J’Accuse, my new book, received its most amazing reaction in its brief life. The young woman who reacted in Florida is from Marseilles, France and her face lit up during the conversation that took place. She told me that in her school in France it was required to study the Dreyfus Affair and that there […]

Trump’s Nation: Border and Other Failures

Hunter Biden is Alfred Dreyfus.  Alfred Dreyfus was falsely accused and found guilty.  There is no evidence against Hunter Biden that has been released by anyone.  Now the Republicans are trying to get Alfred Dreyfus to testify against himself in public.  Oops I mean Hunter Biden.  Arrest Biden if he has done anything wrong and/ […]

Hollywood Helped Save America

Liberal Hollywood wasn’t exactly so liberal as Hitler was able to threaten the film industry and get his way. This was accomplished through the fear of losing all of Germany’s theater seats and the resulting loss of profits. And Hollywood is again being portrayed as liberal or worse again. There were communists in Hollywood in […]