Trump Says We Are Disloyal: The New Anti-Semitism

The Mexicans were criminals and rapists and “some” of them were okay and now Trump is telling his base that many or most Jews are disloyal.  When will the next Jewish Massacre occur?  Go ask Trump’s envoy, Elan Carr, against anti-Semitism to tell us what the F.B.I. data reveals since the F.B.I. is doing the investigations that could lead to another massacre.  It should be predictable, but you just don’t know how soon.  It’s like predicting the murders committed by MS-13 in my community (which has happened under Trump) or the shootings taking place in cities across America.  There will probably be another shooting in Chicago or Philadelphia in the next week.  I have read about the recent arrests of men plotting to kill others, but how many plots are there?

In my writings over the last few years, there have been two key points to review.  Kennedy entered into an agreement to prevent nuclear war and so far that has been successful, even though the world has been full of war and destruction.  And recently my work shows that that the Battle of Stalingrad should be reviewed as well.  I write that the German defeat led people in power to conclude that they should either not back Hitler or go along with his wishes to deport and kill more Jews.  But what would have happened if Hitler had won?

Russia could not have easily taken over much of Europe back in the 1940s.  The “free world” would not have had the power to vote for a United Nations and the partition of the Palestine, leading to the State of Israel.  Jews surely would have been exterminated before even contemplating “Aliyah” to Israel.  There would have been no mention of Israel also.  On the Palestinian side, it would seem that their wishes would be granted since Hitler had held high level talks with the Grand Mufti and others.  Do you think that Hitler would have gone along with creating a Muslim state?  It appeared that way, but we know from studying Hitler and the other powerful dictators of those days that they often made promises that they did not keep or had no desire to keep.  That’s how things were.  There might have been a mass celebration by Muslims which could easily have been followed up by the mass extermination of Muslims by Hitler.  Even African Americans have learned from my work in Jewish Business News that Black people were victims in the Holocaust. 

The Fascists in Italy brought Moors into battle against the Republicans in Spain and that secured Franco’s dictatorship there for decades.  I was in thought about these things only hours before I learned about Donald Trump and his new salute to Jews calling most Jews either ignorant or disloyal.  On the other side we recall Congresswoman Omar and her questioning the loyalty of Jews by mentioning the dual loyalty matter.  On these points, Trump and Omar are like two peas in a pod, even though Repugnicans would shake their heads in disbelief.  We do live in a world where it seems that most people are ignorant of one thing or another and cannot draw proper conclusions.  I was told by Richard Koubek, an immigrant advocate, two days ago that the Catholic Church finally recognized that it had been on the wrong side of history for centuries for backing monarchists, dictators, nobles, and others against the common people.  We certainly understand that Trump’s comments are related to the Israeli question revolving around Congresswoman Tlaib, but he has really stepped deeply into the anti-Semitic mine field and he should explode.  But will he? 

Let’s get back to Palestine and how it could have played out without any Jews at all.  The Muslims and Christians would have held power there for sure.  But we also could conclude that the Arabs (Muslims and Christians) could be annihilated by Hitler.  Perhaps that would have been done through a war and not by concentration camps where the use of gas and ovens would be used, among other methods like disease, bullets, and bludgeoning.  Does this remind any of my readers of the rich history of that region in relation to Europe?  Do you need a hint?  How about the Knights Templars or King Richard, or Saladin?  Now you must know that I am alluding to control of the “Holy Land” which is in the hands of Israelis as they try work things out with some or many difficulties.  I certainly believe that based on all of this information and the horrible backlash of people in power all over Europe in those says that Hitler would have made deals including the deal to turn the Holy Land over to Christianity by signing such a deal with the Catholic Church.  Evangelicals should take note of this as well.  So Jews hold the power there because Hitler lost. 

This was not a world where Christians professed great love for Jews, even in the United States.  Hitler had supporters everywhere including in the United States.  These were powerful men who found him acceptable for various reasons, but particularly for his anti-communism.  He was the lesser of two evils.  If Germany had already developed nuclear weapons, it would have been very easy to change the course of politics a bit to bring the rest of the world closer to his brand of fascism.  He had to fight a war instead and lost.  Fascism lost, it appeared, but all over Eastern Europe the methodology continued on and on.  I read about it every night, for example, in studying the Balkans.

Donald Trump was called the lesser of two evils in 2016 by many.  The stress here is on the word “evil” since we have seen him in action for two and a half years.  Do we have to see any more?   He took the office of president with a solemn oath.  He aspired to royalty in all but name.  He had a famous visit to Queen Elizabeth II and his daughter had her resumé built up so that she could achieve greater things.  Actually I took some license here with the facts.  The daughter should have been written as the wife for it to be historically correct.  And I was not writing about Donald Trump, but it hit me that the evil leader that I had been reading about was Trump in a democracy.  That man was Niclolae Ceausescu of Romania who was a very evil leader.  His wife, Elena, he made people believe was a “world-class chemist” who was honored by the Royal Institute for Chemistry in England in 1978, but she was barely literate.  England was conned into accepting the visit with great pomp and circumstance and our nation’s voters have been conned a la Trump.

Trump ought to reopen discussions to purchase Greenland.  It should be designated for White Supremacists to keep them far away from US, but Trump could be buried there without fool honors.  I mean full honors.  He disgraces America almost all the time.  He should also consider paying a visit to Eric Lin who has been arrested.  Lin Loves Hitler and Trump and he is being held for planning a mass shooting.  They two belong together and can discuss things that they both love about Hitler. 

Trump’s comments have gone viral as his comments do.  He has continued to stir the pot against justice and democracy as a leader.  His comments are much worse than all of the combined comments of the Squad since Trump’s base is the major problem, as we have noted by recent mass massacres.  Americans must find the time and resources to deal with Trump now.  Impeachment has taken too long and may continue to take too long.  And should not our nation’s Zionists protest Trump right now?  Or is anti-Semitism by the White House going to be tolerated?  And I just read the quote being circulated that Trump is like the King of Israel and that is by Ceausescu himself.  And get this.  Trump handled these comments with the current president of Romania in his office.  Would you believe that?