Two World Famous Actors: Chaplin and Trump

America watched the “great dictator” in the 1930s and today it is watching the “little dictator” here at home.  Or just reading his tweets.

In the Chaplin movie starring Robert Downey, Jr., a Nazi who had just spoken about Hitler telling Hollywood guests that Hitler just wants to defend historic borders, create jobs, and cut out the profit speculator (Jews mostly) reaches out to shake hands with Charlie who says “I’m sorry” which is something I wouldn’t say as I would not shake hands with a Nazi or Donald Trump.  A person in the crowded room says about Chaplin “He’s a Jew.”  Chaplin replied that he did not have that “honor.”  Yes there were liberals at the party, but there were obviously conservatives and Nazis.  This all makes for great theater and I assume that it took place, but the United States rejected helping the Jews and that has been made clear from history, not from the movies.  The trailer that I watched in addition to the scene just described pointed out how everyone in the world was paying attention to Charlie.  The movies created the buzz back then.  Note that there is no movie about Trump right now to create that.  Trump has Twitter and that is his news feed and he says maybe he should create his own news network.  Trump still has to figure out that he has all the news media that he needs.  His base will not expand with more news because it is saturated.  Hitler and Trump share the same common elements and you should check out “My Most Favorite Scene” where he points out what do the Nazis have against everyone else which brings Trump to mind.  Moments later I was watching a scene from another movie called “Smuggled Nose Powder” where Charlie saves the day in a prison break.

So there is Charlie Chaplin who was probably Roma or gypsy, defending Jews in America.  He is a hero who and his life was filled with sexual scandals (marriage to avoid rape charges, court cases, paternity suits), but being called a communist led to his being denied reentry into the United States.  His story embodies the essence of what I perceive to be hypocritical thinking.  Chaplin cannot be a hero because of the sex with young girls.  There are allegations circulating about sex with young girls among leading Democrats, English royalty and a Trump attorney stated that Trump and Epstein were not friends, even though Trump and Epstein travelled together nationally and globally as reported in Newsweek.  Chaplain’s The Great Dictator is now playing here and his words ring out, even words from The Bible and Chaplin was accused of being a communist.  Soldiers need to unite for democracy he shouted out.  As I grew into my teens, Chaplin was mentioned over and over in my home by my family.  Perhaps we can spread the word about his movies across our nation now.

No sooner had I written this and done some work outside my home did I walk inside and noticed the fight of Jews and African Americans to keep people safe in the program about the 1936 Berlin Olympics and the great note of hypocrisy that we faced in America and the hatred that existed here.  And Repugnicans will tell US that things have gotten so good that there should be hardly a complaint.  And they enlist African Americans to back them up in Congress as people point the finger in the direction of Islamic Jihad when there are many more White Supremacists in America to be concerned about.   An important question to be looked into is why the F.B.I. has turned its head in investigating some or many of those who have been flagged.  I have been in touch with Jewish organizations all over the country and it would be nice to bring them together for a new discussion of what is taking place.  And in the national discussion other ethnic groups can be brought together in an open forum.

North Korean fired a ballistic missile this week and the famous “Fire and Fury” president has learned his lesson from his generals and staff ( a long time ago as was reported by Bob Woodward that there will be no war) and we have also noted more trouble in Iraq right now and the attack on the Saudi oil field where there was no retaliation by Trump in support of an ally.  Just a lot of talk.  There was that bomb dropped on Syria after a gas attack a couple of years ago, but overall Trump is doing pretty much what Obama did.  I will repeat that Republicans won the Electoral College vote which I have written about several times in the past, but Repugnicans have taken over by acceptance of the worst things that humanity has seen in many years.  Trump has done it his way just as Hitler did it his way.  And the list of failures keeps adding on and if Russia were such a great friend Russia would bring North Korea to the table to get results that Trump has not delivered.  Russia and Iran are discussing joint drills and other support.  This is not good news for the men and women in our nation’s armed services and US. 

We are not any safer than we were when Obama left office and here in the United States there has been an acceleration of horrible massacres and murders that were not massacres that suggest a great American meltdown which Trump has done nothing about.  Whether it is the threat against a Catholic priest in Worthington, Minnesota or the friendly fire killing of a NYPD officer in which the department now states that new, better police training is going to take place, Trump has sat back and watched.  The Metropolitan Transit Authority also announced today the coming hiring of about 600 new officers and many of those officers will be assigned to help the homeless get into shelters.  Trump remember lashed out against the homelessness in Los Angeles.  Trump has brought Trump Tower politics to our nation to save money which will make US more and more dangerous.  Four homeless people were also murdered in Chinatown just now and perhaps the next victims will be in a synagogue or church in New York City.  And keep in mind that all those years when the problem kept on increasing, Trump was paying no tax.   Others like him put their money offshore and paid less tax as they contributed to charities, but the money could have been used for police and public safety back then.  Long before Obama, Clinton gave New York City and Giuliani the money for 1,000 police and today cities across the United States are crying for more police.  Minneapolis just got a request for 400 more police and I have suggested that they ask Trump (to transfer money from his wall or from someplace else).  Please share this with those Repugnicans who are making things worse for US.  Former New York State Assembly Eric Stevenson and I started talking about the badly needed retraining of police across our nation and the suggested $1,000 pay increase that federal training, but it has gone nowhere. 

Trump’s proclamation against immigrants who come here who do not have medical insurance is the latest obstacle and I will remind my readers that most Jews were in bad financial shape and had no medical insurance as they tried to get into the United States and other countries.  They could not even afford visa charges around 1938.  Trump’s inhumane obstacles are not a show of his desperation.  No, they are Trump supporting his base and those people around him that should never have been in government.  Let Trump be Trump they said.  And will Nayib Bukele and the other Central American Trump allies provide insurance to their people as they come here?  Jews didn’t have it when my grandmother and her family came here.  Let’ see what El Salvador does since it seems to be the nation that is most comfortable with Trump. 

The United States has been lucky due mostly to geography.  Could you imagine what would have happened if the United States had been close to Poland, Germany, the Ukraine, and other countries back then?  I have strong doubts about the American people rising to fight hate and turning its back on all the hate that I have read about and written about.  Just expand your thinking of all the pogroms committed by Americans against African Americans and others throughout history.  The information is there.

And my recent reading about the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 reveals a lot about the main powers, particularly as they spoke about Russia and the Bolsheviks.  President Woodrow Wilson said that “Seed need soil, and the Bolshevik seeds found the soil already prepared for them.”  What did he and others mean?  They knew just how bad the capitalists were who were taking advantage of workers everywhere.  Building a new order was about peace and defeating Bolshevism.  And keep in mind that the revolution in Russia included murder, total disregard of law, and confiscation of property or wealth.  The French were particularly upset because they had invested great sums of money in Russia which was lost.  The French were inclined to blame the Germans for the rise and behavior of the Russians, but did the French blame the Germans only twenty years later when the German’s made Jews “illegal” and confiscated their wealth?  Of course not!  The Bolsheviks and supporters in Great Britain and America and those nations easily survived. 

What did take place from that time on is that those nations became more democratic and the free time that you have to decide what to do with your time was a reaction against the tyranny of the capitalists that continue to worry some of them about a thing called “socialism” today.  The freedom that Americans to do what they wish after an eight-hour workday was not the norm at that time in Western Europe and the United States.  The threat of Bolshevism played a role in 1919 to open up minds for change in Western democracies just as the Nazis played a role in populating Palestine as Jews were sent there.  Those Bolsheviks finally settled down in the 1990s and Russia is a great friend of Donald Trump but consider those Repugnicans who have voters worried about Venezuela’s conditions coming here.  They keep repeating this and it is nonsense. 

Rhetoric was the same back then, because these things do not change.  Winston Churchill who was racist spoke in an election speech, comparing the Bolsheviks to “baboons amid the ruins of cities and the corpses of their victims.”  Arthur Balfour of the Balfour Declaration once said to him “I admire the exaggerated way you tell the truth.”  But today we are deluged with exaggerated lies that Trump maintains as truth as he maintains control over his Trump Corporation in the White House.  Consider that today’s business people are much more liberal than the conservatives were back then and liberal gains always need partnerships in government.  Even 2020 with all the talk about Bernie and Elizabeth Warren and their socialism cannot happen without great support from others.  And there the emphasis is on democratically revised taxation and not Bolshevik confiscation, unless Bernie’s recent heart attack will convert him to Bolshevism.

Great Britain was losing its power in 1919 and World War II was just the icing on the cake.  Great Britain’s strength was its ability to control the seas.  Woodrow Wilson wanted “freedom of the seas.”  The men in Paris working on the peace treaty failed dismally to make things better and to avert another war.  That is when the United States assumed its leadership role which Wilson could not achieve by convincing the American people.  Trump turned US away from the United Nations with words, but he has not contributed anything amazing with all his talents. 

At the United Nations recently Trump stated his case about immigration and the illegal aspects which we have known all along very well.  In the case of Jews in Germany and throughout Europe, they were forced out by laws, violence, and fear.  In the case of people coming from Central America, they have been forced out by violence and fear as well.  The Obama Administration moved 500,000 more immigrants out of the United States than George W. Bush (2 million).  Even the New York Post which vigorously supports Donald Trump wrote in June this year that the figures for Trump vary between 226,000 to 282,000 and that was reported by ICE.  Obama had years with over 385,000 deported and one year at 410,000 and when Obama had figures that dropped in some years his figures were comparable with Trump’s years. 

And in the White House where Donald Trump met with the 2019 Black Leadership group, I did watch the video and no red hats were allowed.  Last year there appeared to be red hats of different varieties, summer and winter.  This attests to Trump’s attempt to moderate those proud moments called Make America Great Again.  Those very attractively dressed Black youth in 2018 were proud to wear the red hats and apparently have allowed themselves to become puppets of conformity to a vast propaganda machine.  We should reach out to those African Americans on campus and find out what they are really about.  Are they looking out for themselves and are they participating in the old Us against Them politics that has hurt the African American community for decades.  The evidence is there and this is not fake news.  I guess I am a whistleblower.  Could it be that someone on the Trump team asked the youth not to bring their hats to the White House meeting?  Could it be that Trump wants to sometimes distance himself from publicity that would make one think of those “brown shirts” of yesteryear?  Trumpf did not object in 2018.  So what has taken place right now?

Washington Times reporter Tom Howell, Jr. reported that Trump “told old young black conservatives Friday to stick with the Republican Party in next year’s election, citing job growth among minorities and his efforts to “keep cities safe” by fighting illegal immigration.”  It is apparent that Trump is not recognizing the picture of true violence in our cities, which has practically nothing to do with gang members who more often than not kill each other (Mafia style).  And once the gangs of those cities rid themselves of Central American or Mexican gangs, Trump seems to feel that there will be no more gangs in those cities to take over the violence and drugs that are harming Americans.  This is really amazing stuff.  The Write Stuff.

I found out that Charlie Chaplin thought that Adolph Hitler was the greatest actor he had ever seen.   Two actors?  How about three?  Too bad that he didn’t live long enough to see Trump.  The Nazis thought that Chaplin was Jewish and they made anti-Semitic propaganda concerning Chaplin.  Chaplin’s fall from popularity in America was huge and the expected downfall of Donald Trump will be huge as well.

As my readers know well, I read in bed at night.  Paris in 1919 explains all the turmoil taking place a new world order was about to take place, an order that Fox News can easily point out that failed.  The British as were others were far from gung ho about this matter and it had its own preference about establishing world leadership through a Trump like deal.  England wanted among other things to limit the navies among the powers so that it could control the seas.  The Fourteen Points of Woodrow Wilson did include “freedom of the seas” so that the world would not be controlled by any one power (or two).  Russia didn’t have much power back then and the France was already in great decline as other decisions were being made, including whether to have mandates or permit annexations of territories.  The Brits preferred to make a deal with the United States to create a new world order.  And you recall Trump denouncing the United Nations and NATO years ago.  Where would Trump go to create his new world order?  Here is a short list and you decide.  Israel, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Russia.  Where could Trump go as he tore up the United Nations?  Maybe Fox News can tell you the correct answer. Technology propelled Trump into the White House and technology is the leading component of his downfall, that is Trump’s own natural technology.

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