Two Decembers: Never Hitler Never Trump

Two Decembers is about Austria and the United States but not at the same time.  There is a gap of time of eighty-one years.  December was a turning point in 1938 and today December appears to be a turning point in our nation.  Gilles MacDonough in 1938 HITLER’S GAMBLE writes in his chapter on December […]

The Last Attack on Jews

The world is full of great ideas to help all of us if we apply them.  Kathleen Parker, a columnist for the Washington Post, has written about Donald Trump who becomes to US more than the carnival-barking impostor who fools Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz.  The Wizard’s gate keeper is Rudy Giuliani.  It […]

B & B Trump

Trump’s World Class Diplomacy now includes North Korea challenging Israel’s legitimacy at the United Nations, Turkey telling Israel to get out of Cyprus’ waters, and El Salvador declaring that its deal with Trump was a quid pro quo and that is now unprepared to deal with the immigrants returning from Mexico/United States which was the […]

Bodega High School Equivalency

R-E-S-P-E-C-T For Everyone Everywhere Bodega owners, the family of Sean Bell, and Profesor Martin Danenberg are proud to serve the community by announcing this very important educational initiative. The Force 2020 DDT can be visited to obtain this information for your family, friends, and neighbors. Study for the TASC-HSE should start right now.  A page […]

Ojalá Mugs® Business

This is the Ojalá Mugs® business.  We just wanted you to know how things will work before presenting our product. The Ojalá Mugs® are available to retail stores and restaurants that serve coffee to help drive more business (even online).  The word will get out “where can I buy this?  I want one, two, or […]

Trump: Finis

Churchill was voted out of office in a great shock to democracy.  The landslide brought him down.  The landslide brought him down.  Churchill, the great hero of the British, left office even before the conclusion of World War II as Clement Atlee and Labour replaced the Conservatives.  The British people had had enough of privation […]