Colin Kaepernick Nobel Peace Prize: Committees Needed in 50 States

The Nobel Peace Prize Drive for Colin Kaepernick means that you can set up your own committee with the intention of linking with other similar committees. Communities are invited to join in. Wali Jones, who is a Hall of Fame NBA player who was involved deeply in his own controversy when Civil Rights’ was young, […]

Jewish Lives-Black Lives Matter

I have watched Jewish leaders and organizations reach out to African Americans that they know and there have been discussions demonstrating the many decades long cooperation between African Americans and Jews. The discussion has included recognition of the divisions that exist in both groups that often conflict with the agenda of keeping those two groups […]

Quixote and Zolá: Justice For All

“I repeat with the most vehement conviction: truth is on the march, and nothing will stop it. Today is only the beginning, for it is only today that the positions have become clear: on one side, those who are guilty, who do not want the light to shine forth, on the other, those who seek […]

The Dreyfus and Floyd Affairs

Today Mike Pence wants to set aside the discussion of “institutional racism” because those men across our nation are so highly thought of. The George Floyd killing is more than a case. It is an affair. The Dreyfus Affair led to demonstrations in 20 French cities and a divided nation. In Algeria Jews (45,000 in […]