Jews: Still Learning from the Holocaust

With the call to boycott Home Depot because of Bernard Marcus’ donations to Donald Trump, Jews have to be on guard against anti-Semitism, although Jews will also be supportive of the boycott.  Of course I would write about Bernard Marcus as well, but with that important caveat about anti-Semitism.  The world witnessed Donald Trump’s quick […]

Stephen Miller: White House Anti-Semite?

Breaking news first.  Border agents have confirmed that Trump has not built any new wall.  I wrote a series of articles about Trump’s wall in Jewish Business Wall, but I had no idea that after all of Trump’s fighting and talking that it was entirely made up.  I can hear him right now saying “We […]

A History Lesson for Our World War I Veterans

There were 40 million casualties during World War I.  There were about 23 million wounded and the rest died.  In earlier wars disease played a major role and disease accounted for about one-third of the deaths. American losses were put at under 120,000.  Do you think that Gavrilo Princip deserves the statue in Belgrade or […]

Trump: Make Baltimore Great

Looking at the top 100 places for crime in America, you could easily conclude that the red states are doing a lousy job of helping their people. The Baltimore Sun is right!  Donald Trump is a modern version of You Dirty Rat.  Trump has helped make Baltimore worse. It’s not just about Baltimore or Chicago […]

Armistice for Students (and teachers)

Imagine an eighteen-year old student on work experience telling a General who was Minister of War, General Savov, that he is no longer general nor minister.  “The people have stripped you of power,” he told the general in Radomir Station.  This was about the proclamation of the Republic of Bulgaria.  It is surely reminiscent in […]

Mass Shootings: From Parkland to Garlic

The Garlic Festival calls attention to the need to know people better in our own communities, potential shooters. And lots more shootings (hate shootings and more).  Of course America is not the land of mass shootings, but it can be painted that way.  I can behave at times the way that Trump behaves, putting out […]

Governor Larry Hogan on Fox News

Maryland ranks at the bottom in the nation along with New York, Connecticut, Alabama, Mississippi, Michigan, Illinois, and Florida in diploma attainment for African Americans. Unemployment in Baltimore City has dropped from 5.5 percent to 4.9 percent in the last year of record, but 4.9 percent is way too high for Baltimore as it struggles […]