World Anti-Semitism Conference: From Germany to the United States

This original title was changed before publication of this article A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Forum On My Street.  My wife called me outside as Jewish families and community walked down my street in Islandia, an event that we had not seen in over 26 years.  As I left my house to walk on the driveway, walking to the front of the driveway, a Jewish man asked me if I am Jewish and things proceeded from there.  I replied (yes) that it reminded me of my days on the Lower East Side, which was the Jewish capital of America.  Incidentally Zero Mostel attended the high school that I attended with a list of who’s who of Jewish people including Tony Curtis or Bernie Schwartz. Walter Matthau, Estelle Getty, Jerry Stiller, Joe E. Ross, Sammy Cahn, and others.  Before I knew it a rabbi was blowing the Shofar or ram’s horn for me.  The rabbi and another Jewish man engaged me in conversation, asking what kind of work I did.  I simply replied that I taught in a New York City and I am a blogger now who has had 150 articles in Jewish Business News in Israel and now I have my own blog.  The rabbi in a moment of emotional recognition called out “Marty” and that how we both found each other.  We had talked on the phone and the rabbi is one of my many readers in the Jewish community.  I also pointed out the wide range of Jewish topics that I have presented to my readers:  Rabbi Schneersohn, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, and of course The Dreyfus Affair which is playing out across our nation as the Trump Administration and even Jews around him have not learned from what took place in France in 1894 and did not end quickly as an injustice was perpetrated on a single Jew.  And the problems and the violence spread.

Help me get this forum where it has to go by sharing all of this information with others.

What the world needs now is a real forum to help and protect people.  Israel, it has been reported, is very concerned about Trump’s Turkish decision to abandon our allies in the fight against terrorism.  Here is a man, Donald Trump, who bankrupts and bankrupts.  And his Jewish support has hidden from view critical statements that Congresswoman Omar hides from view among her supporters.  At this time I am watching the field of announced candidates in that congressional district in Minnesota.  I learned that a former Republican candidate who is now running as an independent is challenging Congresswoman Omar, but I have watched his political ad and it falls far short of acceptable.  It’s vague and just another law and order piece from a retired policeman with military experience.  As Jackie Mason once told me, “So what!”

 In New York City Councilman Fernando Cabrera has announced against Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, claiming that socialism does not work.  This has been the theme of the worst part of the Repugnican campaign and that classifies Cabrera as a Democrat-Repugnican.  It is repugnant to me that people do not recognize all the socialism that has played a role in lifting up people across America.  They should take a look at my article on Austria in 1938 and learn from it.  The last time that I personally spoke to Fernando Cabrera, he was in a housing project in the Bronx trying to put an end to the violence there and we spoke about the lack of success of Obama’s stimulus in creating jobs at that time.  The jobs did come back and Obama was reelected (Cabrera does not mention the Obama stimulus at all on his campaign website and it appears that the large change in unemployment from 23.5 percent to 5,7 percent is a result of his taking office in 2010 which sounds like Donald Trump to me).  The New York Post describes key points about Cabrera and that includes his opposition to gay marriage which was an extreme position except for the fact that Cabrera is a Pentecostal minister.   I watched a video of him just now where he discussed gay marriage in Uganda which Uganda opposed and he linked his talk to the reduction of AIDS in Uganda due to government efforts.  It is very well known for a long time that AIDS was spread like wildfire in Africa due to truck drivers who sought sex on the road with women.   His comments are just like the comments that Repugnicans linked to Haitians for spreading AIDS when in fact it was a universal problem.   He has a capitalist agenda but granting great tax incentives to the wealthy corporations has always been a mixture of capitalism and socialism.  And I refer to the hiring of 400 police in Minneapolis over doing things for the community as “police socialism.”  And he thinks that he is a “Quixote” fighting for the people, which needs more supporting details from him.  I am not defending the congresswoman and I notice many similar shortcomings in both.  And he has said that “People are not dying to move to a socialist country.”  Does he know that when communism was huge and people did their best to escape it that people who were from Tito’s Yugoslavia returned there from working in other countries because it was home and better than most countries?  I would point out to him that if I were a Sephardic Jew, I could have obtained citizenship from Spain and moved to Europe where I would be entitled to lots of benefits as a citizen of Spain.  Now that wouldn’t be bad at all.  Venezuela and Cuba are not coming here as Repugnicans and Cabrera say.  It could very well be that Cabrera is a moderate Repugnican. 

Homosexuality is considered a crime in Uganda and it was a crime in Nazi Germany, even though there were Nazis that were apparently homosexual.  Ugandan law and Nuremberg Laws are detestable to even contemplate and whether we call it a prison or a concentration camp should not matter.  The rights of homosexuals were taken away in Nazi Germany and now in Uganda where the death penalty was considered as well.  The Nuremberg Laws by the way, were found at the end of World War II by Martin Dannenberg and I am not that old.

We Jews largely became middle class through the labor movement dominated by socialist ideas.  In the Holocaust Jews, homosexuals, Christian and Catholic leaders who were outspoken, Roma people, Black people from Africa and even African Americans were in concentration camps where there was death and hate.  Most people probably forget about this, even during an election in New York City.  Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez does have serious things to deal with but Councilman Cabrera has risen in government due to views that are wrong and reprehensible.  Education is one of the key things related to the job of city councilman and we know just how poorly the students are doing on state tests and the low success of minority students into the elite high schools (the idea of planting annexes in the boroughs of those elite schools is an idea that I gave to people in government a few years ago) and there is no information about education on his campaign website).  Leadership requires great ideas and solutions and not a lot of talk (think about great leadership).  Cabrera is the pastor that can lead his supporters well but we need the kinds of ideas that socialism has espoused.  The socialist advances in Austria were not wrecked by the socialist.  They were wrecked by Hitler and his war machine.  The conservatives in America did not easily give benefits to the workers that brought about a living wage and that living wage is still not a fact of life.  The robber barons of the past have been replaced by a much larger group of men and women who either grant more benefits or who do not.  I will repeat a fact for all to understand.  When the Zionists wanted to vote in a town near my grandmother’s town in Austria-Hungary, the Jews connected with the nobles opposed them and dozens of those people were shot in the back and killed.  The Zionist, you see, wanted to leave the country and go somewhere else and the other side needed all the cheap labor that it could get and would even kill to remain in power.  And the Supreme Court ruled 120 years ago that Puerto Ricans are “uncivilized” which denied the full rights of Americans.

Even on Long Island where I live and I am represented by Congressman Pete King, you can see the answers in today’s New York Newsday where our elected officials are barely dealing with the truth.  Congressman Pete King says there was no obstruction of justice and we know that that Robert Mueller said that he left the final determination to the impeachment process to the Congress as he knew that he would not indict a sitting president.  Congressman King is a “Repugnican Kingmaker” and his king is definitely going downhill fast.  There are cases all over our nation where there is serious obstruction of justice that goes undetected and people pay for that with their lives.  The Alfred Dreyfus Case in France is one of the classic examples of history.   I would not expect Pete King to state that Trump is following what the military did to Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jew, who the military had no evidence against.  Trump has no evidence against Hunter Biden, but King acts the way some of the generals acted to protect France and the military.  I wish that Congresswoman would learn from those sentences and put the information to the public.  Getting the votes in the Senate will be the problem, but let’s have an honest discussion before that happens.

An important mistake made by Obama which is consistent with the Trump mistake is that he broadcast that we are safer than before (thinking about 9-11) and we have learned that those terrorists keep on ticking like a battery that doesn’t wear out in your watch.  With all the boasting of Donald Trump about our great military that he has made great, that military has not wiped out the terrorists and Trump appears to be backing off the effort and bringing everyone home.  The effort started to keep the problem overseas and Trump’s decision violates that.  The next step for terrorists would probably be another 9-11 type disaster or we could call the attack on the Kurds that 9-11 attack.  Our allies are to be protected as we are to be protected.  And never forget that Trump’s boasts began with the military hardware that had been ordered by Obama.  Many of his boasts ring the same truth as his we are building the wall statements at rallies and a replica of that wall was just scaled by an eight years old girl.

The attack on the Saudi oil fields revealed that the administration lacks the strength that it attributed to itself since January 2017.  Although that attack was not an attack on an American fleet in the Pacific (Pearl Harbor) or 9-11 attacks, we are slowly coming to our senses that this attack did not happen under Barack Obama, that the attack might never have been thought of if the Iran Nuclear Deal had not been torn up, that the response of the Donald has been inadequate, and that it wipes out much of his credibility among other things.  And then the attack on the Kurds has sent shock waves around the world because Trump gave the green light (much more significant than Obama’s red line failure over the use of chemical weapons by Assad of Syria).  And although Israel has tremendous fire power, King Trump of Israel appears to be more like praying to the Golden Calf in the story of the Ten Commandments.  And when Trump’s demise takes place, and it appears to be more and more imminent right now, the reality probably will be that things that he has done and spoken about in and for Israel will be reversed in a return to normalcy.

The Algemeiner reports very important information that includes the recognition that the support for Jews has been very limited and we can see among the reporting of the Zionist Organization of America the complete opposite.  Although the synagogue in Germany that was under attack was not protected by police during the high holidays (and we know and applaud the efforts of people in government across the United States to protect our people), Felix Klein, the commissioner on anti-Semitism said “more has to be done.”  The heavy doors that protected the worshippers helped keep the terrorist out.  Such important information should be shared with our communities by the American equivalent appointed by Donald Trump, but obviously much more has to be done.  At the United Nations, the Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon asked that body to declare war on anti-Semitism.  I hope that the ambassador handed over a plan of action with solutions that could be put in place.  Although that kind of talk is praised immediately, I see that kind of talk as low-calorie yogurt talk which misses the point.  Stop denouncing things and put solutions into place.  That’s what the forum that I am calling for will be about.  Talk is cheap!  Trump has failed to do that with Elan Carr.  Or in other words the balance sheet of success for appointees like Elan Carr have to reflect great accomplishments on the job and not speeches that extol the alleged virtues of his boss.  Even the various speeches dating back to the appointment of Nikki Haley at the United States may now be revisited as recent events reveal the weaknesses of this Trump Administration.

Among the donations received by Turning Points USA are those of the Rauner Family Foundation and Bernard Marcus of Home Depot.  Their donations were substantial I could not find information that those donations were either regretted or not.  It would good to know since we look to men in power to help us resolve the anti-Semitism that is going viral and not to feed into it, even if done carelessly.  Founders of hate are not needed.  And Trump is deeply tied to that organization.  And if you did not know it, the Nazis contributed greatly to the emigration of Jews to Palestine since Jews really had no where else to go.  If you are confused by the last sentence, please reread the sentence about founders of hate.

 What is particularly frustrating in the fight over BDS is that I have not seen any recent report about the success or failure of Jewish groups on campus, a complete report.  There have been lots of reports of increased anti-Semitism and fear related to the statements of supporters of BDS.  What is going on and what has the Trump Administration done to ameliorate the situation?   We do not want anyone to be killed over it.  And great leadership matters!  What help are Jews getting from other campus groups so that they will feel safe?  That is what I wish to know right now.  I am suggesting right here that the Trump Administration and organizations devoted to Trump have made serious mistakes in the fight on campus.  I am waiting for information from a source or two that can tell me just how effectively Trump supported organizations on campus have helped Jews who have been threatened by comments or been the victim of anti-Semitism on campus.  I finally decided not to wait to mention Turning Points USA and its relationship with the conservative Black Leadership Summit, both supported strongly by Donald Trump.  Here is a sample of my concern from the University of Nevada at Reno only days ago “We write as faculty, staff, students, and others who are deeply concerned with the UNR administration’s responses to acts of white nationalism on campus.  We are dismayed by the many white supremacist, anti-Semitic, sexist, and anti-LGBTQ messages that have been posted, painted, carved, or otherwise displayed in dorms, classrooms, campus building, and online.”  And then this.  “We are deeply alarmed by your administration’s inadequate response to the presence and impacts of Turning Points USA [TPUSA] on our campus, and by your failure to fully support students who organize anti-racist speech, protest, and action.”

A note about my lifetime work.  In the 1980s I started to write and found out about a massacre that took place in 1929 in Hebron.  Recently I learned that Rabbi Menachem Schneersohn had been with that Jewish community shortly before the massacre.  I went to Palestinians in Brooklyn to share my ideas and it was reviewed by them.  The word was that it was balanced and we need Congresswomen Tlaib, Congresswoman Omar, and some Jewish leaders to become more balanced. Things are missing from their discussions and that limits progress toward peace.  I have ideas to share about building a bridge between people on campus and can be found here as I have published it in Jewish Business News in Israel.  I lost the chance to make a movie back in the 1980s, but my work can be read now around the world.  We have seen a brief war over the use of the word “concentration camp” and yes that word was used long before the Holocaust and will continue to be used.  We are arguing about what constitutes anti-Semitism as it relates to Israel.  And here I will share the early history of Israel as people argued about the Jewish massacre of Deir Yassin.  The Tlaibs and Omars of this world cannot only talk about that massacre.  This is taken from documents in Israel to share with you.  Zalman Aran of the MAPAI Party of the new State of Israel said in an argument with a member of the Herut Party “If I thought that the State of Israel would be capable of Deir Yassins, I would not only not wish to be an Arab here-I wouldn’t want to be a Jew here.”  I had just watched a discussion on campus at Princeton where an IDF officer was asked if he felt shame to watch over a “concentration camp.”  And Zionists were horrified about Deir Yassin.

Let’s put the online conference together and fight anti-Semitism together.  I know about a telephone conference call that had 1,000 people, but I was not a party to that.  Were you?  We can make great things happen for our people and others. 

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