Minneapolis PD Failure: Trump’s Shithole Nation

A supervisor should have been called as soon as Officer Chauvin put his weight on George Floyd’s neck. This breaking report came to light for me upon learning that two of the officers with Chauvin were new on the job. Upon watching the news, I immediately knew what to think because I learned about this kind of community policing from a cop. That cop had the same thought that I had (while other cops just talked and watched). This addition to my article caused the addition to the title and the content supports other important details in the article.  I also wish to thank that person who taught me how to de-fuse a situation that could result in great danger to either the police or community. I am ready to share this with Minneapolis PD and the city which has made worldwide news.

The Donald could have been spared all this trouble if he had known about these kinds of things but his knowledge is very limited about these kinds of things. He has created for himself three years of great illusions a la MacArthur that I have written about in The Force 2020 DDT and our nation’s youth, our future, should start learning more about it. The end is near for Trump. One of the last things he should do before resigning is to go on The Breakfast Club Radio Show to make his case, Bible in hand if he so wishes. His Bible exorcism has not defueled the protests and looting.

Holding up the Bible in Georgetown but believing in “An Eye For An Eye.” Trump’s attempt to ward off the conditions that are plaguing his nation did not succeed and he apparently did not hold the Bible properly according to experts. The United States, although better than nations in recent centuries that have suffered through plagues and bad government, is falling apart at the seams. And recently Trump told the world that Henry Ford came from “good blood” and Jews around the world were appalled about Trump propping up an anti-Semite who made things worse for Jews in America, making it harder to obtain justice.

Other countries have had problems (Trump’s “shithole” ones) that we now have under Trump. I cannot see huge amounts of immigrants trying to get into America right now to better their economic condition as my grandparents did.

Trump has his share of the blame, but others are being blamed including Jared Kushner (by Tucker Carlson on FOX Entertainment). Trump signed on to the things that others are being blamed for or will be blamed for. Fauci has been blamed but that blame probably will be magnified greatly. And the conservative media is at work on ways that are revealed here.

“We’re building the wall” Trump has repeatedly mentioned even when there was no building taking place. He has called countries either “shithole” or some other “tough” words. He has talked about shooting to kill men, women, and children who were brought here with the caravans passing through Central America. He started his problems a long time ago in New York and now people are speaking out more about Trump and his evil ways. I call him a Hammurabian Christian (named for the Code of Hammurabi). Police are speaking out about Trump now, even in Red or Republican states. He has provoked several crises since 2017 and his teflon may be running out. He has been the Teflon Don of American politics (thinking about Don John Gotti).

Let’s look at police and policing. In Van Nuys right now, the police showed up to a section where there was looting taking place and placed the wrong people in handcuffs. Among other things this means that they were very ineffective or incompetent at that moment, being in the wrong place when they could have been in the right place.

But first a pause since Rush Limbaugh stated on The Breakfast Club that what is going on right now “It’s not what we have been.” That comment really did not impact enough precisely at that moment with The Breakfast Club team. What about Sean Bell, Eric Garner, and a long list of others. Colin Kaepernick’s name (I will have more to reveal about Kaepernick soon) was launched later as the discussion was taken over by Rush Limbaugh extolling the virtues of America but telling the team and its listeners that he was agreeing with the team “1,000 percent” as Limbaugh continued to add ridiculous comments to fill in air time. He was asked what he would do to help, but he chose to concentrate on the term “white privilege” instead. Those radio commentators had a hard time communicating with each other, especially as Rush spoke about the Democrats who have done nothing for Black people. Finally at minute 16 things turned back to Floyd and police brutality. This show really turned out to be hijacked by Limbaugh. The moment where Trump comes up about inciting people there was no mention of Trump and his Freddie Gray moment telling national police to rough people up before taking them into the precinct. Little or nothing was accomplished as Trump blasted liberalism and the Democratic Party. Three heads are better than one, but great help was needed.

There was policing in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960s and there was civilian control by the elected officials. That policing was reprehensible and should not be forgotten in this discussion ever. Yes there are political points of view in every city. What is going on in New York City and in Minneapolis at this time is that union leaders fighting for something different are undermining the civilian section under the name of free speech. Sticking to the facts would be helpful. We really should think more clearly about policing in the past so that greater change will arrive. I know that in the early 20th century  immigrants were at odds with the police for many reasons (Italians and Jews among others). The key to understanding better is that no innocent person should be hurt in society. It’s non-biblical, but it is what is badly needed everywhere including protecting businesses in communities.

I spoke to someone in law enforcement yesterday as I was waiting to buy bagels. I made the point that it is peaceful where I play golf as he had told me of one protest in Mastic Beach and another one that was expected in Smithtown. He said to me that there are those who don’t want me to have the peace I have at the golf course. Sure looting is possible there just like it can appear anywhere and I have known about the dangers since things went south with the COVID-19 pandemic. It was predictable. The police are overwhelmed just as the first responders and essential workers were overwhelmed. The policeman gave me a law and order response which is typical of many policemen.

I spoke out in Manayunk near Philadelphia and again in Yonkers that people must make more written complaints against police, calling for fair and accurate complaints. The police officer that I struck up a dialogue with stopped returning my calls and answering emails. I told Rachel Noerdlinger, assistant to Mayor de Blasio and a member of the National Action Network of Reverend Al Sharpton, that police officers should be fined for stops that turn out to be profiling and or stop and frisk. I called for national training of police last year and the police could be paid extra for that training.

Some police and national guard have been supportive of the protestors. In Tennessee protective shields were put down. In Houston a Hispanic police chief spoke about the unity of all Americans and immigrants who were called out by Trump in his well-known speeches and comments. These were not tough “law and order” responses that could be viewed as “weak” by Trump and his cohorts. Remember that protestors outside the White House were not given similar respect and treatment by the Special Service and White House. The people are coming forth with tremendous healing moments that were not precipitated by Trump Almighty. Police are being fired around the country for their actions. And in New York City there are concerns about the selection of police (the wrong police) for important assignments which could also lead to more problems than we ought to have. But it’s still disturbing how police who attended and reacted favorably to Trump’s comments about Freddie Gray and roughing people up. The national police organization did not fall for such divisive comments.

Rush Limbaugh proved that he cannot be trusted as he failed to deal with the truth under pressure. He pressed throughout the  radio broadcast the things that are holy to him including this is the land of opportunity, there was no reason for a lockdown of our economy, antifa is violent and causing trouble, the Kaepernick situation with a job for Kaepernick on a team should have satisfied the Breakfast Club team right now in the middle of this horrible situation, citing Trump’s humility (God given he said that comes out at rallies), all the lies told about Trump over 3 years in the White House, and that White Supremacy is very minimal.

The talk about Black unemployment going down under Obama resulted in an emphatic question “it did” from Rush. And Rush never recovered enough to continue that conversation. It would really be good to review all or most of Rush episodes related to police brutality as he has stated that he finally got fed up by what happened to George Floyd. Is he fed up or just acting that he is fed up?

Anderson Cooper called these days of lack of leadership Trump’s “MacArthur moment.” MacArthur was fired by Truman for undermining the civilian power over the military which is what some police union chiefs end up doing in cities. Looking back on all those comments made to divide people by police, firing police may have been the answer that was needed decades ago. MacArthur’s value was greatly diminished as Americans found out that he was not an expert after he was fired.  And General Mattis’s (Trump called him the “real deal”) negative comments about Trump’s handling of our nation’s crisis smacks of what happened to MacArthur as various generals testified against MacArthur during a Senate hearing. Trump dividing America? I noticed it long before he was elected. And it continued and continued.

I personally know of one source who wanted to see racial profiling and stop and frisk continue in New York City. Why? Guns could be taken away from people through stop and frisk.  But 99 percent of stop and frisks ended with people being taken away from where they were going to and police taking up time to poorly perform their duties. That is not right. Think about that situation in Van Nuys that I wrote about. We need police to be better trained no matter what the conditions of the job are.

What I see right now is an attempt by Republicans from the White House down to soften their position during this horrific time of the killing of George Floyd. In Minneapolis, Lieutenant Bob Kroll of the police union blamed Mayor Frey (a la Trump and MacArthur), wrote that George Floyd was a “violent criminal” and that the protestors were part of a “terrorist movement”  and there are now strong calls for his resignation. Perhaps his firing will take place. Republicans really seem to be stuck with Trump leading up to the election in November and will never admit to all his wrong doings (Repugnicans to the end).

Communities must learn that any complaint against an officer does not mean right away that the officer is guilty. But an officer who goes from talking about an increase in crime, for example, as if it is a “terrorist movement” has to be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Officers have to be fair and accurate while they uphold their duties. What they are attempting is too little too late (unless Trump wins the Electoral College vote again). In the good ole south that I briefly wrote about inciting the community by police was part of the job and even participation in crimes against African Americans took place and there was no redress possible, no justice.

I am the author of J’Accuse: Zolá Is My Guide so I am thinking of writing more at another date. Rush Limbaugh’s rush to justice right now includes his remark that the police officer should be charged with first-degree murder. Attorney General Keith Ellison, a Black man and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee (a political organization that intends to get rid of Trump) has announced second-degree murder charges. Did Limbaugh get professional advice about announcing first-degree? Or is his statement one that has a political basis which is to show that the Democrats did not do enough for a Black man? This comes during a presidential campaign where Trump desperately needs the Black vote. You can bet that Rush and people like Rush will be doing their best to paint the Democrats as the Democrats of old who gave Black people slavery and Jim Crow (and no jobs for Black people created under Obama’s eight years in office).

And on the other side, there are Black people calling for the execution of the police who were arrested in the killing of George Floyd. My research revealed that there is no such capital punishment in Minnesota. And the person who spoke out clearly favored “An Eye For An Eye” which is the very foundation of beliefs espoused by the Hammurabian Christian in the Oval Office. Rudy Giuliani on video a while back said that when he heard the name Black Lives Matter he felt it was “racist.”

I can assure you that I had no idea that things were going to turn the way they have since the killing of George Floyd but I have continuously called for massive demonstrations or rallies in the past. I have a sense that the worst is not yet over and my comment is not about the spread of COVID-19. I  had previously written that Trump is the Corona Virus and we have to see what steps Republicans take to oust Trump to return things closer to normal. As early as February 10, 2020 (my late father’s birthday) I was referring to Trump as the Corona Virus. Here is a paragraph from that article “We, the American people, will not be brainwashed nor will we allow Trump sins against the United States and the world be forgotten.  Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, LGBT members, African Americans, Puerto Ricans, immigrants of all nations that have been afflicted by Trumpism, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and Christians of good faith are not going to perish nor will they allow our nation’s moral position to perish in this so-called One Nation Under God and Trump.  Let the Re-Impeachment of Donald Trump take place soon.  Germans were in denial of what Hitler and Germany had done and it took decades to wake people up there.  With November quickly approaching, it is urgent to wake up Americans to the importance of re-impeachment and the ouster of Donald Trump.  The Corona Virus must not destroy Trump’s record and the truths about all the terrible things he has done to US.  This is not a nation for “Norwegian types only” as this nation is For All of US.

As you can see the Corona Virus has worsened Trump’s record. We are living the Trump Horror Story right now.

Didn’t I say that Zolá is my guide? I want students around the world to know the entire truth because things could get much worse with Trump in the White House. On February 10th I wrote that it was “scary” having him there. Under Trump, Death to the Jews rang out at protests and continues to manifest itself. There has got to be a reason why there is no massive counter demonstration yet. Part of that answer must be that the most hostile opponents of the protests are counting on Trump to handle the situation well, which he has not. There will be more to talk about later.