James Comey for President

James Comey helped erase waterboarding as a means of torture under George W. Bush and even the Trump Administration has not reinstated it so far.  The key message is to put a man or woman in the oval office whose loyalty is to the people of the United States.  This is an idea and not a demand, but honesty and integrity must be thrown on the table for discussion and that rodent has to be evicted from the White House.

Sometimes in government, a good leaker comes along and helps the nation when an injustice is taking place.  James Comey did that in connection with the rich testimony and evidence in Trump’s obstruction of justice.  Robert Mueller decided that he could not proceed with charges against a sitting president, but what if Trump were standing at the time that papers were served.  Now, now, now!  This is no time to joke around.  Our democracy is at stake.  You would have to learn a little bit more about what greatness is about.

Let’s turn to one of my main subjects.  France in the 1890s and the Dreyfus Affair.  The classic case of hate and discrimination against a Jew has been the subject of books, articles, documentaries, and films.  Emile Zolá who helped save Captain Alfred Dreyfus was a great hero and was given the honors of a hero later on as he was buried in the Pantheon in Paris.  He did not fight in a war to gain those honors.  He wrote and he passed on leaked information.  James Comey did great things and leaked information and recently even the Department of Justice refused to charge him.  Why?  This is Donald Trump’s Department of Justice with William Barr conducting the chorus.  You figure it out.  I think that it would have been very dangerous for Trump and the United States if another injustice were perpetrated.

Quickly, like reading, Cliff Notes we see what transpired.

By the way the government of France at that time was kind of “trumped up” if you get what I mean.

This is directly from Wikipedia “government with policies oriented towards economic protectionism, a certain indifference to social issues, a willingness to break international isolation, the Russian alliance, and development of the colonial empire.”  Trump could have taught France most of its mistakes well.  And there was a rise in “nationalism” and “anti-Semitism.”

General Mercier summoned Dreyfus under the pretense of a uniform inspection but expected Dreyfus to confess the charge of providing information to the Germans, an act of treason.  Now we see that a great majority of Jews have been declared almost traitors by Trump.

The military demanded totally secrecy from Mrs. Dreyfus and she could not disclose a word out of fear.  It should be time to revoke all of Trump’s non-disclosure agreements that may still prevent people from coming forth to tell the truth about Trump and his trumped-up White House.

There was an order given for a military enquiry. But what was passed on to the that military enquiry was not any “material” evidence.  What was passed on were suspicions about Dreyfus that should never even have been mentioned, including that he spoke German which meant that he could have had a dual loyalty.  In this case, the prosecution’s case was empty, but it found Dreyfus Guilty.  And General Mercier was declaring Dreyfus guilty months before that trial as he spoke publicly.  The right and left joined in its sentiment that Dreyfus was spared death as he was led to permanent exile.

Lieutenant Colonel Georges Picquart found out who the traitor was.  Picquart did not have the consent of his superiors to conduct an investigation which was done in secret.  The General Staff of the French Army said that Picquart did not understand anything and it protected the real villain, Major Esterhazy.

Just as James Comey confided in a friend who released the “memo” that Americans have read about, Picquart gave information to Louis Leblois, a lawyer who protected the information and who ultimately decided to leak the information to the government.  And there was “collusion” to eliminate Picquart.

Esterhazy was soon put on trial by the military.  Witnesses against Esterhazy were hissed at in court and Esterhazy was cheered when he spoke.  He was acquitted, naturally, of the charges.   “Fake news” of its time.

Emile Zolá was sued and he was found guilty of “libel” which was a continuation of “fake news” in France.  There was great danger to Zolá by a nationalist who organized riots.  Zolá fled to England. 

By September 1898 it was clear that Dreyfus needed to be retried, after key players in the military committed suicide, resigned, and lost credibility.  Esterhazy fled to England.  In September 1899 Dreyfus was convicted of treason again but this time with “extenuating circumstances” and this time his sentence was reduced to ten years.  He lost acquittal by one vote.  A retrial was in the works.

Instead of a retrial, in 1906 Dreyfus was pardoned by President Loubet of France (he was not declared innocent). 

The great Emile Zolá in September of 1902 passed away, the victim of asphyxiation.  It was reported in 1953 that a Parisian roofer blocked Zolá’s chimney, killing him.  There is a bit of Zolá in many of us and we are dying due to the fumes of the Trump Administration.

I am not putting Comey’s name into nomination, but we should consider the idea and accept men like Comey who refuse to be loyal to Donald Trump.  Comey for President would be a great time for the Democratic donkey to kick down all the lies of Repugnicans in 2020. 

James Comey is a registered Republican, but I see him running as a Democrat.  What?  I know someone who recently ran in the Democratic primaries for governor of Illinois and now he tells me that he is preparing to run as a Republican for president.   We have choices in life to make in life and no better time to kick Trump out of office.  And we see Republicans stepping forward to challenge Trump as well.  Trump is not clean, but he is mean spirited and has never developed as the leader of our nation nor of the free world.

With students going back to school, I would recommend that entire schools learn about the Dreyfus Affair and Emile Zolá in French classes, particularly since literature is taught in French classes.  The word Affair is l’Affaire in French.  Check out the Dreyfus Affair on your telephone.  Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Alfred Dreyfus are from the same family.  If you loved Seinfeld or go crazy over the movie Jaws with Richard Dreyfuss, it’s the same family.

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