Bulgaria’s Jews Saved from Deportation

I have been told by a friend who has a Holocaust exhibit in place in Florida that a significant number of people visiting the exhibit and chatting with him do not wish to be reminded of the Holocaust.  Mark Cohen has an exhibit in the Dania Beach Holocaust and Documentation Center.  His work including the […]

National Night Out in the Bronx

In the South Bronx.  I have attended a similar event in Wyandanch on Long Island and it is critical to Stop the Violence across our nation, but it is important to report a new source of light to help Bronx residents, particularly in the New York City Houses.  Eric Stevenson went into those houses to […]

Volunteer for the Right Thing: Do the Right Thing

US Intelligence, it has been reported, has deep distrust for Donald Trump.  American intelligence would strongly suggest uniting now. In 2001 I started attending meetings in the Consulate of El Salvador in Brentwood, but Luis Montes Brito who was then the consul general asked me to provide GED orientation to the people.  He could have […]

More on Mass Shootings

The Blood Libel by itself has nothing to do with guns or other weapons and killing Jews. The mentioning of Jewish money and dual loyalty of Jews has nothing in itself to do with killings. We could prepare a large list of things that do not kill people with guns and other weapons that have […]