Officer Bob Kroll in a Nutshell

If the officer fired a gun to save my life, I would thank him.  Officer Kroll went partisan on Fox News about the cops not being allowed to wear their uniforms in a visit by Donald Trump.  Then his organization ordered supporting tee-shirts.  Police organizations are allowed to be political, as we all know.  What disturbed me is his attitude about spending city funds on liberal items to reduce crime.  I have written in another article that we don’t need police socialism as a request has been made to add 400 officers in Minneapolis.  And keep in mind that Donald Trump has not paid 10 cities already the money owed for his protection. 

I can understand Kroll’s complaint about the city not being effective enough in keeping young adults and older adults away from crime.  Just about everyone needs retraining in that matter including Bob Kroll.  I should point out to the lieutenant, his supporting cast, and to others what I mean.  We could go back to the 1990s in New York City when a tough prosecutor named Rudy Giuliani became mayor of New York.  Almost all the crime was committed by youth and adults who grew up in the Christian faith but went astray, people who might have gone into Christian colleges.  Muslims were a few in the mosaic of the Big Apple.  Many of those people could have earned a high school equivalency long before they got into trouble, but that didn’t happen and we probably can detect the same things in Minneapolis.  And l have heard about the Somalian gangs there. 

Giuliani was tough on crime, but he got the money from Bill Clinton to hire 1,000 police officers.  But crime increased and more people got locked up.  I repeat they got locked up.  The year 1993 was a very telling year for the state of New York and the immense city where I lived at that time.  The State of New York decided to make the GED test free and that started to create a drain in diplomas.  The effect was immediate as the numbers shrank.  Whether Giuliani knew about it or not, there was indifference toward the education of the young adults as they went to the streets to earn a living.  My point is that everyone including the police have to be better informed and I can assure the lieutenant that I am very well known to Chicago PD.  And I know what to do to help depressed communities of gang members, incarcerated men and women, and former incarcerated people.  The best answer is not more police and the cost to taxpayer that goes along with it.  And counting on just morality has never really worked in history, not in the South, not in Ireland under the British, not in Europe under Hitler, and not in Syria right now as Trump abandons our allies there.

I have been a guest speaker in the jail of New York City and I know the mistakes of the commissioner of corrections there very well.  And I know the mentality of police and corrections officers that do not wish to spend more money on lots of budget items because they are tax conservatives.  And I plan to take action to help Minneapolis overcome its problems with or without the support of Lieutenant Bob Kroll. 

We see why the police need retraining all over the United States.  Police errors, police suicides, police threats, and more are plaguing communities and Trump has not had the answer.  If he did, he would have paid for your police already and transferred the funds for the wall to the city (it has just been reported that a replica of Trump’s wall has just been climbed by an eight year old girl and another person, taking 40 seconds to climb).  Giuliani should remind him of those 1,000 extra police in the 1990s.  Over the years the children of police and veterans have also gotten locked up before earning a diploma.  Officer Kroll has fallen for a man who has made a big thing of “locking up” people on the campaign trail and right now we are the midst of a battle that may end with The Donald getting locked up.  I cannot fault the officer for not knowing what I know but we can fault him for continuing to ignore an important problem which was not even resolved by Rudy Giuliani.  Republicans normally control small towns where a higher level of education has existed for many decades and cities were usually way behind back then and still have not caught up.  But lots of places around the nation are on the high crime list in Republican territory.  It would be great for Lieutenant Kroll to sit at the table of the city with much greater understanding of the problem. 

And here is a word about the White House this week.  The Black Leadership Summit of conservatives was held and Trump proclaimed that he reduced crime in the cities with his immigration policy.  Lieutenant Kroll may need a Repugnican chiropractor right now, because he is out of alignment with Trump propaganda.  Since crime has been reduced, why increase the number of police so dramatically in Minneapolis?  I have to say that I have been writing about the failure of Donald Trump in national safety as he has concentrated on national security.  It was confirmed to me that MS-13 members are in the local high school where I live and I found out that some of those gang members are behaving well and others not so well.  MS-13 has not been “decimated” in spite of all the news coming from Trump.  I did not mean news.  Crime statistics are way down in New York City and some vital figures such as murders are reaching the lowest numbers in decades.  Trump has done nothing there to help, nor has he helped Chicago!  Chicago!  Chicago!  I read the news around the country and things are not good as there are new types of killings involving family members. 

Let’s hope that the police officers in Minneapolis who have bought the new Trump tee-shirt learn from their mistakes and Trump’s mistakes.  There is great danger in following Trump and that danger will be everywhere.  May I make some other suggestions right now.  Trump should wear a body camera at all times, he could take a lie detector test, he should turn in his tax returns finally, he should think about treating the immigrants as he treats his wife who had worked in the United States illegally, he should also resign as soon as possible, and never ask for a single benefit or honor for being elected.  Trump has become a national disaster and he is being abandoned by Republicans, but Repugnicans who are learning about his misdeeds in office are standing by him and shrugging everything off.  It was just reported that there are witnesses who know about an “illegal” favor that he was doing for Rudy Giuliani.   It may be time to return the tee-shirts in support of Trump and think everything over.  I would be happy to provide the Minneapolis Police Federation with a conference call about Trump.  The police should take time to read this important news.  And they can also learn that Blue Lives and Black Lives Matter as well. 

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