are overwhelmed and Trump wants more law and order. I have been writing for a long, long time that more and better trained police are needed. But the federal funds have been either slow in arriving or non-existent. There can only be one other solution since Trump is the most patriotic of all Americans. He should put on a badge, deputize himself, and walk around Portland to provide the law and disorder that he can do better than anyone. And there was no one there when an Amazon delivery man struck a senior citizen in Miami because the man expecting the delivery told the delivery man that a mask was required. These are the things going on that we should never forget in a presidential election or any time in our lives.

And along with that Rudy Giuliani recently said that “all black lives matter” at the Republican Convention and this comes from a man who said that when he first read “Black Lives Matter” and heard about it that he thought it was “racist.” Suddenly Black Lives Matter to him on television at the Republican National Convention in front of tens of millions of viewers. His words were mere propaganda. Those Black lives matter if there are votes involved or at least the anticipation of votes. Trump has diminished Black elected officials in the Democratic Party while praising Tim Scott and others that support the agenda.

I cannot ever imagine supporting Trump as Repugnicans try to diminish everyone desiring change and progress by using the communist-socialist-liberal card knowing that the base of Trump-Pence and others consists of right-wing fascist types carrying guns to protect only themselves. There are middle of the road people and others that need to be protected. But being assigned the task of protecting others does not suggest that those “protectors” can do what they want to do in the name of protection (law and order to them). There are thousands of small grocery stores and there are huge chains as well, for example, maybe hundreds of thousands in this country that need protection and police and Trump supporters ignore that. Federal funds could help a lot in states across our nation.

Why not discuss that matter? Why limit law and order to Trump’s definitions? All of this is happening under In Trump We Trust and now boaters are using that slogan to give US four more years of what I just wrote about. Others, Republicans by the hundreds, will not endorse Trump. An endorsement of Trump is an enforcement of bad policing protecting bad police, including those who fear to open their mouths to protect their own. There is even a report from France of a man who went undercover. This is from Agence France-Presse “In his new book “Flic” (Cop), Valentin Gendrot recounts two years as a junior officer in the capital’s northeast, which has several rough neighbourhoods where crime and drug use is rife.” Among other things the police there have had a 60 percent increase in suicides. And there have been demonstrations against “chokeholds” and racism. It would be interesting to learn more by making comparisons related to protests, guns, people killed during protests, other weapons at demonstrations, and the effects of COVID-19 including the loss of jobs in French cities compared to the loss in American cities (and losses in general).

We notice more and more that Trump supporters are getting arrested. And this has taken place from coast to coast. We should not forget the anti-Semitism demonstrated by the “yellow vests” either in their protests.

And that takes us to a new film shown at the Venice Film Festival about those who served under the Nazis in Germany.  The feature film is The Final Account.

Italian writer and Auschwitz survivor Primo Levi commented “Their positions range from “Hitler wasn’t guilty, his idea was right” to “everybody was guilty.” It’s sobering to see how few — how very few — take responsibility for their personal role in killing their Jewish neighbors, or even express regret at having fought for the Third Reich. And the hardest thing to hear are their justifications, because they make one wonder what one’s own reaction would have been in that situation.” And there was one person who thought it was right to get rid of the Jews (kick them out of Germany and Austria).

Those words about getting rid of people ring in my ear very often. Remember Obama wants “open borders” Hillary wants “open borders” and then Pelosi loves the MS-13 and now Biden wants “open borders.” I heard it from a law enforcement person and I am sure that many or some of my readers have heard the same thing. The dozens of people killed were at the source of the problem, but those very same people will never say that Trump “choked” in handling the pandemic, resulting in fast climbing death tolls. Do you recall reading how men in Germany and Austria said the same kind of thing about Hitler just a paragraph ahead of this one?

Remember the song that goes “regrets I’ve had a few” made popular by Frank Sinatra. I regret one thing about this article. What is it? Writing the title of this article.