Worthington : Holy Protectors of Our Immigrants

Catholics all over the world should take notice of an attack this week on the Catholic Church in Worthington, Minnesota.  Nobody was hurt, but Father Jim Callahan’s life was threatened.  Why?  He was attacked over protecting immigrants that have been released from the border.  It was reported that the priest received a death threat.  This […]

Bukele: Corruption Rules

Just as I started reading about the agreement between Donald Trump and Nahib Bukele, it was reported that U.S. Marines were invoIved in human trafficking and it appeared that $8,000 was involved. Everyone is not corrupt, but corruption is everywhere. And Jews escaping Hitler and other leaders involved in taking away the rights of Jews […]

G.E.D. and The Force 2020 DDT.

I just pointed out to a woman in Florida that about 2.5 million adults in Florida do not have a diploma. And a huge amount of the 1.5 million of Florida’s former incarcerated are among those 2.5 million. Another thing to consider among people who lack a diploma is that being “special ed” impacts, creating […]

Trump and Hitler! America and Austria!

As Austria was going from an independent country to an integral part of Germany, Hitler’s “stars” were entering in March of 1938.  Herman Goring went to see the former home of his Jewish godfather, but he made speeches that we can easily compare to Trump’s speeches.  He spoke that 300,000 Jews had been responsible for […]

J’Accuse: Emile Zolá is My Guide

Join The Force 2020 DDT and send this article to others. Follow The Force 2020 DDT on Twitter. I live and eat J’Accuse and that applies to people on both sides of the political aisle.  Emile Zolá has been a great hero to me for exposing the French military at the time of the Dreyfus […]