If Donald Trump Shoots Joe Biden

Donald Trump killing Joe Biden would be the biggest disgrace of the Trump Administration, but what if he only wounded Biden and Biden shot back in self-defense killing the Donald?  At the very same time that we are discussing again that a sitting president cannot be indicted, we learn that a hunter just shot a deer and the deer retaliated by killing his assailant in Arkansas.  Isn’t that the home of the Clintons?  Trump’s lawyers have argued in court related to his tax matters that “executive privilege” extends to the president’s even killing someone.  We were told once upon a time Pay your taxes to fight the Axis (Germany and its allies) and all along Trump has used his tax returns to pay himself instead of our nation.  If Trump had turned in his taxes before the Republican National Convention in 2016, we could have been spared a lot of pain as Trump has been exposed and continues to be exposed.

I started writing about exposing what Trump was concocting long before the election and my readers know that I wanted him watched carefully and I wanted people to leak information about what he was doing.  Upon discovering that the CIA training conformed with my highest expectations of keeping an eye on injustices, I presented that information in Jewish Business News immediately in James Comey: A Leaker with a Higher Authority in April 2018.  Have I been instrumental in alerting the CIA and its presence in the White House that led to reports about Trump and the Ukraine?  Don’t even think about it.  It all started with Trump and his conduct, which was un-American.  Some speech is not free speech, but the whole thing may go back to the Russians and Brighton Beach with Michael Cohen.  Trump had to be watched both in his White Tower and our White House.

You may recall that Trump spoke out before the Election of 2016 and told Americans that the election was rigged against him.  Rigged against him now seems rigged in some place close to Riga and rigor mortis is setting in.  It was 100 years ago that world leaders tried to make a lasting peace in Paris and Americans should take note of the key problems at the time.  Although England had a huge colonial empire and a great navy, it knew that its days were numbered as a world leader and then twenty years later was the beginning of the end as war broke out again in Europe and England was at greater risk.  By the end of World War II, the great debt amassed and owed to the United States sealed Britain’s coffin as a world power.  If a war breaks out today, based on my reading of history since World War I, the United States will sink fast.  The predicted recession is going to hurt our nation enough as more and more Trump’s bad politics and diplomacy are going to send shock waves across our nation.  It’s really time to assess his mistakes together as a nation.

We see instead of the United States engaging in war, even though Trump says we have the greatest military in history, that he keeps moving US away from conflict, turning the baton over to Russia.  What else will be next in another region of the world?  What will happen to South Korea or Venezuela or some other nation (thinking of the long history of the Monroe Doctrine)?  The great debt of the United States is a great problem and that debt is owed to China.  Previously when Japan was our competition, the Japanese owned our debt and that was at a time when realtors were telling people that the Japanese were buying properties “like crazy” in Manhattan.  Probably or possibly being led Trump Tower?  Repugnicans can continue to praise Trump’s so-called patriotism.  His ship appears to be going down as quickly as the Titanic did.  Trump’s dealings in Central America have been an integral part of his make a deal scheme that has been exposed by the Ukraine deal to investigate Hunter Biden.  And you can include Puerto Rico in that scheme as HUD funds have been held back from Puerto Rico.  This is all about the mental corruption that I keep writing about.  I look forward to seeing all benefits restored to those places by a new, better government put in place by the American people in 2020.

 America First, copied from Hitler and Germany sounded great and so did Hitler in his time.  Germany, too, at that time was in great debt and things did not get better as Germany lost its moral compass.  It’s also a good historical point to reveal that the United States does not have any territorial disputes taking place such as those that existed in 1919 in Paris and eventually led to Hitler’s annexations and attacks throughout Europe.

We are only a hundred days from the start of the primaries leading to 2020.  The American people lack 2020 vision as our nation is being destroyed, largely by Trump and the Department of Injustice.  Democrats know that the truth of the Ukraine Investigation can be wiped out by Trump and his ability to pardon or in other words Trump’s inability to lead our nation to greatness will continue to block the very best aspects of a democracy.  The Barr letter written about the Mueller Report was not the first serious attack on our nation since we know that things started during the Campaign of 2016 and continued on as Trump, not being prepared on day one to be president, continued to make things worse.  And now the same Department of Injustice wants to investigate the “criminality” of its own investigation in the Russian matter as a campaign strategy to convince the Trump base to hang in there in 2020.

In New York City Mayor de Blasio points out that Trump will be arrested if he shoots someone and I am sure that there is great support, even in New York, to abiding by the decision that we cannot indict a sitting president (and that he stays in office no matter what happened)  Americans should not even wait for November 2020 to demand that Trump step down from office.  We have to reject all of those so called wise Repugnicans who have created a great danger zone since 2017.  Those Repugnicans have to be rejected at the polls.  And the resignation of Trump should be in tandem with the resignation of Mike Pence since both have been un-American.  I have talked to Trump supporters over the years and there are those that laugh at US, claiming their rights as Americans to accept his ridiculous comments and political tactics while pointing at an improving economy (and finally burying the debt that they used to talk about in the sand).

Do I wish to see Speaker Nancy Pelosi become president?  Not at all.  If there were a way to hold a new election for president of the United States after Trump steps down, I would agree to it.  If a Republican happens to win, so be it.  And I reiterate that our nation is not one where we kill each other in office or even kill family members to intimate each other and bring about a Civil War.  Violence is in the wind in America right now and we know who has caused it.  He has caused it and talked about it repeatedly instead of calming people down.  He is an Apprentice and nothing more.  His firing is imminent. 

Republicans are meeting with Democrats concerning the future impeachment of Donald Trump.  Considering everything that has happened between Trump and Democrats it would be inconsistent in any government to give in to the demands of Donald Trump.  We can think about what took place in Iraq with Sadaam Hussein or what took place with Adolph Hitler, Mussolini, or all the leaders that you probably never heard of who were treated in the manner that they treated others.  Trump’s Repugnicans should resign for all the lies they have told these past few years.  The bias has been there and we do not need biased people in the court of law anywhere.  Even Judge Judy would probably order those Repugnicans out of the room. These difficult times call for difficult decisions.

Perhaps you, my reader, do not agree and perhaps the reason is a political one.  Let me remind you by quoting from my last article something that I have not seen in articles on the internet.    On October 16, 2019 I wrote, “You may remember how Donald Trump spoke about taking out the terrorists and their family members and won the Election of 2016 (reported on December 3, 2015 by CNN).  You can call him a traitor, a coward, an idiot, or whatever name you choose, but he is still in power.  ISIS is on the loose!  ISIS is on the loose!  ISIS is on the loose!  It is clear from reactions around the world that the Kurds were thrown under the bus.  Trump may soon have blood on his hands.  What is needed now is a list of names of all those escapees that number in the hundreds that should be made public so that the public can hold the Trump Administration accountable for their future actions.  We just hope that the people who escaped captivity as a result of the Turkish attack do not commit any future massacres or atrocities.”  We need great action to protect us and that is not happening nationally or internationally. 

We need the names of those escapees now and we need the names of new candidates who will not betray US.

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