A Future ISIS Victory as Kurdish Blood is Spilled?

You may remember how Donald Trump spoke about taking out the terrorists and their family members and won the Election of 2016 (reported on December 3, 2015 by CNN).  You can call him a traitor, a coward, an idiot, or whatever name you choose, but he is still in power.  ISIS is on the loose!  ISIS is on the loose!  ISIS is on the loose!  It is clear from reactions around the world that the Kurds were thrown under the bus.  Trump may soon have blood on his hands.  What is needed now is a list of names of all those escapees that number in the hundreds that should be made public so that the public can hold the Trump Administration accountable for their future actions.  We just hope that the people who escaped captivity as a result of the Turkish attack do not commit any future massacres or atrocities.

If you recall the attack on the Embassy in Benghazi and the Republican reaction and the “lying Hillary Clinton,” you should begin to realize that this new development from The Apprentice is potentially far worse as more Americans could be killed than were killed in Libya.  Thank you Donald Trump!  Trump can redeem himself quickly since he is the great job creator.  What I recommend is that Trump hire those members of ISIS to work in Trump Tower Istanbul where Trump has a “great” relationship with Turkey and Erdogan.  Trump is not going to rush out to give jobs to those people, even with his method of extreme vetting.   He is planning to meet with Erdogan about a month from now, taking his time in the matter.

This content was tweeted by Donald Trump on August 10, 2018.  There were tariff increases of 20% and 50% (on steel).  He wrote that our relationship with Turkey was not good.  He also poured mud in the face of Turkey by writing that the Turkish lira had slid against our “strong” dollar.  The entire package of things we can learn about Trump-Turkey is very troubling.  Turkey was kept away from communist influence from communist influence after World War I as Europe feared the “Bolshviks” and again after 1945 and now American influence is waning in front of our eyes and ears by the turkey in the White House.  I’m not Russking to judgment here, but we have to ask is Russia in charge?

What Trump has clearly done is to go from winning a huge victory based on his claim of voter fraud with lies, lies, lies to declaring victory in Syria and then stopping in his tracks as he told US that he was pulling our troops out.  Then his advisers intervened temporarily and our troops stayed.  Then he ordered our troops out and now about 1,000 members of ISIS are loose resulting from Turkey’s attack.  Thanksgiving will soon be here and the Repugnicans who supported Trump and who continue to support Trump may be happy that the troops are either being pulled out or are coming home.  Hillary Clinton could have done that easily enough, but we should remember that the objective after 9-11 was to fight terrorism and Trump doesn’t have the stomach for it.  Things are going to get worse.  The Republican Party should divide now into splinter groups as everyone should remember the great work of people like Lee Zeldin and Pete King here on Long Island to give us this founding father of false promises who has created a humanitarian crisis at our southern border and the current situation in Syria. 

Lee Zeldin was just interviewed about the impeachment inquiry and he continues to espouse the party line which is full of falsehoods.  And that can only increase the divisions in America that I predicted long before the Election of 2016.  I keep reminding people that Trump is great at bankrupting things.

Here is information about the present lie.  You may have to lie down after reading this.  Lee Zeldin in his interview wants transparency from Adam Schiff and the Democrats.  He complains that there aren’t rules.  The withholding of key facts was mentioned.  There is a complaint about the secrecy as Republicans are not invited.  In his interview on the Cats Roundtable in New York, Zeldin spoke in generalities without providing any specifics.  He just supported the party position.  I do not know yet why the secret meeting is taking place but I can present a possible issue and that is the continued of obstruction of justice by the Repugnicans who have had the total support of the Department of Justice since William Barr was appointed.  Barr went head to head with Robert Mueller over Barr’s letter summarizing Mueller’s findings.  This is a nation that has a huge segment willing to read untruths and being guided by those untruths. 

On ABC This Week Hunter Zeldin says thatHunter Biden gets money with no experience in energy among corrupt people.  It might be illegal or it should be illegal to take the position that Hunter Biden took with the Ukrainian energy company.  And he says that everything that he says is 100 percent accurate, commenting about debunked information.  He mentioned immunity from scrutiny and he could not answer if he would ask that one of his Republicans to be investigated. 

He says that the Ukraine Ambassador Kurt Volker contradicted himself with no mention of the contradiction or contradictions at all.  And he claimed if we had his testimony everyone would know that.  And Lee Zeldin objects to the leaks which I support 100 percent.  Why do we keep watching or reading things that are not corroborated by evidence, knowing that people like William Barr and others make things up?  Evidence in trials is often made up and that is why we always seek the truth, even if the truth surfaces decades later.  Why?   And I write this thinking of the day that the media reported a page or pages of a Donald Trump tax return showing the taxes that were paid.  The White House confirmed that, but it was never confirmed by the United States Treasury.  You can choose to believe what you want, but I chose not to believe it.  And now knowing more and more about the propensity for lying of Trump loyalists, why should I believe them at all?  And of courses Trump denied telling America to take out the families of the terrorists.  Trump did his usual best to back away from his comments and this is what came out after his interview with Anderson Cooper.  So watch the Fox News Debates where he tells US that he is a leader who would have no problem targeting the families of terrorists.  Joe Biden must be a terrorist and Hunter Biden is his family.

This was written at the time about the interview

What “go after them” actually means is left to the imagination of voters, since Trump spoke only in evasive bromides during the interview.

  • “We have to do something and it’s the only way you stop it.” 
  • “We have to be a lot tougher. We are playing with a different set of rules.” 
  • “We have to play the game at a much tougher level than we are playing.” 
  • “We’re not fighting it strongly enough.” 

And now we see just how tough Trump really is as he has turned his back on the Kurds.  He has the backbone of a chocolate éclair, as Teddy Roosevelt said about William Mc Kinley.  The Turks have killed Kurdish fighters and civilians including children. 

Trump is about to hit Turkey with sanctions.  I should point out to you that the world stopped trading with Germany (except for the United States which held out until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.  The Germans faced desperate conditions which soon resulted in the theft of Jewish wealth to support the war machine of Germany.  Turkey may become more desperate soon but shouldn’t the Trump Administration have confronted Turkey with sanctions before it gave it the green light to attack the Kurds?  Trump knew what was going to happen. 

And what will happen to Americans now who remain in Turkey.  Will sanctions make them safe?  I would imagine that very soon Turkey will be placed on an advisory alert warning Americans to stay away.  If a Turkish police officer could kill the Russian ambassador in a museum, similar things could befall Americans.  Turkey is a great tourist nation that Americans go to.  Trump is now sending Mike Pence to Turkey while Kurdish forces try to contain 11,000 ISIS prisoners. 

And finally American troops that have been at risk and still are at risk will be transported out of the region, a region where they sometimes acted as protectors of the same people that are being killed.  All that was needed was the Erdogan-Trump telephone call on October 6 to unravel everything.  And Trump has repeated his victory statement while invoking the name of Napoleon Bonaparte as a possible protector of the Kurds.  Another joke to be defended by Marco Rubio?  At this point even American deaths there would still be considered a Trump victory.  That may be acceptable to Repugnicans, but the American people will not accept that including the families of people who are serving there.  So Trump may be safe in relation to impeachment, but his base may be eroding right now and will surely erode much more once people read the truth.  Who caused all this turmoil?  Trump!  This is the worst screwup since George W. Bush gave us looking for the weapons of mass destruction.  And could it be that Mike Pence that great evangelical-political leader will be searching for Napoleon Bonaparte so they can arrange a joint airlift of the Christians that are in danger there?  Or am I completely wrong about that?  Could it be that Pence has the backbone of a Napoleon?  This sure looks like  patisserie (pastry) politics to me.

And finally again looking at Congressman Lee Zeldin who is clearly turning his back on his fellow Americans in combat (he himself has served) as he protects Donald Trump and his false claims to “executive privilege” which probably will not work well right now.  Zeldin should be replaced for his silence at the very least.  The commander-in-chief in this situation is not more important than his men in combat.  Zeldin is a Repugnican.  And this comes at a time when Republicans in Congress have declared for an investigation of the Bidens.  The centerpiece of any statement should be evidence, evidence, evidence.  Profiling the Bidens because of a strong business connection in the Ukraine is precisely the opposite of evidence and that is what happened to Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jew, in France (this Jewish man came from a former German province and was considered less than French and his family had business interests which were normal and customary).  History is repeating itself and the more things change the more they remain the same.  There’s a lot of questioning of the Bidens and we do finally hear that there is no evidence from many reports.  Why all the questions if there is no evidence?  The media has been playing into corrupt hands with all of this.  I would shut my door in the face of the media if it came to me with allegations without evidence of something corrupt.  Come to me when there is evidence.

The White House is now opening its own internal view of the telephone call with the Ukraine.  The French military had its own investigations and influenced the courts as Captain Alfred Dreyfus was declared guilty.  The guilty one was declared innocent and there was great danger all over France (Trump declares himself the innocent one in this case).  That danger has not arrived yet in America, but we have had forecasts of it by Donald Trump himself and others as it has been stated that an impeachment of Trump might lead to civil war.  All Repugnicans should be asked to take a lie detector test right now so that we can straighten out the mess created by Donald Trump in this nation.  That would be patriotic.  And a large list of questions could and should be asked of Donald Trump and his staff (past and present).

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