From Pasadena to Portland

Hitler in Los Angeles in the early 1930s and leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor is a book that I discussed in The Force 2020 DDT.  The Forward has just written about the support of Black Lives Matter by Jews in Portland during the demonstrations (mainly Jews who live in the downtown area). Portland, Oregon was also a link to Hitler in the 1930s. There are details of anti-Semitism in Portland that have come out at a time when racism is coming out more in the news, racism in the form of Black people being killed by police, physical attacks, and bullying by White people.  

We know that our entire nation has been affected by racism against African Americans both before and since those years. It surfaced in the 1960s over integration of schools and communities in housing. I lived in integrated communities on the Lower East Side, but not everything was integrated.

But the hate affected Jews across our nation. And now there is fear mongering by Trump as he talks to the suburbs, telling those communities that he is against any low income and crime coming there in the future. These are things that he may not even have control over, but he says them to get votes. And there is a large dose of desperation in his message.

There was a top secret at that time as Hitler was planning to take over the United States through the same type of people that we see protesting Black Lives Matter, groups full of veterans and police. The top secret was the F.B.I. asked aircraft and munitions plants to close over Memorial Day weekend in 1941. The basis for this atypical action included orders from Berlin to sabotage plants.

What was previously known was this:

Pro-Hitler workers were slowing down production in plants

Information about submarine data off the coast

A plot to use private planes would be used to fly south from Seattle to destroy the aircraft industry

Twelve bottles of explosive chemicals in the home of a German official who job was inspecting planes at a Lockheed plant

All of this came at a time when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union.

And since there were no acts of sabotage, Nazis in the Bund movement were convinced that “Deutsches Haus” had “betrayed the Fuhrer.” The woman who alerted everyone had her name blocked out in official papers because some local F.B.I. agents were sympathetic to the Nazi cause.

The Nazis were in dial of many things including providing money and propaganda materials.

There should be no surprise to find out that Donald Trump blames the far left when his base is made up of those who oppose Black Lives Matter protests and solutions. Sabotage is not needed at this time as attempts are being made to sabotage peaceful protests. And Americans who are not involved go along with Trump’s propaganda. This is a man who has never met with the N.A.A.C.P. in four years.

Trump says that he does things for African Americans and there is no denying that. Money to the Historically Black Colleges, charter schools, some jobs to African Americans, criminal justice reform that he signed on to with support from Jared Kushner, but it failed to improve his standing with African Americans. In December 2017 a Democrat defeated a Republican for the United States Senate in Alabama and more about that will be explained another time. And Kanye “The Kamikaze” West’s announcement to run for president, although permissible under the Constitution and has had precedents in our nation’s history, cannot be interpreted as anything less than an attempt to sabotage Joe Biden. And Kanye’s Cannon is supportive as Nick Cannon has just done a video with West. Bombs are not needed to destroy in a democracy. I have previously demonstrated that the Republican Plantation today is larger than the Democratic Plantation in relation to the education of African American adults who often or more than often appear to be rowing upstream without a paddle.

The Anti-Defamation League reports that the Patriot Prayer group is connected to the Proud Boys (at the umbilical cord I say). The report also says that more killings are expected as a Patriot Prayer member was killed in Portland. But all of this should strike a chord as history matters. The history of Pasadena to Portland matters! We Americans who watched the Rose Bowl in Pasadena with its parades had no idea what was going on until recently as the history got buried and in our Rose Garden there is the smell of defecation instead of Roses as Trump shits all over Americans who do not agree with him. He has caused so much of our troubles, but he is hanging on to a thread right now as November approaches.

And amid reports that some anti-Semitic incidents on the internet had been photoshopped (in Los Angeles, for example) blaming the Black Lives Matter protesters and learning more about the Jewish community in Portland, I learned more about White Supremacy in that city.                    

I wonder aloud if the Jewish Community (the entire community in Portland) knows the history that I have shared here. Four hundred members of the new Nazi organization in the 1930s were quickly recruited and today there are thousands coming to Portland and other cities that inflame people which is leading to more violence.

In my last article, I portrayed Trump as weak from the beginning in terms of stopping the violence. I read about the Congregation Neveh Shalom in Portland and I state there can Never Be Shalom with Trump. But I also know that extremists accept him because in that weakness he nods okay just as Hitler did not want it to be known that he approved of his supporters who attacked Jews and others including Catholics before the Final Solution was put in place.  

I wonder if the New York Post and those Washington newspapers that are conservative have written about any of these important facts.                         

You may want to read Hitler in DC.

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