Jewish Lives-Black Lives Matter

I have watched Jewish leaders and organizations reach out to African Americans that they know and there have been discussions demonstrating the many decades long cooperation between African Americans and Jews. The discussion has included recognition of the divisions that exist in both groups that often conflict with the agenda of keeping those two groups united. The recent desecration of synagogues caused me to include Mark Cohen’s Holocaust paintings along with his Black Lives Matter paintings. My own relationship is with the N.A.A.C.P and I am not connected to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The desecration of the synagogues in Los Angeles (and anywhere else) has been addressed by the Zionist Organization of America, an organization with great influence. ZOA published an article that called out those desecrations and that demanded condemnation by Jews who remained silent and in doing that the author crossed a line that should remind people around the world of the BLM statement that Israel is committing “genocide” as the author writes that the desecration of the synagogues the “Los Angeles Pogrom” and it referred to George Floyd as “a dead ex-con.” These are examples of what could be called Black and Jewish hyperbole. I enjoy knishes but not Sultan Knish (the author).

The author of the article mentioned is Jewish but Milton Klein has sat next to Candace Owens in the Congress of the United States as Candace Owens, the founder of Blexit for Black people to leave the Democratic Party, who spoke about Hitler’s “nationalism (a good thing to her) which immediately resulted in the Nuremberg Laws in Germany that took rights and wealth away from Jews. ZOA was silent in Congress as Morton Klein sat next to Owens preparing to talk about the threat of Muslims. Perhaps ZOA was silent because it did not recall Jewish History that matters. Since that day in Congress, Jews have noted that White Supremacy is on the rise and most of us blame Trump.

Candace Owens, in a You Tube, had to declare George Floyd a thug as well, although she wants justice for George Floyd. Her thoughts were unnecessary although permitted by the Constitution. And we have just learned the Mike Pence cannot say Black Lives Matter, deflecting the question posed by CNN.

It’s really hard to get things right. But let me remind people that in the epicenter of the struggle in Congress to achieve Civil Rights in 1964, Strom Thurmond, one of the most powerful Southern Democrats and a segregationist, left the Democratic Party and became a Republican. What? Fake news?

So many things have gone wrong under Trump-Pence that have to be addressed and corrected. Morton Klein was a guest days ago on the Mark Levin Show where Klein said that Trump was the greatest president of all time. Mark Levin later revealed George Floyd’s criminal background, pointing out that it should be taken into consideration by the public during these difficult times. Levin jumped on the bandwagon when it wasn’t needed. Birds of a feather stick together. Even Muhammad Ali, Jr. joined that chorus as he made news telling the world that he supports Donald Trump, making it appear that his late, great father would also be supportive as he touted All Lives Matter. The article stated that Ali, Jr. believes that Black Lives Matter is “racist,” but he probably meant to say that the name is racial.

I think that Pence-Levin-Klein-Ali should hold a one-hour discussion together for the world to see about how Black Lives and Jewish Lives Do Not Matter. I’d really like to see that. The son of Muhammad Ali also said that the Democrats are the ones who are “racist.” This information about Ali was generated by a search in the Washington Examiner which left out important details that can be seen on other news sites about Muhammad Ali’s fight against racism and how he walked with the Black Panthers (and that Ali did not have a good relationship with his son). And Trump should consider making Ali, Jr. a member of his cabinet which could be anointed by Mike Pence.

Strom Thurmond had previously run for president as a Dixiecrat in 1948 and obtained 2.4 percent of the vote. He only started to modify his views about race in the 1970s and served in the United States Senate until the age of 100. Six months after his death in 2003, it was learned that Essie Mae Washington-Williams was his daughter. Essie’s mother had been impregnated at the age of 15 or 16 by Thurmond. This child who was mixed race was later recognized by the Thurmond family. The secret was kept for many decades since Thurmond was only 22 years of age when he impregnated Essie’s mother.

I have read about the Irish who did not wish to help Great Britain and broke laws to demonstrate that unwillingness to cooperate during World War I. And I have read about police that turned their eyes from helping Jews when fascists in America were involved. German Americans were supportive of Germany over England as the World War II started in 1939. Italians were proud of Mussolini. Jews in America, at one point in 1914, favored Germany over Russia because of the pogroms in Russia and our nation went to war against Germany.

My latest reading illustrates the point about educated people and the faulty logic that they adhere to. This took place in Uzbekistan in the Soviet Union as Poles, Jews, and others made their way from the gulags of the Soviet Union into Central Asia to escape oppression. The talk of politics by Poles with a Muslim who was a dentist is very revealing. The people of Uzbekistan wished for freedom (Muslims). That was natural for people everywhere.  The conversation included this piece that caught my attention. Since the man knew oppression by the Russians well and since the Poles, Jews, and others had just received “amnesty” from the Soviet leadership and they could leave, the Uzbek man thought it would natural for the Poles, Jews, and others to join up with the enemy of Russia at that moment, the Germans who had already started to wipe out the Polish people, Jews, and others. The man was surprised that the Poles were going to create a Polish Army to help Russia. The man was right about one thing which was Russia could not be trusted.

Do the right thing is my message to all. What is do the right thing? The message is in the Bible but not called do the right thing. Do the right thing certainly means that we know and feel the pain of others such as Muslim Lives Matter, Gay Lives Matter, and Latino Lives Matter. Do the right thing does not only mean do the right thing for me. All of this means that people have to be better informed to act properly. The Holocaust as a reminder did not stop the killing of Jews.  Civil Rights did not stop the killing of African Americans. Latinos and gay men and women are being killed right now as well. There are players at the table of reform and it is clear to me that things may turn out very wrong but those people need to better informed before decisions are made.

One of the last things that I did before completing this article is that I talked to Eric Stevenson about his campaign to win the Democratic primary for New York State Assembly in the South Bronx. Eric told me that the people that he has talked to in meetings and in the streets made the point that their high school equivalency programs have been cut out and they do not know where to go (even to take the TASC-HSE test). Eric gave me a rich dose of conversation about the racism and the Department of Education under the leadership of the school’s chancellor. Stevenson is going to advocate strongly for two things: high school equivalency programs and prison reform. We spoke about the latter a while back and Eric knows the prison system well.

What Minneapolis probably does not even know is just how many people have never finished high school in the city and which neighborhoods are they in. New York City has known for over a decade that about 1.6 million adults have never finished high school and this is about the disparity of education that is making news during the Black Lives Matter protests related to hundreds of years of oppression. Is Minneapolis about to sweep this disparity under the rug. Now I know that Minnesota has a higher success rate on high school equivalency than New York does (assuming that its numbers continue to beat New York’s since 2014). Those numbers make Minnesota more competitive in the marketplace for jobs and more but those numbers can be increased to lower the disparity. Are there any Eric Stevensons in Minneapolis? Keep in mind that the educational disparity often results in adults committing crimes, joining gangs, and going to jail. It gives fuel to fire of white privilege as well.

I just sent out Mark Cohen’s paintings of Jewish Lives-Black Lives Matter to Black Lives Matter FACEBOOKS around our nation, including Minneapolis and the Twin Cities. I am waiting to see the action that one would expect since educating people nationwide is so important.

I have to admit to a mistake that I have made about Minnesota GED and I see now the figures I gave were for first time test takers instead of all test takers. Minnesota (2.1 percent delivery) is much better than New York so the disparity is much less than I have previously known. And I apologize for each error in each article published. There was a 17.8 percent gap between Whites and African Americans who passed the test which is well below the 24 percent difference nationally.  There were 423,000 people in Minnesota in 2013 in need of a diploma. The communities there have to be informed of just what has happened since 2014 since the numbers go way down when a new test comes out and do not rebound quickly (never reaching the numbers of the older test taken by people). This impacts and matters in terms of educational disparity. Black Lives Matter can learn a lot from this information and start to see just how not helping adults resulted in the “New Jim Crow.”

The statistic that I accidentally looked up months ago was about first-time test takers who passed. Minnesota ranked above the national average with only 10 states that are better in the delivery of diplomas and was tied with two other states.

There are six unknown years of data and a pandemic to take into account right now (from 2014 to today). Black Lives Matter yes but what important truths are the movement leaving out. I would strongly recommend that the people of Minnesota ask the federal government to pay for the testing costs of the GED in Minnesota so that Minnesotans can achieve new goals for Minneapolis consistent with the best thought out goals of its people (for our entire nation as well). I have other important things to share that Minnesotans may never have even considered to reduce the disparities. And may I say but not in a shy way that I have already been slightly brushed aside by a member of the city council.

My late parents met a former mayor of Minneapolis decades ago. That mayor has been deceased for decades. The meeting occurred in the streets of Puerto Rico as it started to rain and people moved quickly to find shelter. That mayor was Vice-President Hubert Humphrey. I have never met or talked to a president or a vice-president of the United States (sitting). Obama and I spoke once before 2008. It was not until 2001 that I would have been able to share the information that I’ve provided here today. We must learn new things to help people. Waking up people matters!

I am White, Jewish, been a guest in Rikers’ Correctional Facilities in NYC three times, known to wear a “hoodie,” been stopped by police in New York, New Jersey, and California and most of the time gone about my business quickly. I have seen people pay traffic fines in court where I walked out without paying and I felt their pain as we all had the same officer to defend against. I brought in photos of the traffic light and the others had no evidence. The judge took one look at the light and opened her mouth as if saying “What? You knowingly applied a choke hold.” Case dismissed! Matter dismissed?

I watch the videos and there was one that I saw where I immediately said to myself that I could have been the man in that video. The man reached in his car for something and an off -duty officer started to fire his gun. This all happened quickly even before the man showed his license. Many times in the past I had dropped my wallet on the floor of the car and had to lean over to pick it up. Anyone who drops his wallet and gets stopped by the police has to be careful. And I grew up in an era when cops operated by “shoot first and ask questions later.”  I hope that people across the country are going to start asking me questions right now. I drive past a George Floyd R.I.P. sign on the street every day in my community.

On the day that I met William Bell, the father of Sean Bell, who arrived at an event in a park with Al Sharpton, I paid my condolences but I also expressed my view that the police should not have been outside the club that night when Sean Bell was killed. I wanted a safer society for everyone that has been made unsafe by lots of factors. That was eleven years ago and several years before the birth of Black Lives Matter. We need justice now.  And we need it in France and other places around the world as well.

In addition I want all churches throughout the land to protect all of us as we open up churches and our economy. I want pastors and others to speak out about the best solutions possible and leave mediocrity at the door.

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  1. A good start would be a national law making choke holds of any kind by cops a felony.
    Second step, if a cop doesn’t turn his body camera on, he should be fired.
    Third step, independent prosecutors should be the ones looking at cop killings, not local DAs.

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