The White House Is Going Bankrupt®

Find out why.

It’s not the stock market dropping.  Nor is it the price of gasoline that is acting the way it did during the Obama years.  At that time conservative talk radio was broadcasting a $5 gallon of gasoline which has not happened.  People have gotten richer off the stock market which has risen about 7,000 points, much of it under Trump for sure.  It is not the job creation, because people know all over America that although some jobs have been created that the return of the jobs that Trump spoke about has not happened.  He carried on about Carrier and a lot of the jobs that he and Mike Pence appeared to save just haven’t been saved.  It’s not the farmers that suffered with his tariff war and his bailout costing billions to give to farmers so they could survive.  It has been reported in places that people are still waiting to get the training to get jobs that they also waited for under Obama.  It’s not about the polls that we know were wrong about Trump back in 2016 as well.  And it’s not about the promises that Trump made that have cost you and your children trillions of dollars in public debt over his tax reform which did not bring in enough money to keep things in balance and his tariff (it has just been reported by Bank of America Merrill Lynch that there is a drop in Consumer Confidence in our nation) war that has cost each person buying Chinese goods a lot of money as the debt has risen.  And it looks like Mexico is becoming one of the greatest beneficiaries of Trump’s trade war with China.  Mexico!  It’s not about all his lies and misinformation or that he has not built a wall yet, even though he had Republicans in both houses of Congress helping him in 2017. 

There are other factors that will be contributing to the bankruptcy of the White House.  Bankruptcy goes along with only one candidate among all the Republican and Democratic candidates who sought to be president of the United States and that person is Donald J. Trump.  Even today he is convincing people who don’t need convincing that he will find a way to prevent a recession.  Trump the genius, if he had known what to do, would have prevented the great recession that started under George W. Bush which made parking lots where people who worked and parked their cars look like ghost towns.  The “stimulus” under Obama added to the national debt but sped up the recovery.  Do I have to repeat that Trump was alive and well and did nothing to show us how to get out of that recession and he was a Democrat in those days? 

So what is it?  Just imagine if something happened to a close member of the Trump family (Brandon his son, Ivanka his daughter, Donald Jr. or Eric or their loved ones.  And let’s imagine that the doctor who could treat that family member for a life-threatening condition were in Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, or some other country and our doctors recommended that he seek out the doctor.  It should be obvious to anyone that Trump is for Trump and Americans have been trumped or conned.  That brings us to the health care that Trump never brought to the table, even as he promised to repeal Obama Care and replace it on his first day in office.  I feel for the people across our nation who are suffering with no health coverage.  That means that Trump has bankrupted millions of people.  He is not a banker, but he has bankrupted millions of people by playing with their lives.  And I can assure you that it is not about the recent polls that show that Trump has fallen below 40 percent approval to 38 percent approval.  And there appears to be nothing in sight to elevate him above 40 percent at this time in 2019.  And there is now talk that he will be looking at cutting Social Security and Medicare in 2020.  He doesn’t have enough support to accomplish that either.  Getting back to health care, his own hypocrisy holds the answer to the bankruptcy of the White House as it did when he failed with his casinos.  He lost expensive possessions, including a yacht and a private jet.  He may not lose any of that now or in 2020, but the American people are losing and volunteers all over the United States are going to undo all of Trump’s speeches, actions, rhetoric, mistakes, misinformation, lies, and lack of attention to real problems facing Americans.

When the Vietnam War took place, Lyndon Johnson and others were not honest about that.  Although we keep hearing that we have the strongest and best trained army in the world, there are conflicting reports from our own sources.  Even during the Korean War, China’s military might was highly respected and limited our own operations in Vietnam until we withdrew.  Trump was talking about withdrawing, but his military advisers would not allow that to happen.  The killing of Americans in Afghanistan, though small in number, is the highest death toll that we have had there in five years and the continued terrorism taking place under American eyes shows failure, even as Trump attempts to make peace with the Taliban.  There will even more volunteers around that as well.  And I have not even mentioned Trump’s taxes and the Mueller Report.  Have I?  They will surely come up again and maybe sooner than later, but Trump is still in power.  But what does that power mean?  Not as much as it did in 2016 when he was untested.

The average American does not care enough of his attacks on undocumented immigrants and his detention centers which have been likened often to concentration camps.  They are out doing a job and taking care of their own lives.  But there comes a time when a light goes on inside a person’s head about something and that person gets fed up.  That is exactly where the bankruptcy will hit the American people.  Yes the White House is going bankrupt as I write.  Republicans are beginning to make the move to challenge God’s self-chosen American leader who is no greater than the greatest hypocrite that we learned about in other countries (and he admitted later that he was being sarcastic about God).  The tariff war just advanced a notch and the Chinese are not like us as we really care whether our people die or survive.  In the War in Vietnam it was the known that the Vietnamese would tolerate hundreds of thousands of their people being killed to get rid of the corrupt government that they had and people everywhere joined the Vietcong.   And today Vietnam is a trading partner to the world and one of the places that manufacturers turn to in this tariff war.  The Chinese government just like the North Korean government does not have the safety net to help people either through government programs or through the great charitable donations of the American people.

That change of two percent in the Trump support has weakened Trump and there will be more coming.  It’s like a beach erosion that we don’t see or like the erosion of topsoil affecting farm life, food production, and our national economy.  At one point everyone knew of the “dustbowl” that turned Republicans over to Democrats in power.  All of this has to be taken into consideration as 2020 comes and all races from president to congressman will be in the balance.  A lot has happened since the inauguration of Trump and a lot more will happen.  Everything matters!  And Trump voters will begin to feel less secure and less respected even though on some issues he has their back. 

The nation is getting upset over the fact that Trump continually says that he doesn’t think this and doesn’t think that and then the public finds out that Trump was not in control of the real facts surrounding the matter.  And his blaming of everyone else, but himself is catching up with his own supporters.  This kind of thinking was dangerous in Germany as fascism swept through Germany to win elections, resulting finally in Americans going off to war to fight for freedom and democracy.  Times are different in America right now, but the American people are slowly waking.  And remember that if Ivanka ever needs medical attention from a doctor in a nation that Trump has bashed, he’s not going to take her to a doctor in some American medical insurance plan.

I learned a lot about “black lung” while visiting the coal mines of West Virginia over a decade ago.  There are illnesses and medical conditions that are overwhelming families in Republican states that include injuries and violence, environmental quality, mental health, substance abuse (and not just Trump’s mania for Opioid addiction), poor nutrition, and other things.  Alzheimer’s and Dementia (and Dementia is not part of aging) are taking their toll on millions of Americans and little or nothing has happened to help people.  Even sleeping disorders are affecting two of ten Americans.  And environmental diseases are affecting lots of Americans including the “rustbelt” where Trump was talking about bringing back all those jobs that didn’t happen and “rust” brings people more illness.  The 2016 Campaign was a con job. 

I have had almost ten years of excellent health care that is partly related to my being a senior citizen who has Medicare and I want that for all Americans as they reach the qualifying age.  Healthcare for all is badly needed now.  And Trump’s women should do more to advocate along with everyone else since a mother’s health should be assured in this Fatherland climate.    And people of faith who have medical insurance across our nation will greatly benefit and get the most out of life.  Conservative forces in our nation are keeping people without coverage from obtaining the insurance needed.  All of us need assurance and insurance to go on with life and we will have a much more confident nation once this matter is finally resolved.

In closing this article, I must mention that I recently played golf with a man who told me that our previous two presidents were terrible and he mentioned how bad news coverage was.  When I asked him to tell me three things that he was upset about, he clammed and could not tell me anything at all.  I do not think that he is typical of Trump supporters, but Trump supporters sure know how to talk about fake news and the stupid things that Trump says and tell you to look at the great things that he has done with the economy (jobs, etc.)  Keep your eyes on the medical insurance factor and social security.  Trump’s tax reform didn’t work out that well even by his own standards.  He even said that he should have done tax reform sooner, which we now know would have contributed much more to our nation’s debt.  And now there is talk of his stimulating the economy by reducing workers’ taxes adding to their take home pay.  We know that those workers will still be responsible after filing their taxes and may not have the money as they notice again that tax refunds are smaller in 2020.  Trump has no way out of this mess.  So when Trump took power there were two things tax reform and giving Americans better and cheaper health care.  The wise as a fox news people at Fox News have shot the fox in Fox News since Trump did not achieve his goal.  Where is the health reform even today to show Americans that is cheaper and better?  The United States has been put in the hands of an American who knows bankruptcy.  As much as anything else that, Bankruptcy® has been his trademark.  And Twitter doesn’t help put out a fire in your community or provide health benefits to people in need.  Let’s volunteer for a great change in America right now.

This was a very sad evening as I watched 60 Minutes interview the doctor who was deeply involved in the opioid epidemic in Florida (a repeated show), where Pain Clinics could number 31 on a single block, selling pills in incomprehensible quantities, except for the profit motive.  The doctor was making $6,000 a day on those pills.  The doctor sat there lying on camera, posing as a healer of people.  His life sentences resulted in 157 years behind bars.  The lies do not compare to all the deaths that resulted from the sale of opioids.  One patient was permitted 60 pills in a day which is well beyond belief and he said that some people need that dose.  I don’t have to write who that doctor reminded me of.  More people have died of overdoses in the last year than were killed in the Vietnam War.  That doctor was providing “alternate” facts and made it appear that 60 Minutes was presenting “fake” news.  And he did not believe what he did was wrong and he said that his patients were “genuine” patients who needed help.  A young man who died from overdoses was not even examined.  Was that practicing medicine by Twitter or something.  I cannot say that I noticed the doctor blame someone else, but the rest of the report is factual.  Not one executive of the distributors has been sent to jail, but hundreds of doctors have been found guilty.  And in fairness, the report said that no executive went to jail during the crisis under Obama and Trump.   If I had lied that much when I was teaching, I would have been terminated if charges had been brought against me.  And talking about “four more years” in another context, the doctor got “four more years” and more.