Minnesota: Immediate Improvement is Imminent

There are divisions in the city of Minneapolis-St. Paul that I have taken notice of.  The head of the Police Federation is making news on Fox News (and I have denounced Fox News repeatedly over the years and will continue to do so after watching Officer Robert Kroll).  The topic announced was not inviting Donald Trump to the city because of the hate that he helps ignite and I agree with that.  And by the way lost over a decade is the presentation by Lou Dobbs, who in a moment speaking of his very own America First plan, denounced President Obama for taking a trip to a Scandanavian country when the money could have been used to develop programs for gang members in Chicago.   I have watched the Jewish Council videos and read some of its statements and object, of course, to at least one about the American embassy in Jerusalem.  And I have watched the police chief and spoken to a member of the City Council.  Perhaps it was not wise for the mayor to order the police to not wear their uniforms when in the presence of Trump, but regulations and laws can be fought and there is due process.  After watching the comments made by the officer on Fox News, I find his views very toxic, as I find the views of Congresswoman Omar of Minnesota toxic.  My wish list calls for them to change or be replaced by better people.  Liberals in Minneapolis can learn from the You Tube taken at City Hall in New York City.   And the current city council of New York can learn as well.

Minneapolis GED results are well above the results for New York where I live.  Sure there’s a gap between Whites and African Americans, but that gap is 18.8 percent and that shows to me an educational system that is working better and a testing system that is working much better than New York’s which I am very critical of.  I have asked Congresswoman Omar to do more to help people in her district with the G.E.D. and if she has failed to do this I find it deplorable.  There are surely problems within that G.E.D. system and one is that the completion rate over the years could have been higher for first time test takers since Minnesota has been below the national average.  New York State excels at that, but it also contributes to a higher failure rate.  What I am expressing here is that readiness in all subjects quickly generates more diplomas and it is not clear to me that students in Minnesota are on that path.  There are states where students choose to take some parts of the exam and delay taking other parts and that holds people back from getting jobs where a diploma is needed and from either entering college or the military.  It is really important for those candidates to know all of this.  As those people sit in the class studying, others are waving goodbye to the programs with their diplomas.  This kind of information in the hands of people in power could make the city better without stressing law and order. 

People that Officer Kroll calls “liberals” can do a better job of improving the services that they have.  Another improvement would be to address the students dropping out and their need to earn an equivalency right away.  The completion rate for high school may be high in Minneapolis, but there are always recent dropouts that take years to earn an equivalency diploma.  This makes the adult community more at risk and good policing and community awareness should identify the leading zip codes or communities in Minneapolis that are contributing to the incidents of crime, violence, and gang violence.  Aggressive actions could be taken early to prevent horrible things later on or “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  The police have to recognize this and even advocate for it as they work in the cities streets to prevent problems.  Liberal programs are often not hitting the bullseye, but that correction can be achieved just as policing which does not hit the bullseye can be elevated by better training.  In New York Eric Stevenson has urged a national and local partnership between police and communities where police could earn federal dollars or Trump dollars as part of that process (I would love to see the look on Trump’s face as he signs that into law).  And I would love to see Officer Kroll’s face as he realizes that his thoughts really were not as great as he thought they were.  National police training is needed and can be achieved.  And we should take note of the added measures that could prevent police suicides which is rising and would an integral part of the federal program.  Money talks and cities used to get badly needed federal funds from a Democratic president in the last century and this president has favored a program committed to national security over national safety.  I see the violence in the news that is not related to MSD-13 and the undocumented immigrants that Trump talks about, but Trump has done little or nothing to help as he tells the police that he is behind the police supporting it.  Even the national police organization has spoken out against Trump for the things he says.

I have pretty frequent conversations with the Chicago Police which are both general and specific.  And my outreach has even included a woman whose son was killed in her kitchen and who fears for her own life as threats are being made.  And she has felt abandoned at times by the police in this matter.  Better communities are achieved by better community policing.  Even where I live, the Suffolk County Police Department just donated to keep the Wyandanch High School football team in action by issuing a $150,000 donation or grant.  Divisiveness is the calling of many police organization leaders and that is hard to overcome.  Officer Kroll on Fox News spoke his mind, but his mind was attacking “liberals” and speaking about “law and order.”  These are typical, intergenerational mistakes of police.

My conclusion is that Minneapolis probably needs more police and a five-year plan is a good thing, but that plan has to be looked at year by year so that taxpayer monies are not wasted.  Creating police jobs that are excessive may be another form of government waste or what the officer calls “socialism” when he talks about liberals.

I am ready, willing, and able to help the people of Minneapolis, but it takes the right thinking by everyone in the state.  I already did an outreach to the state’s GED staff, telling that staff about the failures of the current G.E.D. system known as Pearson Vue.  There were about 6,000 diplomas back in 2013 and I took my statistics from that report.  I do not know the current numbers, but I can assure you that Pearson Vue did not put into practice the ideas that were told to me by its CEO and President.  He told me how a doubling of diplomas was going to be achieved and I loved hearing it because it really involved a great community effort.  I rest my case here.  The City Council and Mayor Frey can ask the state for actual numbers beginning in 2014.  You will probably conclude exactly what I am thinking about and that is that the other high school equivalency testing companies should be invited into Minnesota to finally achieve something close to either the numbers in 2013 or the doubling that was mentioned to me by the president of Pearson Vue.  And people in Minneapolis can feel free to reach out to me.  I can start a new project to help people for free within days as well.

There are times when I had to follow orders with no one to turn to.  And there were times when I went to the newspapers.  Officer Kroll went to Fox News and the segment that he did, in my opinion, is just as partisan as the complaint that Kroll had about the mayor’s decision.  I look forward to seeing the relationship between the Police Federation and the entire community improve by new ideas that make sense.  Law and order sometimes turn into Law and Disorder and we wish to prevent that.  May the council and the community grow and help the people much better.

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