Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear: Trump’s Civil War is Perfect

I am not a crook.  I am a transparent person who thrives on integrity as I offer solutions to a community, a nation, and a world.  I am reading the book 1919 which was one hundred years ago and rings of so many truths about today.  The war ended and mistakes were being made as mistakes are always made.  Trump was a mistake and a big one.  At that time there was starvation and disease all over Europe and no infrastructure in place to deal with all that trouble.  Herbert Hoover, a Republican, did a credible job of helping Europe mixed with favoring American businessman entering the scene, but he soon told Europe “enough is enough” and pulled out of supporting the desperate people and the it took six years to see pre-war conditions back in place as people expected things to happen immediately.  This surely is reminiscent of most of US as we expected the Obama stimulus to take effect immediately, but it didn’t.  Then job creation started to make a comeback.  Republican propaganda is still widely believed in this country as this “enough is enough” attitude is perpetrated.  People always need more help and the struggle exists even in the economically powerful United States. 

A couple of key things to keep in mind.  In Vienna, which I have written about recently, more babies were dying than living as the war ended.  And another thing that I have written about in relation to that “Peace Conference” which I learned an additional thing about is this.  Brazil played a tiny role in the World War I effort and Portugal sent 60,000 troops to the Western Front.  Woodrow Wilson backed Brazil with three delegates against Portugal’s one delegate and Britain backed Portugal.  As you can see America won.  Stupidity wins out everywhere and that is playing out today.  And Trump has been telling you for some time now that he is not a crook, using words like “clean,” “no collusion,” and no obstruction,” and he has placed the blame on the other side.  Trump is being the Trump that author’s have written about.  Our nation is under the spell of “Let Trump be Trump.”  He is the same person he was before the Election of 2016, the same person who ran the Trump Corporation and the person who created The Apprentice firing people.  And right now people expect Trump to be impeached and others do not.  Yes he should be impeached.  Yes the American people should force his resignation.  And he should be entitled to no benefits and honors that go with the title that I will not even write right here.

And as World War I came to and end there were 12 wars going on within Europe that revealed that war could easily break out again and the poor performance in Paris defeated the purpose of lasting peace.  Another thing to consider is that Germany was in good shape at the end of the war and the Allies minus the United States and Austria-Hungary were not in good shape.  Those nations were anticipating a possible defeat.  What actually happened was that Germany surrendered and war was ended.  This is reminiscent today of the conflict in Syria and the Trump declaration of victory and retreat which the military overruled him on.  And the recent attack on Saudi oil fields by drones has shaken American military fearing a possible attack on its command operations in the region.  Those wake-up calls show US that we are not as powerful as Trump spouts.  It is about deceiving the American people.

At the time of the Paris Peace talks it was apparent that Great Britain was losing power to the United States, especially since the American economy was thriving due to the war and due to the late arrival of the United States in the war.  India for example had provided more than a million troops to the war effort and was not accorded a high place of honor.  Indian delegates were selected according to their “loyalty” to Great Britain.  Gandhi and others like him were ignored.  And we know that at the end of World War II that the Brits knew that it had much less to offer the world and things really started falling apart in India, Africa, and Palestine.  These were the final nails being hammered into its coffin.  And we see the rise of China and Russia which had no power after World War I but presented major problems during and after World War II.  The investment in Europe that Hoover would not consider in his “enough is enough” statement was instituted largely because of Russian power as Stalin was taking over much of Europe with the consent of the other powers.  The Marshall Plan to fund countries toward recovery won and today in spite of the nonsense surrounding America First and Make America Great Again, Marshall Plans are being discussed for new regions of the world including Central America.

 American rejection of aid to nations was part of the Trump mosaic and now it may become a reality as his supporters change course for him.   Things that are bad for America become okay when Trump dictates it so that elections can be won.  There also seems to be a plan to bring farm workers to Arizona from El Salvador at hourly wages in excess of $20 an hour with additional benefits which is something that might lead to a $20 minimum wage for Americans and extra benefits when we apply that information being shared should be discussed across the United States.  People should be paid better so they can live better in the US.  There is no problem with new initiatives that help people, but at the highest level of government in El Salvador and other countries in Central America the leaders should recognize that a small deal (whether “sweetheart” or not) by a man who has inflicted so much harm and danger by his words and actions is typical of what Jews were going through under Adolph Hitler before Krystallnacht and even after Krystallnacht as people were often incapable of assessing the entire situation, even as Jews were killed and committing suicide in great numbers.  This has to be an important learning experience for Nayib Bukele and the other presidents and they also have to recognize that they have started to diminish the presidency in their own countries.  Working with a president who believes in justice for others does not present the same problem at all.

Women were not able to get their movement made part of the world peace as the men in power felt that this important issue was a “national” issue.  Women soon won additional rights in America, but women played a major role in getting Trump into office.  When I say women, keep in mind that Black women were not onboard with Trump and 98 percent of Black women voted for Doug Jones over Roy Moore in Alabama.  Women also sold their souls to the devil in 2016 as they looked for the party label (reminding me of the old ad for look for the union label that we used to watch on television).  Women for Trump’s Groping of Women won the day.  Women for Trump’s lies won the day.  Women for Trump’s Declare Victory when there is no victory. His bankruptcies were declared victories. 

Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard Law professor and others know that Trump has pretty much seized dictatorial power as the American Constitution is of little or no help at this moment.  And with the Justice Department giving Trump that green light because it maintains that a sitting president cannot be indicted, that is where we are at and that is where we are going to stay.  His “high crimes” will only lead US to November of 2020, Election Day.  But we should be proud of those men and women who seek his impeachment, never knowing what exactly is on the minds of those men and women who will not vote against Trump.  I conclude that there is corruption of the mind.  And even at this time as Trump should not be able to raise money for reelection, the coffers are being filled with gold.  That is almost criminal.  But Americans have the freedom to do what they want with their money.  Now I can tell you this.  I have the answer to that and it is not about money.  It’s about joining the fight and volunteering to DDT or Defeat Donald Trump.  DDT is the disinfectant that will kill his germs, those Germanic germs.  Here is a taste of that food with the germs taken from Nazi Germany and provided by Professor Alan Singer.  It is not exactly what is taking place, but we do not want to even approach being more similar.  “One of the things most disturbing in the Topography of Terror exhibits was the distortion of language in anti-Semitic and politically repressive “laws” and Nazi propaganda. Attacks on German Jews were justified as “Abwehraktion” (defensive actions). Dissidents who questioned the regime were branded as “asoziale” (anti-social) or “staatsfeinde” (enemies of the state), which were grounds for imprisonment in a concentration camp. “Vorbeugungshaft” (protective custody) was not used to protect individuals, but to protect the government from people who criticized the Nazi state apparatus, policies, or ideology. There was a campaign to rid the nation of “Unnütze essen” (useless eaters).”  The part about protecting the government from the people is alien to our foundations, but an integral part of the Trump years.

I spotted things that journalists have not even touched about Trump in his campaign and it has played out from beginning to this point.  Trump has gotten the Department of Justice to breath fire into people the way that the military did in the famous Dreyfus Affair.  The key component of the Affair and today is that you make something up about someone or in other words there is no evidence but you proceed anyway.  Whether it is Alfred Dreyfus, Hunter Biden, or you or me, it’s the same thing.  It was there under Hitler or one nation under Hitler with no liberty and justice for all and it is there today.  The resignations and suicides under the Dreyfus Affair took place, but the Trump Administration has become emboldened by the American system where there is some honor which is the result of the numerous leaks that have taken place seem James Comey.  In the Dreyfus Affair there was one leak of information that tore France apart. 

We are not exactly heading toward a Civil War, because we are in a Civil War.  This is the result of Trump and the Electoral College, along with his continued support no matter how terrible he is.  Trump just held up the map of the United States in bright red to show the landslide that he had, which was not exactly repeated in 2018.  There have been Republican victories as Trump did not run and it is possible that Trump will be the candidate again in 2020, but Hillary is not running right now and probably will not be the candidate then.  Her strategy failed, even as she won 3 million more votes than Trump.  The massacres that have taken place under Trump and his pledge of allegiance to the people could have resulted in the breakdown of whatever law and order that we have.  The guns are there and the people to use those guns are there.  I recently wrote about how some of Hitler’s supporters who were drunk led to the burning of over 200 synagogues and tremendous loss of life without a civil war taking place.  But if and when things start again and the combination of the killing of innocent people and revenge take place, we will be in a civil war just as we were in 1861,that the Spanish were in the 1930s, that El Salvador was in, and other nations have experienced throughout the world.  The Republicans can ask for all the money that they receive, but they should also be asking for the resignations of Trump, Pence, Barr, and others who never belonged in power.

Senator Grassley the Republican from Iowa and Congressman Rose of New York have come out in favor of an impeachment inquiry and I hope that they share this article with their colleagues.  I recognize that Repugnicans will not listen.  Before John Mc Cain passed, I was urging that Democrats reach out to Republicans as Trump turned our nation in the wrong direction.  Trump hotels room that are paid for by foreign powers go unused shows US that the Trump Corporation is in power.  All of Trump’s shortcomings over the years are now part of the landscape of America and the world.  He has not changed and he always acts like your worst enemy in court who should lose for doing something wrong that he wants the judge to overlook and to rule in his favor.  His citizenship has to be recognized for what it is, even though he talks a great game of supporting our nation’s police and military.  Trump is really patriotic to Trump.  Trump’s call to the Ukrainian president and his civil war Made in America are perfect.  He keeps talking about a conflict or civil war without evening realizing that he has divided the nation more and created policies that have led US to where we are.  I expect more leaks about Trump before the end of this year.  And I hope that the government returns to normalcy in 2020 with a new administration.  Trump’s Civil War is perfect as is everything that he does!

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