Trump’s New Anti-Semitism Continued

I’d like to know the name of the person at the Republican Jewish Coalition that  tweeted a defense of Trump’s statement on Tuesday, “President Trump is right, it shows a great deal of disloyalty to oneself to defend a party that protects/emboldens people that hate you for your religion.”  I have seen the almost scripted response of a local Trump supporter who laughed in my face during a conversation about the stupid remarks that Trump makes to hundreds of millions of people.  This is not about entertainment.  Trump is supposed to be the leader of the free world protecting all of us.  I also read previously in another source that it is not about what Trump says, it’s about his deeds.  Here we are trying to distance ourselves from Minister Louis Farrakhan and others and Jewish Republicans are flip flopping on the whole matter.  This gives a license to all anti-Semites to say whatever they wish to say as long as there are no evil deeds attached to it.  And at the presidential campaign level that puts in back in the 1930s with Father Coughlin and others who were supporters of Hitler.  And the list did go much deeper into American corporate leaders and into the people in power in our government.  Franklin D. Roosevelt had family members who were anti-Semitic and now the Jewish Republicans are allowing the growth of anti-Semitic content that will only lead to more problems for Jews across our nation.  It’s the eradication of anti-Semitic thought that is needed now, especially after the massacres and the reported arrests of others planning attacks.

Among this information, we also learn that jobs created in the Trump years were trumped up a bit by 501,000 jobs.  This does diminish Trump’s towering statue well before the Campaign of 2020.  Will the Jewish Republican Coalition even circulate this information or will Trump Truths continue to lie to the people around the world?  Get Trump to announce it himself.  I never questioned the numbers since 2017, but I thought that someone might have been paid off to make Trump look better with the statistics, but I was reassured all along by reading that Trump did not even do better than Obama did, both in general and specifically in putting African Americans to work.  Never once in over 150 articles in Jewish Business News and my own blog did I ever write that the numbers were fake.  Trump has just been diminished and it is important for everyone to recognize just as we recognize the Holocaust and other things historical and news.  The mix of Trump’s lies and misinformation add up to a propaganda machine that has been supported by the Republican Jewish Coalition and now is the time to join that prestigious organization to call for the resignation of Donald Trump as I have been doing for a long time.  The propaganda machine is leading to more anti-Semitism in America and that affects other places in the world.

And among my readings, I did learn that the Republican Jewish vote was greatly diminished by about half.  Can we expect that downturn to continue to take place?  I really don’t know, but I do know that it would be very hard for the Republican Jewish Coalition to effectively debate Trump’s latest comment which I call the “The New Anti-Semitism.”  The best that could be done for those Republicans is a small space in a large article about Trump’s statement.  The alternative to making the statement is to hide until the smoke clears instead of laughing in our faces as Trump supporters do because they won the election and put him in the seat of power.

I learned a couple of weeks ago about the statement that was made by a famous African American who spoke that the South could keep its “culture.”  That information back in the 1950s did not come out to the general public like Trump’s statement.   That famous voice of the African American community continued to be admired.  We know how corrupt that Southern  culture really was and that Hitler learned from it.  And it still is corrupt, but we see that culture even affecting the Pacific Northwest right now and people everywhere. Aspects of that culture were all over our nation and deep in the heart of the Trump family or in their pockets as there was discrimination in housing and more.

I confess that I never have heard of Matthew Brooks who is listed as the executive director of the Jewish Republican Coalition.  I assume that he knows about me, because I have emailed material to that organization over the last three years.  Among the many names listed as the “Board of Directors” are Sheldon Adelson, Norm Coleman, and Bernard Marcus.  There are dozens of names on the list that keep me clueless.  I looked up Harold Beznos and found out that his father arrived in Detroit at the “height of the Great Depression” from Poland and his father was involved in helping people to stay afloat in those hard-economic times that led to the New Deal.  Beznos set up a three-year scholarship in law school in his father’s name.  That is a nice thing to do but I have written that famous Americans have donated huge sums of money because they had money offshore and did not pay their “fair share” of taxes.  And keep in mind that former Senator Joe Lieberman commented that one of the things that convinced him to join the Republican Party was that Republicans give more money to charity (hide the money so the pay less tax).  That lack of funds has impacted on communities and continues to impact on communities making the United States a very unsafe place which even Trump has compared to countries at war and he has done nothing really to turn things around in our cities.  His venture into MS-13 barely affected statistics in our cities, but he achieved a lot of publicity over it.  And the Republican Jewish Coalition achieves publicity for its statements that are grossly unfair, particularly as it hides the truths that I write about.

I looked further into the bowels of the website and found a statement where Jewish people and others have been informed that Congresswoman Ocasio- Cortez told radio listeners that Palestinians “have no choice but to riot.”  My own reading of Israel’s history in 1949 teaches that Jews from around the world were rioting in Israel at the treatment that they received at the hands of Israel’s Ashkenazi leadership.  We see rioting in different places in the world including France where people in government realize that they have to do more for the people and not less.  This is the struggle of humanity to defeat the conservative forces that even held back Zionists in Galicia in the 19th century as Jews were shot in the back by people in power.  And there were Jews who were complicit because Zionism would mean the loss of the peasants and poorly paid workers which could ruin the local and national economy.  And there were Jews who called the living conditions that the poor lived under in Israel “concentration camps” which is hardly publicized here in the USA. 

Given the fact that Israel is largely divided over what has to done, the Republican Jewish Coalitions statements do not really represent the views of all or even most Jews.  I would love to see the liberal Jewish organizations and the conservative ones unite with Israelis in a massive, long-distance call to discuss the problems.  Even the fact that a million people are living in poverty in Israel should be brought up since Netanyahu’s conservative right-wing politics appears to be one of the reasons for this.  So it is about more than talking about hate, apartheid, discrimination, and peace.  Are Jewish groups afraid to talk about these truths in a massive long-distance call?  You can run from but you can’t hide from the truth. 

Have a drink of Evian water and talk things over, but do much more than leaders did at the Evian Conference in 1938.  Hitler wrote at that very time that he would be happy if the world took those “criminals”  and he was even ready to put them on “luxury ships” which we feel was just another liar talking out loud, something that we are quite used to in the United States.

And the Mexican criminals statement rings loud inside my head.  At that time the Dominican dictator boasted about taking in tens of thousands of Jews and even that resulted in only about 700 arriving there.  

Oh.  The African American with that comment about allowing the South’s its culture.  I almost forgot and how could I forget the unforgettable Nat “King” Cole.  There was a backlash against him in the African American community that I did not find out about until this month.