Miracles for Immigrants

Richard Koubek is an immigrant advocate on Long Island who wrote a letter to the editor in the New York Newsday today about the article by Bishop Barres of the Catholic Church in Nassau County.  Bishop Barres wrote about the Miracle of the New York Mets in 1969, a piece that I read days ago and I had the same reaction as Richard Koubek, criticism.  I chose to say to myself that the bishop has the right to portray the “miracle” that he chose.  This news gives me fuel for the fire.  And my readers know that my union protested the treatment of children at the Texas border the other day and that caused me to write Today’s News.  And Today’s News continues as I attempt to expose to a larger audience what is taking place.

Among other things I am waiting to hear from Latino Victory, the organization of Eva Longoria about my article on the Jews of Bulgaria and the important contents about how deportation was stopped in 1943, saving the lives of thousands of Jews. I also reached out to the woman that helped that organization write a letter that appeared in newspapers to educate the public.  The Catholic Church does help the immigrants as it has in the past through the Council of Bishops, but that is not enough.  So what I observe across the United States is leadership that suffers from vitamin deficiency.  The Latino Victory campaign includes famous supporters including Lin Manuel-Miranda, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, America Ferrera, Rita Moreno and others.  That is star power, but not the brightest star that is needed right now to shine across our land. And we thank J Lo for the tens of millions donated to Puerto Rico and the efforts of Lin Manuel-Miranda to bring a little joy to the people of Puerto Rico as well.  It is great to publicize the opposition to Trump and his policies, but it is another thing to take bold action such as stopping contributions to the Catholic Church or having a national boycott of Hispanics and their supporters to bring the Trump Administration to its knees as the American people finally begin to realize the dangerous position that he has put everyone into.  A Latino Victory is part of the American Victory that we all need.

If Ricky Martin’s office and Latino Victory do not think that I am sharing something valuable at this time, why not hold a national or international telephone conference tomorrow to listen to and evaluate the suggestions or solutions of others.  I am open minded and that’s what I wish to see all across the board in helping in other areas to make life better for people.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott were extremely difficult and dangerous days.  The boycott lasted over a year and five Black churches were burned to the ground, people were harmed and threatened among other things.  This is a different day to consider similar tactics.  Trump is vulnerable.  His tariff war and tax reform have added trillions of dollars to the national debt.  He is worried about the recession that is all over the news.   His lies are catching up with him, but that has not happened just yet in the polls.  This is a moment for intense pressure to put on his administration.  Call it the Battle of Trumpingrad if you wish.  Learn from history and not just from the people around you who have good intentions but fall far short of victory and latino victory.  And while that fight continues, all of us should seek to share The Force 2020 DDT and send Trump back from wherever he has come.  Take it to the powers that can make Trump back off or take it to the streets the way people have done in Puerto Rico.  Stop being general!  Be specific!

The Montgomery Bus Boycott was not just about going to the back of the bus or African Americans giving up their seats to White people.  Bus drivers attacked African Americans and stole money from them by asking them to get off and come through the back door of the bus and leaving before the paying passenger entered.  That did happen to Rosa Parks and she did not stand for that either.  When the boycott took place, Black taxi cab drivers would charge people only the cost of the bus ride in support of the boycott.  Some blacks rode the buses instead of boycotting.  Black churches all over our nation raised money for the boycott and even provided people with extra sneakers so they could walk to work.

The head of the Catholic Church in New York is Cardinal Timothy Dolan who I have written about before.  He watched the Mets in 2016 instead of watching the presidential debates.  That musts have been his own “miracle” as things turned much worse for the immigrants in America.  So the Catholic Church giveth and taketh away by the actions of its leaders and members.  The Catholic Church has the power of millions of Americans who support the church’s existence and lots of those Catholics are the very same immigrants who need protections right now.  This is a moment for all Catholics to become engaged as stars in the sky to bring an end to the crisis.  In my article on the Bulgarian Jews Saved from Deportation, the bishop there was ready to give up his life and that kind of talk is needed today.  The immolation of Buddhists in Vietnam should be remembered and that shook up the world.  But another aspect of the halt to the deportation of those Jews was the political reality of Germany’s failure to overcome Russia at Stalingrad in 1943.  So that leads me to tell my readers that a powerful political event is needed now.  That event could be and should be Catholics, Jews, and others recognizing that their leadership, at best, has us in a status quo that is unacceptable.  The push should be in the direction to drive leadership to demand from Donald Trump the change that was demanded in Bulgaria.  Even the Democratic leadership has not been aggressive enough.  And I have not observed that the Pope has taken upon himself the important task to single handedly change the minds of the Trump Administration.

In just about all of the reading of history that I have done lately, the battle is between conservatives and liberals.  The Catholic Church largely sided with monarchy, nobility, and other forces that suppressed the people.  Other churches in Europe did the same thing.  Liberals often retreated from the original objectives, as well, to become more conservative and that held back the progress of the oppressed masses.  It was within those horrible conditions that communism and socialism tried to make a difference and at times it did just that before taking on the character of the oppressors.  And my honest analysis of Trump is that he is operating in a democratic society the way that Hitler, Stalin, Tito, and others did in Europe.  We could go over his work line by line and see the parallels even though he has not killed, tortured, or arrested anyone.  It’s all the same and perfectly legal unless the courts overrule him and the courts do just that at times.

Scapegoating was agreed to in 1953 handling of the democratization of Yugoslavia, which Tito did not permit.  Moscow, Molotov said would blame Lavrentiy Beria and he suggested that Yugoslavia blame Milovan Djilas.  This even endeared the Soviet leader more to Tito after years of troubling relations.  And the scapegoats in America are all too obvious.  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  These are two human beings with their own faults and I can be openly critical of them, but scapegoating them the way that the communists, Nazis, and others have done it is wrong.  Nikita Khrushckev at that time was overthrowing Stalinism to create his own brand of communism.  I am not attempting to diminish the horrible acts of Beria to his people, but as he was being accused of treason for secretly contacting foreign intelligence sources (as the Soviet leaders contended), he was following the orders of Stalin and Molotov.  And that makes us think about all of the spinning of news that we hear on Fox News and in other sources about Trump and his attacks on Clinton and Obama.  It’s all a plot to assassinate one’s opponents in one way or another. 

And there is one important thing that I learned from reading about Yugoslavia in those decades.  Yugoslavians were free to travel all over Europe as their professionals were in great demand just as the Chinese are today all over the world.  As other communist nationals saw this travel as a way to escape the horrible conditions of their country (defection), Yugoslavians rarely defected and the reason had to be the much more liberal policies that were in place in Yugoslavia.  This is the moment where we have briefly heard some people say that if you hate or don’t like America go back to your country.  And we heard it before as well and we are not done with it.  The big question is what makes a nation so tolerable knowing that so much hate and other evils exist there?  It surely can be big numbers of Americans are poorly informed or lack knowledge.  Many Americans just follow the commander-in-chief and that came up with a staff member of a man who showed outrage against Trump (a famous actor who my father looked like in his youth).  Whether it is knowledge of the Holocaust or anything else, people have vitamin deficiency and life goes on.  We in the United States have a liberal society (with unnecessary conservative backlash taking place) and people are going to stay here unless our government offers a great buyout which would generate a great exodus.  There are lots of great places in the world to live.

A White Supremacist attack, it appears, has been averted now in Ohio as a young man who also attended the Charlottesville rally was taken into custody.  He amassed a large amount of weapons and ammunition.  He also wrote about how he wanted a homeland for white people.  Perhaps he knows more about Trump’s desire to purchase Greenland?  Could it be that Trump wants to set up a homeland for white people and change the name to Whiteland?  Much that is taking place around our government and its people is scary. 

Yesterday I was engaged in a discussion with a Black man outside a convenience store.  Before I knew it, he said that the Jews control the world.  And about a minute later, he mentioned Brooklyn as an example.  The borough president of Brooklyn happens to be a Black man, but he had to be thinking about the Orthodox Jews living in Brooklyn.  They certainly don’t live in Central Islip where I live.   That Black man reminds me of Trump and some of his advisors because of the way they think.  That man who holds extreme views that are common among all people including progressives and conservatives could not really hold a conversation that stays on track.  He meandered every time.  He also suggested that I could not understand his world which is the world of a Black man.  But the conversation really started when he objected to supporting poor with his tax dollars, even though he lived in public housing in Brooklyn in his youth.  I think that if I had continued the conversation for another few minutes, he probably would have taken the red hat out of his car to wear in front of me.  You know about that red hat. 

And Lou Dobbs commented that a correction officer was “in his right” to drive his vehicle into demonstrators at a detention center.  It should not matter if those demonstrators were Jewish or from other ethnic communities.  We all need to be protected, even friends or family members that we may not agree with.  The correction officer has resigned from his job, but an investigation might be able to determine if there was “corruption” in his mind as he drove.  Lou Dobbs should be strongly considered for a boycott as well because his opinion can only incite others to do the same thing.  That is what inciting is all about, especially at the national level where more people learn about his harmful words.  Make Lou Dobbs tonight Lou Dobbs Never Again as he mixes his words but fails to cover all the legal ramifications of what took place.

As a final word on that, I have felt for over a decade that I am attempting to complete the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in my own way and helping African Americans across our nation is my world.  Even John F. Kennedy made a commitment to help African Americans with education at a time that he felt the nation was not going to accepting of African Americans living next to White people.  And much of the immigrant community has been the victim of vitamin deficiency in the area of education. 

Here is a brief letter that I just sent to the Sun-Sentinel in Florida related to the program that probably kept Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter, in school.  The Sun-Sentinel is now behind merging the Promise program with state programs and I have taken the time to point out the vitamin deficiency affecting students who have dropped out of school and who may be at-risk to wind up in jail.  The Sun Sentinel, an award-winning newspaper, could illuminate the statewide attainment of high school equivalency diplomas of students in the Promise and the state programs.  It should be duly noted that Nikolas Cruz was nineteen when the Parkland Massacre took place and he could have earned a G.E.D. in Florida at the age of sixteen and been eligible for a better life.  I learned about the N.A.A.C.P.’s reporting of much higher suspensions of Black students in Delaware over a decade ago and quickly pointed out that Delaware is always at the bottom of the barrel in the delivery of high school equivalency diplomas in our nation, ranking it alongside Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.  Holding young people and the most at-risk adults in communities back usually leads to more crime and incarceration as people are convicted.  The Sun Sentinel should finally give the public the information comparing Broward figures with state figures and if Broward’s figures are lower that should reflect on the record of the school district.  We would have to know what is going on in the schools at that point.  Florida produced twice as many diplomas as Delaware per capita, but even Florida has not been highly ranked.  And that is why the research should extend to the states that have great results such as Alaska where I have been told that everyone in that state is required to study for the high school equivalency.  When the G.E.D. changed in 2014, the state knew that the annual results were extremely poor and this points a finger at the state as well.  A lot of miracles are needed.