Miami Anti-Semitism: Waiting for Trump’s Action

Several months of spreading anti-Semitism in Miami. Waiting for Trump to address the issue. The Latino community has been reading anti-Semitic material from the Spanish newspaper Libre since January and the people responsible for that distribution at the Miami Herald had no idea what was going on. Great news! In a large city with so […]

The Jeff Sessions-Republican-Donald Trump Way

White supremacists infiltrate 100 police departments in 40 states. Republicans hiding information while fomenting propaganda about communism taking over America. Law and Order is being pushed in front of our nation by Donald Trump instead of Justice. Justice has its limits for Donald Trump who may be the Twitter Champion of World Politicians and possibly […]

Empowering Public Housing Residents NYCHA and HUD

Three NYCHA tenant presidents tricked. The Republican National Convention used a video of three public housing tenant presidents (Manuel Martinez, Claudia Perez, and Carmen Quiñones – contact them to get involved in fighting for the people across the United States) where it appeared that those presidents supported Donald Trump. All three claim that the content […]

Bill Maher Compares Trump and Roosevelt

I Can Handle Stalin-Putin Better Benghazi under Hilary. COVID-19 under Trump. Trump could not handle a dangerous situation and even worse he has put US at the door of civil war as more deaths have taken place. And he knew that the coming pandemic was more deadly than the flu. Trump is unfit and unpatriotic. […]

Trump-Patton’s Trickery: Divide and Conquer Will Not Work

I was the last GED teacher in the South Jamaica Houses (for the Board of Education-Department of Education) which made news at the Republican National Convention just over a week ago. A strong rebuttal was just issued by Manuel Martinez who never gave permission for taped comments to be distributed. But the Republicans did it […]

Boogaloo Bois: Trump’s Boogaloo?

When Richard Spencer, who is anathema to Jews for his racist views, was threatening to bring in Hamas to address the people of the town of Whitefish, Montana, that provoked me to make calls to Montana.  I spoke with a rabbi who assured me that the F.B.I. was doing its job.  But where was Donald Trump?  Why didn’t […]

From Pasadena to Portland

Hitler in Los Angeles in the early 1930s and leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor is a book that I discussed in The Force 2020 DDT.  The Forward has just written about the support of Black Lives Matter by Jews in Portland during the demonstrations (mainly Jews who live in the downtown area). […]