Speak of Them Never

“Let is think of them always but speak of them never” was a memo from the Brits about the beginning of a whitewash by the British for the horrific work of Joseph Stalin which led to more and worse things including Stalin’s not sending help to the Polish resistance fighters in Warsaw near the end […]

America Is on Trial as Well

Freedom of the press was established before the formation of the United States but much more.  It was the essence of freedom that spurred people forward toward the creation of the United States.  Something simple has been destroyed by Donald Trump.  That important lesson needs to be visited by all people right now.  It was […]


I messed up in high school like so many others But I am no fool But now is the time The time to return to school FOR MY GED Este país tiene oportunidad Y es verdadero para cada persona de cada edad No importa si llegó con coyote o visao Dice el profesor que tiene […]

Crime-an Conference: Past and Present

I just returned from Mexico after spending a week there.  On the plane, American Airlines, I read more about the five-year sacrifice of the Poles to help the free world battle the tyranny of the Nazis and Stalin, an ally.  The greatest accomplishments were made by the Polish airmen and soldiers in battle and at […]

I Can Handle Stalin-Putin Better

This is a must read to share with things that I have written about. “A very superficial man, ignorant, dilettantish, with a very limited intellectual horizon.” “I just have a hunch.” He bypassed knowledgeable people in the State Department. “An unbounded faith in his ability to win over leaders of other countries.” He did not […]

Adam Schiff Tackles Trump

Almost two years ago I had this published About half of the $18 billion should go to helping veterans across the country A small amount of the money could go to Israel to help that nation as things begin to destabilize in the Middle East and Iran.  Our nation and Israel are great allies. o helping […]

Emma Lazarus Palestine 1883

Over a decade before Theodore Herzl realized the need for Jews to have a homeland, Emma Lazarus through her own serious, social consciousness began to construct the idea of Palestine as a place to help Jews escape the persecution of Russia. Lazarus came from a wealthy family that socialized with the Astors, Vanderbilts, and Belmonts. […]

The Jew Coup and The Evangelicals

I did a search and found the David Pakman Show but that was a week ago with no details about evangelicals attending the march to fight against anti-Semitism. I watched one of David’s presentations for the first time where he showed Pastor Rick Wiley on Trunews detailing how a “Jew Coup” is taking place against […]