Trump’s Disinfectant: Learning from History

Disinfecting Republican leadership was badly needed under Truman and is more urgent today. China has to be studied more carefully. Chiang Kai-Shek was our ally and Mao Tse Tung was our enemy.  Here are some essentials about Chiang often called the Generalissimo. China was falling apart. Chiang was corrupt. He either didn’t fight well against […]

Locutores, bodegueros y dueños de pequeños negocios ayudan todos dominicanos de verdad.

Foto por Martin Danenberg con el padre del peletero Robinson Canó (José Canó). Todos los locutores dominicanos involucrados en proveer actividades en línea a las familias en cada sector del país pueden difundir o compartir lo que hacen las bodegas y sus líderes en la ciudad de Nueva York. Juan Luis Guerra en la cancion […]

The New York Story

The New York Story-The Chicago Story-The Baltimore Story-The Detroit Story-Oakland Story-The Los Angeles Story-The New Orleans Story all logically follow The Philadelphia Story. San Salvador-Santo Domingo-San Juan, Mexico City also logically follow the Philadelphia Story. Question: How many high school students who were not expected to graduate in June 2020 will be dropping out of […]

The Greatest Man in History: White House News

“I shall return.” General Douglas MacArthur Trump is now at the moment where he is playing out his “I shall return.”  People asked MacArthur not to put out “I shall return” because ours was a nation at war and they wanted we shall return. MacArthur would not listen. More knowledgeable than all the generals. Shrewdly […]

Nikki Haley On Fox News Talks About Evidence Given by Taiwan About Covid-19

Yes, the former American ambassador mentioned that Taiwan had evidence when the best that I could find about the transmission to the virus from human to human was that there were suspicions.  I saw no evidence of evidence.  Did I just write that? Trump administration shuttered pandemic monitoring program, then scrambled to extend it Zachary […]

1040 IRS Trump Trump Trump’s Tax Returns Now

The Secretary of the Treasury should hand over Trump’s returns.  And Nancy Pelosi should repeat the call for Trump’s taxes now. The great Trump economy has collapsed and we hope the collapse will be brief.  That economy was real but Trump’s role in creating it was filled with falsehoods, lies, and more.  Even many Trump […]

The Amazing Race Educa-Tivities for All: Corona Virus News

“We are the world.  We are the children.” Children (and adults) will “open their eyes” to this activity and see just how easy the study of these five languages can be.  Students who just started one of these languages will accelerate, which is what all language students desire.  So put your foot on the accelerator […]