Hitler in D.C.

The actual title of the book I am reading is Hitler in Los Angeles by Steven J. Ross. The goal certainly included either letting Hitler take America over by force or to install a closely cooperating leadership. Los Angeles, the City of Angels, was a hotspot for Nazism. And there were nearby communities that got […]

If Donald Trump Shoots Joe Biden

Donald Trump killing Joe Biden would be the biggest disgrace of the Trump Administration, but what if he only wounded Biden and Biden shot back in self-defense killing the Donald?  At the very same time that we are discussing again that a sitting president cannot be indicted, we learn that a hunter just shot a […]

Officer Bob Kroll in a Nutshell

If the officer fired a gun to save my life, I would thank him.  Officer Kroll went partisan on Fox News about the cops not being allowed to wear their uniforms in a visit by Donald Trump.  Then his organization ordered supporting tee-shirts.  Police organizations are allowed to be political, as we all know.  What […]

Two World Famous Actors: Chaplin and Trump

America watched the “great dictator” in the 1930s and today it is watching the “little dictator” here at home.  Or just reading his tweets. In the Chaplin movie starring Robert Downey, Jr., a Nazi who had just spoken about Hitler telling Hollywood guests that Hitler just wants to defend historic borders, create jobs, and cut […]

Ayuda Equivalencia de la Escuela Superior de Puerto Rico.

Hay cinco partes en el examen de Puerto Rico.  Según la ley de 1949 hay que hacer un examen en inglés también. Hay preguntas y contestaciones.  En la primera parte o Comunicación en español, el libro Barron’s esta recomendado.  Abra cada enlace y comience sus estudios. Comunicación en español. Razonamiento Matemático. Interacción Social. Razonamiento Científico. […]

GED Study Tips

The book that I used was the GED Kaplan 2017 and you can use the same method for the book that you already have at home or will buy.  There are newer editions. Start at Roman Numeral XVIII                                                                                                   Check Mastery of Question Content Area                                                                                                                                Reading                                                                                                                                          Mastery Writing and Language Skills                                                                                                       Mastery                                                            Mathematical Reasoning                                                                                                            Mastery […]

TASC Test Study Tips

Let’s go straight to the best way to study for the TASC-HSE or High School Equivalency. The TASC Test Mc Graw Hill book that I used was printed in 2014, but there are new editions.  Just follow what I am telling you here and apply it to the book that you have or will buy. […]