The Assange Affair Is Picquart-Leblois-Zolá (Dreyfus) Rolled Into One

But it is not exactly Dreyfus (and so what), although it is Dreyfus who is being mentioned in England and read about around the world.  A much better fit for Labour in England would be the John Peter Zenger case as a jury in colonial America voted to go against the law to support the […]

Bodega High School Equivalency- Essay for the TASC Test

R-E-S-P-E-C-T For Everyone Everywhere Building your ideas in an essay takes a few lessons for many people.  In the past, I noticed while researching GED instruction in the City of New York that there were problems.  One program that seemed to miss the point was the GAP program in Jamaica, Queens.  In that important center […]

Michael Atkinson: Another Page of the Dreyfus Affair

Michael Atkinson is the inspector general of the intelligence community and he played a major role in sharing the information provided by the whistleblower with Congress, something required by law.  This is something that is very important and it seems that Atkinson is about to be removed by Trump which again prompts me to remind […]

The Corona Virus: The Trump Manifesto

“It is a shameful example to observe today how the entire democratic world dissolves in tears of pity, but then, in spite of the obvious duty to help closes [its heart] to the poor, tortured people.”                                                                    Anonymous Let’s take a closer look at the actions of Donald Trump. His wall started to tumble down […]

Fighting Anti-Semitism: No Person Left Behind

The Republican Jewish Coalition just reacted to a vote in Congress that funds the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.  There was no praise of The Squad which includes Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib but there was a strong rebuke of four Republicans who will no longer receive funds from that Republican organization since those four and […]